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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

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Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Donald Trump
Assistants: George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
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"Runaway Pride" - November 11

During the season, we have seen people who have wanted - bordering on demanded - the role of project manager. For Andy, Kelly and Sandy, it went very well. For Bradford, Pamela and Elizabeth...not so much. Now Chris, thanks to his whining about his team, gets his shot as The Donald self-appoints him manager. Can he join the ranks of the successful - or the dearly departed?

We start this episode as the aforementioned Andy and Jennifer discuss who Trump is going to get rid of. Jennifer hopes it's Ivana - but it's Ivana and Andy actually welcomes her back in with open arms. Jennifer is upset because Ivana is back, while Ivana is upset because Chris is heading up the team. Chris explains what happened on the last episode to everyone, who tell him to 'put up or shut up' or 'sink or swim'.

Chris admits that he put himself on the chopping block, and he tells the team that there is nothing personal - this is business and they all want the same job. Everyone seems to concur, but Jennifer brings up a good point - how can they work together when Chris undermined them on the last episode.

All is not well on Mosaic's side, either. Kelly tells the group that he feels that he is the best leader and he wants to lead. Andy, who says that he wants to lead as well, says that if they don't hand him the PM position on a silver platter, then they should draw for it. Andy is still pissed that the group tried to get him out earlier because of his age - and he may have a point. It doesn't matter - as Kelly is selected by random draw and Andy is still seething.

Kelly picks up the phone as the group meets Trump and the returning George at Tavern on the Green. Trump says that the thing that differentiates Tavern on the Green is that they have a wedding here once a week, adding that he has had experiences with weddings, but hopes some day to get it right. Heh. The group is told that they by getting a space, they have to create their own bridal shop. The teams have to run their own bridal sale - and the winning team is the one that has generated the most profit. Trump adds that Sandy, who owns a bridal shop business, would be in big trouble if their team loses this task. She agrees, as Kevin's face looks like it's about to fall to the floor.

Sally is beaming, and so is Kelly - as he was the one who gets to be the Project Manager. Chris, the PM on the other team, is already cursing up a storm, but adds that if they could pull out a victory, it would be huge.

Both teams arrive at their space, with Ivana surprised at how big it is. Chris's strategy is to get vendors into the space and sell their product, with them splitting the product with them as the incentive. That sounds like a great idea. At Apex, Kelly, Andy and Sandy go to check out the space, leaving Wes and Maria in charge of marketing. Sandy tells them to go to to contact potential customers, which is another smart idea - but of course, Sandy, with her bridal background, would know this. She tells Wes and Maria to create an e-mail which they will blast to them. Andy says that all Kelly had to do was to delegate Sandy to be in charge - and then ride her to the win. Well, Andy, good managers know when to lead - and when to follow and let someone else take the reigns.

Kelly and Wes are happy that they have Sandy, as Wes wonders how Chris is going to sell a wedding dress. On that cue, we go over to Chris, who tries unsuccessfully to cold call people. Ivana wonders how the person who can 'sell ice to Eskimos' is having problems, yet we see a montage of him acting borderline rude to his callers, and we can see why. You can't let negative calls get to him, but he does, and he takes it out on the same vendors who he is trying to lure to sell merchandise. Chris says that it's going to be impossible as everyone is standing around, watching him implode. Can Trump just fire him now so I can save myself 40 more minutes of recapping?

The Trump lesson is 'Believe in Yourself' - if you don't have a positive attitude, you'll never be successful. True words - ones that Chris needs to listen to.

Sandy tells the guys that discontinued dresses are easy to sell and have a huge margin of profit. They go over to some bridal salons and ask to sell the discontinued line - and sell it for them. Sandy - 'How many gowns can we have?' Vendor - 'How many can you take?' With that done, they grab a lot of merchandise for almost no overhead. Well done, Sandy. Andy tries to talk to close the deal - and they just smile at him as he talks about cars - to the bridal shower group. They probably know as much about cars as they do about Advanced Philosophy and even Carolyn asks him if he's ever tried to sell anything before. Better to keep your mouth closed when you don't have anything wise to say, Andy.

While this is going on, Maria and Wes work on the e-mail. They get a price of $1,000 for the e-mail blast, well within the budget guidelines. Wes knows that they are huge with the marketing responsibility, because they can't sell dresses if no one shows up.

Over at Mosaic, Jennifer suggests that we walk around and get a game plan going. They split into two groups to meet vendors, and Ivana tells Chris to keep his head up and to try to stay positive. Jennifer goes over to the vendors, and she is trying, but Chris isn't helping her, and despite him, they get 6 vendors. This Project Manager who promises to unite the team has done that - by doing all of the work for him.

Ivana and Kevin meet Bernadette, who talks to them about inventory. She is very helpful about telling them not about inventory, but how to advertise it as a one day sale. They invite her to come over, which she does. They come to the place - while Chris is still on the floor. Ivana talks to Bernadette as their Sandy, as she goes across the store and talks about how to talk to the customers, adding that they need to be helpful - not only say that it doesn't fit, but show them something that does. Now if Bernadette told them about

Speaking of, Sandy and Kelly come back to see that they sent out the letter - and didn't include a phone number. Oops. Sandy is steamed, and Kelly calls Maria and tells her. Maria says that she sent it with the number, and 'edited' it out. No one is buying what she is selling, and Kelly is going to go right after her if they don't win.

'I don't recommend driving in New York City when Wes is around.' - that comes from Kelly as Wes bumps and crashes into a truck. 'Maybe we outsell our competition, but lose, because we have to pay for damages on the car'. And damages to the dresses, as they unload the truck and see everything sprawled out all over the back of the truck. They quickly fix everything before Sandy shows up - but Sandy is not happy when they are all standing there and letting her fix the dresses by herself. She calls Kelly outside and vents to him as no one else is doing anything, and she is concerned. She is also still concerned about the marketing, and they both have Maria clearly in their sights if this fails.

I guess Bernadette didn't tell the crew about, because at the crack of dawn, Chris's group is handing out flyers. They think that the flyers will generate attention, but with camera shots of the flyers being tossed out and discarded, I am not so sure.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Wes go out to get the rest of the dresses (hopefully Wes isn't driving), while Sandy, Andy and Maria check with to see if they can get a resending of the letter with the phone number on it. They are told that they could - but there is no guarantee that the target audience will get it on time. In addition, the representative tells them that they got approval to send the letter out - from Maria. Sandy is really steamed at Maria for not taking accountability and Maria better hope that the address on the e-mail is good enough for people to locate the area.

Jennifer gives a flier to...George, who isn't amused. He asks what else they are doing for advertising, and they say that they have some artists painting the sale on the windows. They are hoping for traffic, but unless you have a lot of bridespeople walking across that specific street, that's not going to help.

Mosaic has no problem getting people. As 5pm rolls around, there are 40 people waiting on line. Sandy escorts the women in, while Wes and Andy seell the dresses. At Apex, Ivana opens the door to....two people. Unless each woman is representing a football housewives convention, there is no doubt on who is going to win this - which is even more evident as Mosaic continues to get sale after sale. Maria is helping them out as well, and at last we find something constructive that Maria can do - sell dresses. Kelly says that this isn't in the bag at all...

...but the look on everyone's face says that it is - especially when we get the final results in Trump's office. Mosaic's total - $12,788.84. Apex's total - $1,060.47 - from two dresses. Kelly gets the exemption as all Andy can do is bow his head. He will be much happier when he gets the reward - a trip to Graff Jewelers with $50,000 worth of merchandise. In the words of Aldo - Dammmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Back at Apex, Kevin talks about them getting their butts kicked - and them all wanting the $50,000 that Mosaic is now spending. Melania, Trump's current fiance, meets them there, as they stare at all of the jewelry. Sandy got to try on a 6 million dollar necklace, but Andy buys a necklace for her mom and Wes buys something for his wife. Maria, Sandy and Kelly all buy things for...themselves, though Andy only harps after Kelly. These guys just don't like each other, do they?

Speaking of not liking each other, Kevin thinks that Chris should be fired - but says that they should all be on the block as they lost by 12-fold. Chris says that he is a fighter, and will go down swinging. The fighters go into the arena - the Board Room - and prepare for Round 1. Chris says that the team personalities gelled - but Trump noted that they got hammered. Maria brings up that Chris gave up, and he did say that it looked bad at the beginning. He said that the other team had Sandy, but Carolyn pointed out that they had the same amount of dresses and skill of Bernadette and wondered why they didn't use more of her talent and expertise. George was wondering why the marketing wasn't there and Donald was wondering why they were putting out flyers at Penn Station instead of the garment district. 'I don't see Penn Station as an ideal place for people to talk about marriage.'

Kevin and Jen both go after Chris, who surprisingly lets Jen go and brings Ivana and Kevin with him to face the Donald. Jen turns around and says that Chris should be fired. OUCH! That can't be too happy for Chris. He's less happy when Ivana and Kevin go right after him wondering why he let Jen go and accused him of protecting her.

In deliberations, Donald says that they were all terrible and George saw no spark from any of them. Donald goes after Chris for sending up Jen as well, accusing her of letting her slip by. Chris says that she was a good sales person, which had Carolyn counter by saying that they only sold 2 dresses. Ivana says that he has a good eye for finding problems - because he's always complaining. Donald goes after her for the continuation of the back-handed compliments, asking why she has to be so mean. Chris points out that she has been there 5 times and this is the first time that he has been there, which leads Ivana to complain that she is always targeted. Kevin is asked who should be fired - and he says Chris.

Well, that pretty much seals Chris's fate, as Donald says that this was the only time this week that he saw any sort of spark. He says that Chris didn't get the job done in terms of leading the team - and he picked the wrong people to bring with him, because if Jennifer was down here, he may have fired her. She isn't - but Chris is, and therefore, he's fired.

Chris leaves, bringing back up Ivana, Kevin, Jennifer, and a fractured Mosaic. The ratings are far from fractured, though, as we see this -

So Far, So Good - Kelly, Andy, Sandy
So Far, Not So Good - Jennifer M., Wes, Kevin
In Trouble - Maria, Ivana
You're Fired - Chris

Next week - Things get personal, Billy Joel gets loud, and we are promised another great Board Room. We'll see in seven days how personal it gets.

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