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What would you do to become America's Next Top Model? For one, you have to look the part. Then you have to sacrifice your being to a 24/7 commitment. More than that, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

But most of all, it's a game of surviving your roommates... all of whom want it just as bad as you do.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Tyra Banks
Judges: Tyra Banks, Janice Dickinson, Nigel Barker, Nole Martin
Creator: Tyra Banks
EP: Tyra Banks, Ken Mok
Packager: 10x10 Entertainment, Bankable Productions
Wednesdays at 9pm ET on UPN

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"What the Divas are Doing Now" - March 1

Last season, 23 had the best series yet of America's Next Top Model. So good, in fact, that we are getting a Where Are They Now? on the past season's cast before we open up the new season of models. Without further ado, let's see what there women are doing before we look at the new season, in a show subtitled "What the Divas are Doing Now."

Tyra starts the special off by going through a recap of the season, showcasing the ladies. We go back to the finals, where Eva recaps how her first thought was that her mom was going to be proud of her. After the final show aired, Eva went on a whirlwind of radio and television shows, adding that her highlight was being on Regis and meeting her new 'Family', Ford models. She talks about being idolized and how little girls will look up to you. 'My job is to be that positive role model and that positive example for the little girls.'

Eva talks about how the show was a reality check and how she has been able to improve her relations with her people and her family. We'll be continuing with the journey of Eva, but now we continue with...

Ann - The athlete who was 'best friends' with Eva, until her little firestorm which cost her (and almost cost Eva) the competition. She says that she has made up with her, and says that she will give Eva her 100% support (and tears up while saying this). We get video of them doing press conferences post the show and she is thankful for the exposure. We see s bio of her love for water sports as her mom explains how she went very far by being tough. She added that the modeling part is much tougher than she thought - but she says that she made it to the top 4, which is important for her. After being contacted by Elite Models in NYC, she is moving there to see what happens next.

Amanda - The blonde women struggling for her eyesight who has a 2 year old son. She talked about being stuck on the side of a mountain and not doing anything, so the idea of modeling (which is something that she has always wanted to do) was a great idea to her. Her parents talk about her eye condition - and how that hasn't stopped her. She talk about how her son didn't realize that she was leaving and how it was always on her mind. After the show, she took another trip around NYC - but after hearing about Eli's sickness, she realizes that Eli is more important than the business. She says that being in magazines and making money isn't as important as being with her son, so we get the impression that she is, right now, with Eli instead of in the modeling business. It seems like Tyra and the judges fears of Amanda not being able to handle the regiment that the models have to deal with was right on the money...

Next up - as you know, for the first time in the series, there were two African-American women in the finals. The other woman who was not named Eva was Yaya, who got over her dermatological issues to win 5 competitions. She's been on Eve (like ANTM, also on UPN) and she did a shoot with Essence Magazine and a fashion line for Isaac Mizrahi. She loves the modeling - but she also loves teaching the kids, which she is still doing by working for her mom at the Montessori Schools in NYC. She teaches English, Spanish and French and they have Thursday discussions about the show to try to teach the children. Yaya enjoyed the Japan tea service, which ironically was one of the thins that almost eliminated her from the show. After hearing from her dad Awolowo Johnson, we see Yaya dance, model and say that she is going to embrace the opportunities that are given her.

We quickly pan to Kristi, who talks abut how cut-throat the competition is. Even when the show ended, they had the press asking the contestants who were the best looking. Kristi, and ANTM2 contestants Shandi, Mercedes and Catie recreated a photo shoot from Sex in the City for fun, but right now, she is taking classes at NYC in play directing. She wants to be both in front of the camera and behind it - and that seems to be a very smart move.

Jennipher says that the show was one of the most stressful things that she ever did. The hair cutting and dying it to be blonde was torture for her, but she says that the move to New York was wonderful and it opened her eyes, as her home state of Idaho is not exactly a hot bed of model scouts. She is currently in New York pursuing the model dream.

Nicole was another person who came a long way (North Dakota) to be on the show. She says that she needs to stand out more, and due to how she was eliminated, she decided that acting was more of her forte. She had put modeling on the back-burner for now to see if she can hit it in tinsel town.

Back to Eva, who realized that she made it once a reporter from People Magazine showed her a pin-up of her within the magazine. She is in the montage between Queen Latifah and Molly Sims. She screams with delight as she is the latest Cover Girl.

Cassie decided to go back to her old life - but with a new attitude. She decided to quit her stripping job that she had as she goes to back to her Oklahoma campus. CJ, who is her boyfriend, is very supportive - but they both agree that modeling is more important than love for right now. She takes the NY model tour - and she is still getting the 'big hip' issue that plagued her during the show (well, what do you know, those wacky model judges were right). She insists that she does NOT have bulimia, and adds that she is on a low carb diet that will get her to shed those pounds. It sounds like she is in a much better place now than where she was.

Tyra asks what the definition of beauty is, and with that we turn to Toccara. Unlike almost everyone else, she has had no problem getting modeling gigs, as she lands her first one with Ashley Stewart. She gets a lot of praise from the first session, and she takes the joy and brings it back home for a family reunion. We find out where she gets her full-figure from - her mom, Loni Rutledge, who throws everything into her omelettes. Yikes.

After breakfast, Toccara hits Los Angeles for a gig on Entertainment Tonight. She continues to get modeling and acting gigs, and it seems like she has really taken almost complete full advantage of her opportunity.

From almost there to barely got a taste of it, Magdalena, the first person cut, went back to school. She says that being eliminated first sucks, but says that it could help her get her foot in the door when she graduates from college later on this year.

Then there's Julie - who's dream wasn't really to be a model, but a clothing designer. She admits that she should have kept her mouth shut about her apparel company, adding that her friends have called her an idiot for saying it. She is finishing up her degree at Belleville Community College, then she plans to get an internship in NYC for a manufacturing company and doing modeling on the side. "America - this is not the last you've seen of Curry Mama"

Leah is the 'soccer mom' and she didn't like to be cut while America is watching. She is pursuing a modeling industry career and she does have a contract with Hometown Honeys. As we see her pose in very... uh... revealing clothing for FHM, she says that the change she had in ANTM was very positive.

Leah moved to NYC - along with roommate Ann. Jennipher and Cassie has joined them as they are all roommates - and this time, they are all supporting themselves to do well. They show clips of them living together, adding that they don't have a lot of money and they live in a dive as they try to make it. If UPN decides that they could make money and get ratings seeing their struggles, I smell spin-off.

Back to Eva. We see a back clip with her acting with Taye Diggs. We turn this into acting, as we see her acting in Kevin Hill. Director Milan Cheylov was impressed with her - so impressed that they are bringing her back for future roles.

Someone who didn't find the acting gig too fun was Norelle - but she loved the modelling part. She got to the final 5 and the trip showed her that she is much better than she thought. She is now working for Nous Models as owner Kenya Knight raves about her. They have sent her back to the Asian environment, because they thought she would be big there. We get scenes of her struggling in Japan and her balancing issues, but Kenya loved her spirit, and that's what got her the gig. She is still working there.

Perhaps the woman who got the most abuse was Kelle. She said that she learned a lot about herself - including that people see her for her background as well as her looks. She now goes to Hunter and maintains an online art gallery. As for the modeling part, she has done a photo shoot for Source Magazine and is continuing to pursue that on the side.

We end this with the journey for Eva. We see her at Fashion Week meeting Mark Bauer and celebrating with Yaya and Ann. All of them perform for Bauer, who is excited to use the latest talent. Eva also got a shoot with El as she says that her dreams have come true. She adds that she never realized that she could achieve this and the tears start flowing. AwwwwBarf.

We end this with Tyra saying that Eva is a star - but we have more women who want to be a star. Who are they? Join us in 24 hours to find out.

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