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What would you do to become America's Next Top Model? For one, you have to look the part. Then you have to sacrifice your being to a 24/7 commitment. More than that, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

But most of all, it's a game of surviving your roommates... all of whom want it just as bad as you do.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Tyra Banks
Judges: Tyra Banks, Janice Dickinson, Nigel Barker, Nole Martin
Creator: Tyra Banks
EP: Tyra Banks, Ken Mok
Packager: 10x10 Entertainment, Bankable Productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on UPN

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"The Girl with the Worst Photo in History" - March 23

We start the show with two women knowing that even though they are still on the show, they have a lot of work to do. Brandy knows that she needs to keep her attitude in check, while Brittany knows that she can't afford to keep looking like a porn star with her mouth agape looking for flies - or other things.

We start the girls convening over phone time. Brittany wants to call her boyfriend, so the women decide to make it fair and go from east coast to west coast, so people would have a chance to talk before it got too late to call. Apparently, no one told this to Brandy, who comes in and said that she called dibs on the phone. After she gets into it with the girls, Tiffany calls her and explains that it's this sort of attitude that got her into trouble. We see flashbacks of Tiffany from last season, as she says that this isn't the way for Brandy to live.

The women get Tyra Mail, who tell the women that they have to be ready to be on point. With that, they meet Stefan wenta short man with a cane, who will give them instruction on how to use their bodies as an instrument of expression. He shows the women how to move - and what he didn't like, he touched them with his cane. Tiffany and Brandy were both struggling as they went through their process.

After the dance class, the women go out for dinner, which is a shock for both Tiffany and Brandy. Tiffany said that she stopped drinking, but maybe a little glass of wine would be fine. After a few glasses of wine later, she starts to ramble on how much she loves her experiences. After a few more glasses of fine wine, she decides that she wants to get rid of her wine - via her mouth. She throws up on the floor and Keenyah and Michele come over to comfort her.

After the dinner, she talks about her child and her boyfriend to Michele, as she says that she needs to change her behavior herself to make a better life for her child. Some of the women, like Michele, understand where she is coming from, but others wonder if this is just the old Tiffany coming back to roost...

The next morning, the women come out to the patio and meet the first African-American supermodel to be on Vogue in 1974. Her name is Beverly Johnson, and she talks about her experiences about breaking the color barrier. She talks about how temperamental that people are, and not to take criticism personal.

With that, the models go to their shoot. They don't see Jay, but they get a photographer by the name of Alex Reznick. What the women don't know is that Jay set them up - Alex is going to be the biggest a-hole as a challenge for the women, who are going to be doing a tennis shoot. The women that deals with the pressure the best wins.

Tatiana does ok - but she look like she wants to leave and breaks into tears afterwards. We then get a montage of Alex screaming at each of the women. Noelle wants to slap him, but Naima seemed to handle it, as she was just nodding her head up and down. Most of the other women were crying, as they are told to focus.

The next 2 women are the ones that everyone wants to see. First up...Tiffany, as the women want to see her smack him with the racket. Alex yells at her for her attitude, but she keeps it together - though she admits that she wanted to laugh at him. The other woman - Brandy. She asks Alex questions and it seems like she is going to laugh and be more frustrated at the balls (that she can't hit) than Alex. Alex though gets to her, and at the ends, she wants to club him with her show. As she decompresses, Tatiana tries to talk to Brandy. She takes it as being confrontational and Brandy goes off on her. Tatiana wonders if she's going to be a threat to anyone's health and adds that Brandy does not belong here. So much for the attitude adjustment.

After the shoot, the women go out where Jay lets them all in on what happened. Alex selects the woman who won - and it's Naima. She is invited to dinner with a very special person. Naima gets to invite two of the other girls to go with her, so she selects Kahlen and Tiffany. At the restaurant, they see that the guest is...Serena Williams! She gives Naima an autographed tennis racket as she talks about being a fashion designer. She gives the women tips and critiques their walks. Tiffany is floored and the other two women got a lot out of it.

While they are out eating, the women get more e-mail. They go to the shoot, where Tyra tells them that the 12 of them will be the signs of the zodiac. They will be shooting for a calendar that will be released for 2006. They will be wearing Calvin Klein and will have to work with pulleys.

Some women like the choices better than others - Kahlen got into Capricorn the goat while Tiffany was wondering how she could be sexy as Cancer the Crab. Brandy was the first one done - and sh is complaining about hair and make-up, adding that they didn't know what they were doing. Within earshot of Brandy - the same make-up and hair people. Oops.

Jay was pissed that Noelle wasn't a proud lion, but she loved Keenyah. Tiffany vows to be a good crab, and Jay thinks she is beautiful, adding that she has grown from leaps and bounds. Brandy watches Tatiana struggle, and Brandy was getting impatient again that she is going last. I have a feeling I know where this is going...

...but right now, we're going with Tatiana, which Jay likes. Jay thought that Lluvy struggled a lot with the harness and he's not thrilled with her photos. Brandy finally gets to go - and Jay says that the scorpion may have lost her sting. Tatiana talks to Tiffany that Brandy threatened her, and word of that conversation gets back to Brandy, who once again lashes out at everyone and calls a number of them evil. Well, the sting of that scorpion is definitely still there...

The women finally calm Brandy down, but not before she reminds everyone that if they have a problem with her, they should tell her. Tiffany is very concerned that she will get booted because of her attitude, and she is trying to shelter Brandy.

Will that be enough? They see Tyra, and she tells them that the shoot with Alex (who they detested) will be their challenge for today. Oops. Michele 0 hate the Alex shot, love the Zodiac pic. Naima - the like Alex's shot, but was disappointed with being too much of a ballerina. Tatiana - not a good Alex shot, but a great Zodiac pic. Brittany - a huge improvement over last week, and although she still needs to be graceful, there is no Playboy in her shot. Brandy - Tyra calls her on her negative attitude, and while the camera loves her, her attitude sucks.

Keenyah - The Alex shot should never bee seen again, bt the celestial shots are beautiful. Kahlen - Took the Alex shot too personally, but the Zodiac shot is great. Christina - Body looks great, but she needs more of a mouth expression. Noelle - The judges aren't happy that she is still not conforming to the hairstyle that they gave her - and they don't like either of her pictures. Uh-oh...

Tiffany - She loved the test, because she said that it tested her attitude, and it showed how much she changed. They hated the Alex shot - but she nailed the Zodiac shot. Lluvy - The judges thought that she was blah and Janice thought the failed miserably. Rebecca - They welcome her back, but Alex was blah and the photo was pedestrian.

Judges opinions - Tatiana - New but has potential. Michele - looks like Jay Leno - but she has a spark. Rebecca - not great, but not awful. Lluvy - According to Tyra, "This photo is one of the worst photos in the history of America's Next Top Model." That's not good. Brittany - progressed nicely. Brandy - Exotic and nice, but Angry and attitude filled. Naima - Not a good dancer. Noelle - Still looking for a transformation. Kahlen - Has model potential. Christina - One of the best pics, but Beverly wants to see a mouth.

Summing this up -

Diva Power! - Naima, Tiffany, Keenyah
Diva in Training - Brittany, Michelle, Christina,
There's a Diva in somewhere...I think... - Rebecca, Kahlen, Tatiana
Trouble - Lluvy, Brandy, Noelle

Tyra calls Brittany queen of the galaxy as she is selected first. After her is Keenyah, Michele, Kahlen (who is told that the confidence is getting there), Rebecca, Tatiana, Naima, Tiffany (as Tyra tells her just how far she has come) and Noelle (Tyra tells her to listen, adding that it's about transformation). This leaves Lluvy (with the worst picture of ANTM ever) Vs. Brandy (with the worst attitude in ANTM4 ever) left. I think that Brandy has already gotten a second chance - and she won't be getting a third. I am correct, as Brandy is the person who is leaving.

The reactions say it all - Lluvy shrugs, Tiffany cries and Brandy complains that people didn't spend the time to understand her. The problem is that she didn't give people enough of a chance as she threatened bodily harm to almost all of them. That will never work on this show, and it doesn't, as she gets the boot.

Next week - We have Danger, Disease, Drama, and other things that start with the letter D. Join us in 7 days as we see someone else get a d - Dropped.

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