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What would you do to become America's Next Top Model? For one, you have to look the part. Then you have to sacrifice your being to a 24/7 commitment. More than that, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

But most of all, it's a game of surviving your roommates... all of whom want it just as bad as you do.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Tyra Banks
Judges: Tyra Banks, Janice Dickinson, Nigel Barker, Nole Martin
Creator: Tyra Banks
EP: Tyra Banks, Ken Mok
Packager: 10x10 Entertainment, Bankable Productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on UPN

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"The Girls Who Hate Their Makeovers" - March 9

At this point last season, we said good-bye to not one, but two lovely ladies. This season, we are promised that only one of them will be leaving - but which one?

We start the show off as the ladies walk up the subways of NYC. Kahlen is shocked that she is here, while Brandi doesn't want to be going anywhere. Jay tells them that they will be living in...Las Angeles! Surprise. Jay takes them on a tour of the back lot of Paramount Studios - which is where they will be spending their time.

While walk around the lot, the women are confronted with flashing police cars 0 equipped with sirens. A lady and two guys get out of the cars and announce themselves as the fashion police - but if you've seen the show, you already know who they are. They are the women's judges and mentors, starting with Supermodel Diva Janice Dickinson, Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker and Fashion Stylist Nole Marin. Jay tells them that they are all here for their first photo shoot - and in their shoot, they will be made up as Aliens who are coming down to take over Manhattan!

Jay escorts them back to make-up as the ladies are stunned by seeing all of these people. Janice tells them that they are all being handed this on a silver platter, so be courteous, be grateful, and be on time. Foreshadowing?

As Brita discusses her age (25) and how most models quit at 25, Jay tells them all that to have fun. Kahlen starts and Jay says that she doesn't realize how good she is. Nigel thought that Rebecca was a Twiggy-esque trooper, while he likes Keenyah as well. Luvey gets described as Blah by Jay, while Brittany keeps falling off the police car. Oops.

Michelle talks to Nigel about her wrestling background, which Nigel likes because she can be androgynous. Tatiana just wants to stay confident - and Nigel likes her spunk and inspiration. Naima, who is a Trekkie, says that she got into the alien role, and that impressed Nigel.

Then there's Brandi, who is getting tired of waiting. She tells Nole' that she can't believe that she's been waiting here for awhile, and Nole' is upset with her attitude. Nigel is even more so, as Brandi's crabbiness is getting in the way of her shoot. She gives herself an 11, but the grimace on Jay and Nigel's face after seeing the photos lets me believe that it could be a -11.

Noelle has the look, but not the attitude as it looks like she's distracted - by possibly her son? Sarah gets a quick in - and a quick out, as Jay says that she was the easiest out of everyone...'but don't tell anyone that.' Brita is very self-aware of her age - and her weight. Nigel and Jay reposition no avail, as she is displaying her insecurities into her posing.

Christina has no problem with Nigel and Company, while Tiffany, who is clearly not experienced in modelling, is having a hard time taking instructions from Nole', who tells her to look into the light - and instead of the model light, she looks into the police car's strobing light. Oopsie - and Nole' is wondering if he is judging her more because of her back story than because of what she's currently doing right now.

As the shoot ends, the women get Tyra mail, telling them that they can go to a spa. The women go to a ghetto-looking place when bikers confront them - but the bikers are actually representatives of Serious Clothing and they invite the women in to their new home. They get the sweet amenities of a gym and pictures of all of the past model contestants plastered along the wall. They have a patch-work room, a 1920's room, and a 'bubble' room.

Tiffany, who is used to sleeping on a double deckered mattress, is stunned. Even more stunned are the women as Tyra shows up. She says that the reason for the change in locale is because L.A. was where she started - and where she was rejected the most. She equates the experience to the models, as they will be experiencing a lot of rejection - there will only be 1 women. Noelle - 'When you think of Tyra, you think boobs, and...she actually has a brain. Who would have thought?

Someone who may not be having a brain is Brandi, as she curses out the people who did her hair on the Police shoot. A stunned Keenyah is watching Brandi and says that she can be shaved bald - as long as they like her work. Someone who likes her work is Mrs Jay, as she comes in to weigh and measure the women. This stuns Brita m who gained weight and who looks like she'd rather be shaved bald than to go through this.

Most of the women's weight is between 110 and 120 pounds. Brita is...138 pounds. She says that she is going to lose it and you can tell that she is VERY self-conscious about it. She is going to be even worse when the women get more Tyra Mail - saying to show up tomorrow morning to see who gets cut.

The next morning, Tyra tells them that they...all may be cut, as she welcomes them all to their NEW Makeovers! She tells them that they will all be getting the makeover for the new sexy shoot.

Sarah - gets a Peter Pan-inspired haircut
Michelle - gets to be ice blonde
Noelle - blows the hair out
Tatiana - going to make the hair rich
Tiffany - gets hair extensions
Kahlen - another blunt hair weave
Brittany - gets a short bank and make it heavy
Christina - deep darker, fuller
Rebecca - edge the hair out
Brita - gets wavy hair
Luvey - Red hair
Keenyah - Vidal Sassoon asymmetical bang
Naima - gets to be honey-blonde (Her response - Now I have an excuse to be stupid. Heh)
Brandi - she looks fierce enough - no change.

Brandi is less than thrilled, because she WANTED a makeover. That pisses her off and she complains to Jay Alexander. Usually, when no one gets much of a makeover, that spells trouble - but then Tyra changes her mind and tells Brandi that they will shorten the hair and get rid of the afro, which makes her happier.

Kahlen goes first, and Jay tells her that the shoot is going to be of her... TOPLESS. She knew it was coming and she was uncomfortable, but she goes through it. Brita is also happy that they don't do much to her - but I keep thinking about the no make over, and you're in line to go bye-bye thinking, and I think that Brita is in trouble.

Noelle enjoys her makeover - and she tells a still upset Brandi that she is beautiful. Meanwhile, Michelle is told that the bleaching will be excruciating - but she doesn't complain and Keenyah says that she loves Michelle's style. It non-complaining pays off, as she loves the new cut and she looks sexy. Brandi may want to be taking notes.

Keenyah sees her new look - and she doesn't like it. She talks to both Jay's about it, and they don't like that she is complaining. She insists that she will do what they want, but they are both taking notes on her discontentment. Hmmm...Brandi is even worse, because she thinks that her boyfriend won't want her. Jay doesn't want her either, as he is frustrated by her attitude. After the hair dries, Keenyah recants, as she loves her hairstyle and calls her complaining stupid.

However, the complaining may have been a problem - Tyra calls them all over and says that she is happy that 12 of them accepted her changes - and is pissed off at the two people who have complained, adding that the next time that she sees them will be at the judging and everything that she saw today will be a factor in that judging. That spells trouble for Keenyah and Brandi.

Sure enough, Keenyah thinks that she is in trouble as the Tyra Mail says that the eliminations are tomorrow. Brandi is now crying that she doesn't want to be eliminated - but Keenyah says that she better lose the attitude - because it stinks.

Tyra calls them over and reminds them about the grand prize - a contract with international agency Ford Models, a spread in El Magazine, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl Cosmetics. The judges this week will be Janice, Nigel and Nole'.

We get to the individual evaluations. Naima is told that she pulled it off. Noelle - she changed her hairstyle, which Tyra is visibly upset at her with - but the picture came out nice. Christina - the judges loved her pic and her eyes. Michelle - was praised for her lack of complaining, but the face was weak on the photo. Tatiana - Nigel loved her photo. Brita - the judges hate the photo. Sarah - they love the photo and Nigel says that it was fun to shoot her. Kahlen - the pic is great, but she is looking 'Partridge Family'. Brittany - be more elegant and less sexy.

Keenyah - accidentally put oil in it and it looks awful. She regrets her decision and Tyra lets her know that she needs to follow direction. The judges like her pic though. Luvey - not fierce enough. Tiffany - looks modelesque, but needs to take directions better. Tyra asks her what she feels when she sees herself and she says that it's beautiful, as she starts to cry. AwwwwBarf.

Rebecca - she looks nice, but gets a split decision on the pic. Brandi - the pic looks good, but Nigel says that it wasn't fun for her to be around. Tyra tells her that she has to be beautiful on the outside - even if she isn't feeling happy on the inside.

Here are the judges evaluations. Brittany - Janice wants her to stay. Tiffany - Nole says that she was a struggle - but the got the shot. Naima - has a great shot. Sarah - her face will take her far. Luvey - Called SUV by Janice - because she looked like a man. Whoa.

Keenyah - more problems with the hairdo pissed the judges off. Christina - Janice loves her, Nigel hates the lack of sex appeal. Brandi - Nigel loves the pic - but who wants her around? Brita - Nigel - too old, too heavy, too stiff. OUCH!

Kahlen - Nole says that she worked the image, but looks drab in person. Rebecca - Janice loves her. Tatiana - Nigel doesn't like the face. Noelle - Janice hates her hair change. Michelle - She's big boned, but Nole' says that she has potential.

Summing this up -

Diva Power! - Naima, Rebecca, Sarah
Diva in Training - Brittany, Kahlen, Michelle, Christina
There's a Diva in somewhere...I think... - Tiffany, Luvey, Noelle, Tatiana
Trouble - Keenyah, Brandi, Brita

Tyra calls them all up, and starts announcing names. First one up - Tiffany. After her, the list is as follows - Naima, Rebecca, Kahlen, Christina, Michelle, Noelle, Sarah, Tatiana, Brittany, Luvey and...Keenyah (as Tyra tells her that she may have learned a big lesson this week).

That leaves Brandi and Brita. Brita is called amazingly beautiful - but the people had massive problems with her shot physically. Brandi has a problem - because of her attitude - but she gets a second chance - barely. She cries to Tyra and promises to change her attitude. You can change the attitude, but not the physicality, as Brita, who leaves first, says that she regrets the experience and says that it may be hampering her. With that, we end the show.

I can't say that they made a bad decision here, as it would have been tough for them to work with Brita, but Brandi HAS to change her attitude and not give ANY lip, or she will easily be he next person gone. Join us in 7 days to see if she and Keenyah can clean up their act - or will they be cleaning out their bureaus and going home.

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