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What would you do to become America's Next Top Model? For one, you have to look the part. Then you have to sacrifice your being to a 24/7 commitment. More than that, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

But most of all, it's a game of surviving your roommates... all of whom want it just as bad as you do.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Tyra Banks
Judges: Tyra Banks, Janice Dickinson, Nigel Barker, Nole Martin
Creator: Tyra Banks
EP: Tyra Banks, Ken Mok
Packager: 10x10 Entertainment, Bankable Productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on UPN

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"The Girl Who is Contagious" - March 30

Luvey thinks that it's weird that Brandy is gone, but she doesn't mind - especially when she survives having a photo called the worst photo in the history of America's Next Top Model. She is feeling the pressure of doing well. Meanwhile, Michelle is facing a different sort of pressure, as she is dealing with a break-out on her face. She explains that she has had breakouts before, but she hasn't had them like this. The other women are rationalizing this by saying everything from scabs to worshipping the devil. Nice.

Just in time for Michelle - the women go to a make-up class to learn how to use all of their beauty classes. They are welcomes by Paul Thompson, an elderly man who gives a class in beauty make-up with his youthful bearded assistant Joy, but the women immediately small a rat when he describes a lip pencil as a pencil that can save your lips. Paul lets them in on the joke - Paul is actually Jay Manuel and his 'assistant' is actually Paul. Kahlen - 'The reason that Mr. Jay dressed up is to show us that even though Michelle has scabies, she can still look beautiful.' Nice, Kahlen.

The discussion then turns to Go Sees, and Jay tells the women that they need to create a clean natural look in order to make a good impression at the Go-See auditions. The women are using Cover Up makeup to make it look that they look natural. The women pick partners who are assigned to make up the other person. Michelle gets Tiffany and Luvey, and Michelle is flipping out because of her facial conditions. Tiffany says that her dad breaks out when he is stressed, and she thinks that Michelle is going through the same phase.

Jay comes out and compliments the Luvey/Tiffany/Michelle trio, but doesn't like what Noelle is doing. Jay reminds everyone that the make-up needs to not look like make-up, and most of the women are happy - except Michelle, who describes herself as a perfectionist. "My face is falling off, and I'm supposed to be happy about this?' Yes, we have found this season's Ann.

When the women get back home, it's phone time. Noelle promises her son that she's going to be coming home very soon, adding that she competes for herself and her child. Brittany wonders if Noelle worries too much about her child. 'Ok. We know you have a child. Next!'

Next is...Tyra, who comes in and want to have some one on one time with each of the women to try to help them. Keenyah is excited and Luvey's mind goes blank - but she talks to her about her facial photographic work. Michelle talks about the blemishes on her face and wonders if it's stress. Tyra says that she has had skin problems and gets her a dermatologist appointment.

Tiffany talk about her lack of culture and Tyra tells her to ask questions if she doesn't know things and open herself up to some of the other girls. Naima talks about her living from house to house while Noelle talks about her separation from her son. Tyra tells her that having a baby is acceptable, and that seems to have Noelle at ease.

The next challenge to the women via Tyra mail has them talking about their critiques. Jay talks to them about au couture make-up and challenges them to create a high-fashioned look using foundation, eye shadow, make-up, accessories and lipstick. They will be judges on creativity and originality, and the winner (and two of their friends) will receive items from a fashion celebrity.

Kay's comments go from mall girl (Brittany) to a frosted Miss Piggy on crack (Tiffany) to blah (Noelle, who continues to dote on her son), to Fright Night (Michelle, who continues to beat herself up), but the winner is...Naima, who selects Luvey and Christina to go with her. The reward - a trip to Lauren Scherr to can create her own handbag with all of the cosmetics that they want - nice.

Not nice - Michelle's facial issues are getting worse - and she's harping on it to the point where she won't let the women see her face. The women are letting their fears run wild, as Noelle tells her mom that Michelle has a
flesh-eating bacteria virus on her face. Wha? Her mom tells her that it's fatal and highly contagious, and once Noelle tells everyone about it, Luvey starts to itch. The rumors now spread like wildfire as the women are convinced that they will be starring in the sequel to Cabin Fever.

Calls from Rebecca and Tatiana's families now have them concerned - and even more so when Luvey reminds them that you can spread more germs via the telephone. Tiffany comes in to make sure Michelle's face is still intact. Tiffany's grandmother brings them all to reality when she tells the women all to get a life. You go, grandma!

The facial changes continue when Jay tells the women that they will all be getting moustaches....milk moustaches. To add even more to it, each woman will be a different nationality and each one will be holding a child for their shoot.

Here are the ethnicities...Christina - East Indian. Tiffany - Native American. Brittany - African American, Keenyah - Korean, Kahlen - Hawaiian, Michelle - Eskimo, Naima - Scandinavian, Tatiana - Biracial, Luvey - Swedish, Rebecca - Italian, Nolle - Traditional African Woman.

Jay then brings Jared the little kid out, and everyone thinks that he is cute. They don't think that giving the kid to a woman with an unknown disease is a good thing, so they send her over to the dermatological clinic for a diagnosis.

Naima, who has had two African-American parents growing up, says that it's the inside that defines you. Rebecca says that Tiffany and Noelle may have an advantage because they are used to holding kids - but a disadvantage because their own kids aren't there. They aren't the only ones distracted - Luvey is distracted with the kids, and as someone who already has a problem from shoots, that isn't good.

Michelle goes to the clinic, and it turns out that she DOES have a bacterial disease - but it's easily treatable. The only problem is that it is contagious by contact, so Michelle won't have a child to play with. Instead, she gets a doll, which is good for the shoot, but has the other models seething because they think she may have gotten a free pass because she didn't have to deal with a living kid. Sure...go out and get a bacterial disease to make your shoot easier - that makes sense.

Brittany has her best shoot to date, according to Jay. Kahlen is one of the people who gripes about Michelle, and Jay says that she struggled on the shoot. Tiffany complains that Michelle is getting better treatment, but Mathiu the make-up designer says that Michelle is prettier than her. Ouch!

Someone is going to get an ouch of a more painful kind, as one of them is about to be eliminated. Luvey says that she is going to be pissed if she is at the bottom two again, while Michele will be pissed if the skin thing is the reason why she leaves. They have a test which may piss off everyone - they have 3 minutes to apply a nightface without using brushes, applicators, or a mirror.

After the women get their best faces on, the judges have them face the music. Brittany is called 'Cruella DeVille', but they love her photo. Naima looks like Rand-McNally, and they thought it was a mall photograph. Rebecca was considered a car wreck, but the photo was almost gorgeous. The judges accused Keenyah of not putting on any makeup, but they see an Asian woman in the stunning pic. Noelle looks good, but has to change her variety. They also don't like her flip-flops and don't see a model. Uh-oh.

Tatiana's make-up was actually good, but they don't like the pic. It's a reverse call on Kahlen - Makeup bad, pic good. Christina has plain Jane makeup, and a possessed looking photo. Tiffany didn't bring it in the make-up and looked like she was in a brothel. Wha? Luvey cuts down on the makeup, which is good, but is getting a mixed results on the photo. Michelle is not coming up strong, and she explains her condition. Janice said that she almost fooled her and says she has to learn how to forget her condition. The pic comes off and it's just as bad. Michelle cries and Janice tells her that she has to get over it - quickly.

Judges quick evaluations - Christina - nothing new and boring, but Nole' loves it. Tiffany - striking features, but is it enough? Brittany - Janice loves her. Rebecca - Nole' sees potential. Keenyah - Nigel loves her and Janice loves that she can take criticism. Naima - Nigel says she took a step back this week. Kahlen - Nole loves her. Noelle - Janice doesn't see model potential and Tyra agrees. That's not good. Tatiana - Interesting. Michelle - Nigel doesn't like her. Luvey - The judges see potential, but she's not drawing it out.

Summing this up -

Diva Power! - Brittany, Keenyah, Kahlen
Diva in Training -  Naima, Tiffany, Rebecca
There's a Diva in somewhere...I think... - Michelle, Tatiana, Christina
Trouble - Luvey, Noelle

Tyra calls out the ladies, and the first person to be picked is Rebecca. She is joined by Christina, Tatiana, Tiffany (who is told to add energy), Kahlen, Naima, Brittany (who is told that she worked it) and Michelle (who is told to stay strong and focused). This leaves Noelle and Luvey...again. Luvey is told she has potential, but isn't bringing it. Noelle says that the photographs are beautiful, but she isn't bringing it. Advancing is...Luvey, and I am wondering if Noelle not listening to the judges in the earlier episodes has finally come back to bite her. She says that she wants to go home, see her baby, and provide a better life for her son. AwwwwByebye

Next Episode - It's windy, it's wet, and for Michelle, it's a wimpy shoot. Brittany gets a little too...wet. Join us in 7 days to see if either of them can  keep Luvey in the competition for a third straight week.

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