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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

Who's fired this week? Check the Apprentice 2 Portfolio!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald Trump
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"Crimes of Fashion" - October 14

Season 1 - The men lose 4 in a row, but Bill Rancic is chosen as the Apprentice.

Season 2 - The women have now lost 4 in a row - maybe that's good news for them later on down the line, but right now, they are in shambles. The men think that the women are ganging up on Pamela - and they are right, but what they don't know is that the women have been successful, much to the men's dismay - or relief, as the biggest female adversary is eliminated. Chris: "Ding Dong, the Ice Queen is dead." Wes: "You did yourselves a favor. You did us a favor."

Did they do John any favors? We'll soon see, as he is the new Project Manager. Raj tells him to give him something good, and John says that he'll give him the most important job. Meanwhile, Elizabeth wants to talk, but Maria wants to go to bed and realizes that the project manager has to deal with Elizabeth in a cuddling yet firm manner.

For this episode, the group must meet Trump at Trump Model Management. Raj, with his mind still in the gutter from last week, wants the task to be how quickly they can grease down all of the models, but that's not the task (sorry, Raj). The task is to produce a new clothing line that will be tomorrow's hottest fashions. They have to pick a designer, then show off the fashion line on Trump's models at the Avon Fall Fashion Show at the St. Regis Hotel. Buyers will be there from places including Bloomingdales and Sachs. The team that gets the most money will be the winner. Chris will be exempt if the men's team loses.

OK - this is women's fashions. If the women lose this one, then they should just be disbanded. In addition, Maria, who is the Project Manager, has a minor in home economics and have parents who have experience in doing this.

The men get to choose the fashion designers. We see them choosing between someone who gets into denim designs and Ilsa, who likes to put an edge in fashionable things. John is sold on Ilsa, and that's who they go with. The women decide on Darren, who knows about the undistry and talks about being the low-end price at the high end fashion store - which sounds very smart. Maria makes the executive decision for Darren, and that's that.

Here comes Elizabeth, who wants to analyze what's going on as it's the buyers who are the target audience. Rather than waste time, Maria tells her to write all of the questions that she has, and then she'll go through them with the buyers. She sends her and Jennifer to ask the buyers questions. The rest of the women stay and brainstorm with Darren, as they discuss things that they would actually buy. They get food and in 40-45 minutes over cheeseburgers, they get everything done, and Ivana says that they would have never have done it that quickly if Elizabeth were there. That is a smart idea, as you have someone doing work without alienating them - or everyone else.

The men create groups - one group to talk to the buyer, and the other group to talk about the fashion. Ilsa asks for ideas from the men, who know nothing about women's fashions. What's even worse is that the person who is making suggestions is the fashion-challenged Raj, and that spells trouble. Kelly, who is stuck with Raj and John, gets frustrated and sketches out his idea while Ilsa is taking a restroom break. Chris is shocked by the fashions, and the men like his lack of clothing idea - but would women but it? I don't know, and that's not looking too good for the guys...

Trump's lesson - 'Know Your Market'. You better know what your audience wants when you do it. If you don't pinpoint the market, you won't be successful. The men may be doomed...

The women go to the buyers, and they talks about quality, focus and what's missing from the closets. They emphasize cost, and it looks like Elizabeth is being helpful. Mosaic, on the other hand, is going to try to talk the buyers, who also say that the men are in trouble because they can't think about any successful straight male fashion designers.

Realizing this, they go with Ilsa to get fabric, and she is laughing at their choices. So is Carolyn, who has no idea what they are doing, but she is impressed with Kelly's organization. Kelly says that Raj and John are off on tangents and they are not focussed. If you remember, Raj and Kelly got into it last week on the price point for the Panini grill. Hmmm...

Darren comes with the women, who are cruising around getting fabric - until Elizabeth shows up with Jen and Elizabeth starts second guessing everything. Ivana comes in and takes control, saying "I don't mean to be a b!tch, but this is what we're going with." Could Elizabeth Vs. Ivana be the second part of the Raj Vs. Kelly double-header?

With the fabrics, the women ask Darren if seeing the models are necessary. Darren says that he has the measurements from the Trump Agency, so it should be enough. The women are satisfied and leave. Meanwhile, the guys look at the models - and being the horny perverts that they are, decide to call in the models for... examining. This hubbub satisfies the men, including Andy (who was gaping) and Raj, who asks some of them out also, but Ilsa has to stop working because of it and that cute off precious time form what they are doing. Raj, perhaps to get a date, you should work on your own fashion tastes - like getting rid of the bowtie, which the models just laughed at.

The next morning, Jen and Maria come in and look at the fashions, which are completed. They all turn into 9 year old girls and play dress-up, and they call it all 'Fabulous'. Darren also had enough time to create the written sheets and Maria is very confident on the line. She wonders what the guys are going to pull out of their hat...

and, right now, all they have pulled out is one garment. Ilsa doesn't have enough time and she is still working hard on her stuff. She tells them all to go away and tells them all to do things - things like Raj doing the line sheet. Raj doesn't understand what's going on and continues to ask Ilsa what's going on, and she tells him to stop bugging her. Kelly sees this, goes over to Raj and tells him to stop asking her questions. Raj says that he needs to know the answers, and Kelly says that he needs to find out from someone else besides the person doing the work. They once again go at it and Kelly thinks that John should be playing the babysitter to Raj, since he is the project manager. Raj accuses Kelly of acting like the CIA, but Kevin sides with Kelly and Kevin doesn't want them to be disqualified. We FINALLY get to see the men's first hissy-fit. Round 2. Fight!

The women leave to go help out the models - except for the Elizabeth and Stacy, the two purported 'troublemakers', to do swatches. Elizabeth feels slighted, but they are doing work and are being productive. On the men's side, John gives Kevin, Wes and Andy the task or pricing, and Kevin thought that John should have been there to OK their decisions in terms of the prices. John, Chris, Kelly and Raj get to be horny with the female models instead as they ogle the women. The men who are setting the prices are jacking all of them well above Ilsa's suggested prices. Could this be a mistake?

We see the fashions shows of both teams. The women go first and the men think that they have it made, because they think that no one will buy short skirts and backless dresses. Wha? Meanwhile, the men's line comes out, and Ivana says, "The first thing that I thought of when I saw the first design was 'Who raided my father's attic and who cut up my sofa?" Ouch. The men's fashions were...well...bizarre, and if the applause is any indication, the women will be destroying the men by a landslide.

Both teams await the results, and here they are - the men sold $7,735. The women sold... $22,060! By a huge margin, the women get their first win in 5 weeks, and the first win ever with a female project manager. Maria escalates up, big-time. As the reward, the women will be going to a party at Hugo Boss, complete with Cirque Du Soleil performing. The men will get to see the party from the balcony - and get to see one of their own getting fired.

Raj says that they lost on price - something that the Donald agreed on. John talks to Raj, who says that Kevin and Wes, who both set up the pricing, should be going, John didn't think that he made many mistakes, but a stunned Kelly looks on and says that they will both team up on him. Kelly suggests to bring in Andy, based on pas performance and that he didn't do anything on this task either. Well, the guys don't have much experience in dealing with the Donald, but that's not how he thins and this could spell trouble for John...

As for the women, they are enjoying themselves at the party, with the biggest benefit being that they wouldn't be going down to the Board Room. At the Board Room, John says that they priced themselves out of the market. John calls Wes and Kevin on the pricing, but Kevin says that Ilsa was the wrong choice because the fabrics that she wanted was too expensive and that John should be accountable for that.

Raj tries to throw in a good word for John, but Donald blasts his credibility out of the water, calling him a 'hound dog' and only wanting to spend time with the models, adding that he drove both the models and Ilsa crazy. Donald asks Raj who he would fire and Raj says Andy, because he didn't do anything and he's young. Donald forces Raj to make a decision, and he says Andy, because he doesn't have the team's respect. Andy is asked, and he would fire John because he led them in the wrong direction. Kelly says that Andy should be fired because he brings nothing to the table and he has to be babysat. Andy responds with wondering why he has to cut 350 pages of line sheet, and John responds to that by saying that that was the most menial task he could find - and that upsets Kevin and Wes to the point that they defend Andy.

Chris, who is exempt, is asked who he would fire, and Chris says John. John is asked to bring 2 or 3 people, and he says 2 - Kevin and Andy. Trump isn't surprised, and he wonders why John didn't take in 3 people. In this case, he certainly should have, since Wes was equally responsible and by bringing in 3 people, he had an extra target for Trump. He could have also selected Raj, if he noticed that Trump went after him, but like Jen C. a few episodes ago, John picks alliances over who is to blame, and this time I think it's going to cost him.

It's deliberation time again, and George actually likes Andy. Carolyn likes John, but she thought he made way too many mistakes. Donald is wondering why Andy is there, and so is Andy. John says that there is an underlying concern that Andy doesn't do anything for the team -a dn Andy and Kevin both dispute that. Kevin and Donald both ask why Wes isn't there as well, since they both did the pricing together. John has no answer and he says that he makes a mistake. He said that he put his heart and soul into this, and he says that in past tasks, he thinks that his past efforts should help and he apologizes for his mistakes. Donald says that Andy should not have been in this room, and that last mistake for John was fatal - because 1. Wes should have been there and 2. as the project manager, he should have been involved in the pricing as well as Wes and Kevin. Though Donald likes him a lot, John gets fired for too many bad decisions.

That ends a very topsy turvy week as the women make some strides and the men finally make some errors. Here's the ratings guide to see whet that topsyness means.

So Far, So Good - Jennifer M., Kelly, Sandy, Maria, Chris
So Far, Not So Good - Andy, Ivana, Kevin, Wes
In Trouble - Raj, Elizabeth, Stacy
You're Fired - John

Next week, things get even more topsy-turvy as we get a surprise. Is it a shuffle - or something else? Tune in next week to see if the women's team can make it 2 in a row - or if there will be a full women's team.

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