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What would you do to become America's Next Top Model? For one, you have to look the part. Then you have to sacrifice your being to a 24/7 commitment. More than that, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

But most of all, it's a game of surviving your roommates... all of whom want it just as bad as you do.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Tyra Banks
Judges: Tyra Banks, Janice Dickinson, Nigel Barker, Nole Martin
Creator: Tyra Banks
EP: Tyra Banks, Ken Mok
Packager: 10x10 Entertainment, Bankable Productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on UPN

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"The Girl Who Suddenly Collapsed" - March 16

We start the episode with Keenyah and Brandy clearly on the frying pan. They have to do something about their attitude, or they are going bye-bye. Brandy says that she knows that she is going to have to get better - as she considers herself her own worst enemy. The attitude of the women are find with all of the other girls, as they are getting along well with each other...except for Michelle, who apparently lets the little things get to her.

Maybe the Tyra Mail will help the women get a new carnivorous attitude - it tells them to be ready for a fight to the death in the Coliseum. The Coliseum, in this case is the football stadium as the women are approached by three cheerleaders. The fourth cheerleader comes out to burst the America's Next Top Model banner...and we see that it's a weird looking cheerleader, as it is the form of J. Alexander, the poise and posture expert. Brandy says that she knows that she is going to have to get better.

Wearing pigtails and sporting pom-poms, Mrs. J. tells them women to grab some platform clogs and meet him in the field. The first exercise is for them to practice walking on grass in the clogs - because if they can do that, then everything else will be easy. He goes after Michelle, Brandy, and Sarah, who I swearing 'Fashion Victim' on her shirt. Mrs. J. tells her that she is a fashion victim - ouch! As the activities conclude, Mrs. J. tells them to find their fashion shoes - and an accessory that they will be modeling while walking down the Coliseum stairs. The accessories are athletically related, as we see boxing gloves, water coolers, helmets...and a baseball bat, carried by Brittany. Jay tells Brittany to tone it down, which she considers as a compliment, adding that it's better than she is awkward. True...

After the Coliseum, some of the women work together to correct themselves. Keenyah works on Sarah while Rebecca tags along. You would have NEVER seen this in any of the previous episodes as they are posing together. Awwwwbaaaawait a sec. Sarah brings us back into reality. "This is not America's Next Best Friend."

Which model will be today's special? That's the next Tyra mail as the women go to... K-Mart. Mrs. Jay has a 'dual runway challenge', which pits the models against each other as they will walk with an accessory provided by K-Mart. Sandi Bass, a model/talent scout, will be the judge of the event. Whoever advances moves on, and the last woman left will be the winner.

Christina Vs. Brittany
Brittany - too sexy
WINNER - Christina

Brandy Vs. Naima
Brandy isn't as compelling with the frying pan as Naima is with the mop
WINNER - Naima

Noelle Vs. Rebecca
Rebecca works that hula-hoop
WINNER - Rebecca

Tiffany Vs. Michelle
'Can I please see Michelle over in the Labor Department'?
WINNER - Michelle

Kahlen Vs. Lluvy
Lluvy = Not Groovy
WINNER - Kahlen

Tatiana Vs. Keenyah
'Tatiana - Ta-ta'
WINNER - Keenyah

Sarah Vs...No One
'Day 2 with Mrs Jay...I've learned absolutely nothing.' That is SO not a good sign.

We get to the finals with...Rebecca Vs. Naima. Jay decides that the winner is....Rebecca. She wins and is impressed with herself. She gets to meet a famous shoe designer - and she selects 5 people to go with her. She chooses Kahlen, Sarah, Lluvy, Noelle and...Naima, for being a tough competitor. For the other women, they have to service the women. Service is being defined as...helping them put on their new selection of shoes.

Brittany is miffed, as a number of those women will be getting shoes that she feels they don't deserve. Those women are being shown how to work the shoe closet - and to not accidentally lock anyone in. Michelle is claustrophobic and she wants nothing to do with the shoe shelves - and she freaks out when Keenyah tries to play around. Michelle the wrestler storms off as Keenyah shows us a little imp face. Michelle then switches her face to be helpful Watch out for a surprise bulldog, Keenyah.

Michelle says that she worked hard to win the competition, so she can have a little attitude. The attitude rubs all of the women who have to serve the wrong way, and you can see the rage seething from the other women. Is this the seeds of starting drama?

The next mail tells the women to be ready to work with 10 other bitches. Naima decides to talk to one person that all of the other women are starting to perceive as a bitch - Michelle, who says that she doesn't want to open up. As Brandy and Tiffany eavesdrop, Michelle says that she Well the secret is gone, but Brandy tells Michelle that she also has fantasies and they chat about it. Noelle says that Michelle makes more sense to her now as they chat. Michelle feels more confident that she can be herself again. AwwwwwBiiiiiiarf.

The women see Jay Manuel introduce them to the shoot. The photographer is Danielle Levitt as they are doing a shoot for 1-800-Flowers. Tyra shows up in a limo and presents them with their bitches - dogs (of course). She also shows them a male model, who everyone says looks better than a bitch.

Tiffany starts it - and Jay is impressed that she is shedding the ghetto image - though he was concerned when Tiffany threatened to bite the dog. Jay wants to see range from Christina, and Danielle didn't like her neck extension. She really didn't like Brittany, who continued to do porno poses.

Danielle loved Brandy, and called her shot dynamic, while she thought that Keenyah was struggling. Naima wasn't good emotionally, but she was impressed by Tatiana. Michelle says that she feels better, and she wants that to translate into a good shoot. According to Danielle, it does - and she loved Lluvy's focus. She didn't see that in Sarah and Jay didn't think she connected to either the dogs or the male model.

Noelle wanted some hints from Sarah - and she didn't get any. Danielle said that Noelle was trying - maybe a bit too much. They thought that Kahlen was popping out her butt too much, while they thought that Rebecca looked incredible.

The women are concerned when they come back and see that one of the women are leaving tomorrow. Sarah is concerned on how much judging will be on the walk, while no one else knows who will be leaving.

We find out now as the women line up for their appraisals. The special judge will be Sandi Bass - the woman who judged them in the Reward Challenge. That can't possibly make Sarah feel any better. Neither will the challenge - this week's is to take a potato sack and have them walk in it like it's the next best dress. Sarah has to do the walk twice, after she screwed up the first one, and you may as well pack up her bags now.

Here are the evaluations... Rebecca - ok walk, great shot, but maybe a little slutty? Maybe also a little...unconscious, as she faints while hearing the evaluation. Can we go back to K-Mart for one second...Clean-up...collapsed model on Lane 3. Noelle explains that she has had these collapses before, and it's been 6 years since her last one. She's ok, but surely, this has to affect her down the road...

Tatiana - too heavy on the walk, but a beautiful picture. Tiffany - she has to get better on the walk, but the pic was nice. Sarah - a funky chicken walk and a picture that isn't strong spells trouble. Lluvy - Tyra loved that she did something with the sack, and the pic is gorgeous. Michelle - they hated the walk, but the pic is amazing. Brandy - Be careful with the walking anger and they are looking for passion on the pic.

Christina - ok walk and a boring face. Naima - Her walk was weird and a split decision on the pic. Brittany - The walk was too heavy, and they love the pic from the face down - but still a porno pic with her mouth hanging out, like a $39.95 porno, according to Tyra. How would she know?

Noelle - Uncomfortable walk, but a nice, leggy pic. Kahlen - wake the arm up on the walk and she looks stiff in the photo. Keenyah - Good walk - but bring the energy up in the walk. They also hate what she is wearing, but they give her an applause on the photo, saying that it was the best one in the bunch.

Quick judge synopsis. Lluvy - the photograph saves her. Michelle - no stage presence. Noelle - Adorable. Keenyah - Great pic, mild in person. Sarah - Janice calls her a pirate. Tiffany - beautiful face and the pic is fierce. Naima - special. Tatiana - Nole' hates her. Nigel loves her. Brittany - Janice doesn't think that Brittany likes her and calls her a porn model. Kahlen - Nole wants her to turn it up. Christina - Nigel hates her pic. Brandy - she needs to turn the personality. Rebecca - Too Safe?

Summing this up -

Diva Power! - Naima, Rebecca, Tiffany
Diva in Training - Lluvy, Keenyah, Noelle
There's a Diva in somewhere...I think... - Kahlen, Michelle, Christina, Tatiana
Trouble - Brittany, Brandy, Sarah

We then go to the hospital, where Rebecca says that sometimes her synapse nerve gives out on her, but she still wants to compete. Rebecca is grateful for the opportunity as Tyra asks her to continue. She calls out the name first of...Keenyah, then Tatiana, Rebecca, Tiffany, Lluvy, Naima, Christina, Brandy, Noelle, Michelle and Kahlen. That leaves Brittany and Sarah. Brittany's sexuality is over the top, while Sarah's walking wasn't over enough. The second chance goes to...Brittany, who washes her face and pledges to look cleaner.

Sarah is upset, because she feels like she has more talent than porn princess Brittany. She says that it's hard to feel like she's the ugly duckling as she leaves. And with that, we leave the show for the week.

Next Week - We have grace under pressure - and some women aren't so graceful. We'll see in 7 days if that means the end of Brandy.

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