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January 3
January 10

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Thus Spake the Viewers, Amen
January 17

In the first week of 2008, the viewing population had partaken amongst the new game and reality shows. And they said 'This is good (Don't know why the heck you are sticking Power of 10 against Deal or No Deal and American Idol, but hey, this is good)'. Now, did that same television viewing population come back? Or was a sampling just enough for them?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Biggest Loser 5
1/1/08 - 8.5-12.72 Million Viewers
1/8/08 - 8.48-12.13 Million Viewers (5.2 Mil for 18-49)

Not only the The Biggest Loser retain most of their viewers, but they were the #1 show of the night both in Total Viewers and in Adults 18-49. That has to be very good news for NBC. Alas, as I get into my Ty Treadway outfit, we have spoilers…Specifically, the big 800 pound gorilla called American Idol. Or do we? More on that later on in this column.

People's Choice Awards
Start - 7.86 Million. End - 4.45 Million

In case you were wondering what would happen when the award shows go on without any celebrities or fanfare, here is your answer - bad. A 2 hour fluffy entertainment piece doesn't cut it, and as we'll see later, a press release won't cut it, either.

Wednesday January 9, 2008
Deal Or No Deal
1/2/08 - 12.2 Million Viewers
1/9/08 - 13.2 Million Viewers (3.5 Mil for 18-49)

Say what you want to about the Million Dollar Mission - it's working. We add cases, the show adds audience. This show cracks the Top 15 and is one of the Top 5 shows for NBC. As for Alex Davis threatening to shave his head if this gets renewed next year…we want to see pictures of the chrome dome, Alex.

Power of 10
1/2/08 - 6.71 Million Viewers
1/9/08 - 6.12 Million Viewers (1.8 Mil for 18-49)

Well the new viewers have to come from somewhere, and the somewhere is the Drew Carey vehicle, which may have sprung a few leaks. American Idol next week may be the glacier that capsizes the boat.

1/9/08 - 1.8 Million Viewers (0.8 Mil for 18-49)

Yes, Crowned is still on the air. It will stay there just because there's nothing else to put on there, but don't go holding your breath for Crowned 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Thursday, January 10, 2008
Celebrity Apprentice
1/3/08 - 11 Million Viewers (4.5 Mil for 18-49)
1/10/08 - 8.3 Million Viewers (3.9 Mil for 18-49)

You knew the show would take a hit against the final original episode of Gray's Anatomy, so the drop is no surprise. The question is how many people will show up for week #3.

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
1/10/08 - 10.8 Million Viewers (2.9 Mil for 18-49)

Those are huge numbers for FOX on a Thursday night. Huge. You don't think that this could beat Survivor, do you? Hmmm…

Don't Forget the Lyrics
1/10/08 - 6.7 Million Viewers (2.3 Mil for 18-49)

Considering that this is in the same time slot as CSI, Gray's Anatomy and Celebrity Apprentice - and that it still is double the ratings of what FOX had here before DFTL, FOX has to be pleased. If it can stay at this level, expect a renewal - though I think it will be renewed regardless.

Friday, January 11, 2008
1 vs. 100
1/4/08 - 8.59 Million Viewers
1/11/08 - 7.69 Million Viewers (1.9 Mil for 18-49)

Uh oh. So the people liked the guy winning a million - and then over 15% of them went and did something else this week, causing them to lose it's timeslot to CBS. If it maintains at around 7 million, then it should be ok. If it falls under 7, that could be a problem.

Saturday, January 12, 2008
26.6 Million Viewers (9.8 Mil for 18-49)

So who says the male audience on Saturday night isn't doing anything? They are out watching sports. POKER TOURNAMENT GOES HERE!!!! Just saying…

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Amazing Race
1/6/08 - 11.54 Million Viewers
1/13/08 - 11.63 Million Viewers (3.8 Mil for 18-49)

Without football as a lead-in, and against both football and The Terminator (which scored great numbers), not only does the Race not take a hit, it actually does better than 60 minutes. That's a fantastic number for the show, and a great sign if CBS keeps them in that time slot for Amazing Race 13 (and they better. The Race has found a home on Sunday nights. Don't screw it up.)

Golden Globe Awards
5.83 Million Viewers (1.7 Mil for 18-49)

You want an awards show? Get celebrities. If not, you lose to a repeat of American Gladiators. Ouch.

Monday, January 14, 2008
Deal or No Deal
1/7/08 - 10.93 Million Viewers
1/14/08 - 15.0 Million Viewers (5.0 Mil for 18-49)

How's that Million Dollar Mission going? Pretty darn good…but on NBC's website, they already plug Monday's show with 9 Briefcases - which means we know what happens (or in this case, doesn't happen) on Wednesday's show. Way to ruin your own show, NBC.

American Gladiators
1/7/08 - 10.73 Million Viewers
1/14/08 - 10.66 Million Viewers (4.6 Mil for 18-49)

With very minimal fall off from last week, the Gladiators are here to stay, and NBC's quick decision to give them a renewal is justified. Against nothing of value on Monday nights, this, DOND, and adding Heroes at 10pm could be a Monday power block for years and years to come - as long as NBC doesn't overkill both properties. As for all of you Chuck fans out there who are hoping the show will come back on Mondays after the strike is over - I'd start getting very nervous.

Dance Bore…I mean War
1/7/08 - 10.97 Million Viewers
1/14/08 - 10.50 Million Viewers (2.9 Mil for 18-49)

The 10.50 should make ABC very happy. The 2.9…not so much. The crucial numbers for them will come out next week, which will see if the audience was more excited about the 12 people left than I was. I do like the fact that they were performing in groups. I don't like the execution and the filler was pain-filled. This show could have - and should have - clocked in at an hour and not 90 minutes. ZZZZzzzzzz

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol
33.24 Million Viewers (13.8 Mil for 18-49)

Ok, all of you Idol haters. You have something to be excited about. The show actually lost 4.2 million people from last year's opener, so the show is on the decline, with ONLY 33 million people watching. I guess the producers are going to have to start updating their resumes. Woe is them. Boo hoo. Actually, woe really will belong to both Power of 10 and Deal or No Deal, who both have to deal with this beast on Wednesday.

The Biggest Loser 5
1/1/08 - 8.5-12.72 Million Viewers
1/8/08 - 8.48-12.13 Million Viewers (5.2 Mil for 18-49)
1/15/08 - 7.28 Million Viewers (3.0 Mil for 18-49)

Actually, the numbers didn't take a hit as bad as I was guessing it would. The 7.28 is a season low, but it's still higher than last season, when it was up against lighter competition. Only a month ago, it was at 6.67 million viewers, so this is actually a very good number for them. Can they keep it once we get out of the silly Idol auditions and into the performances?

With these numbers, the audience has spoken - and once again, they like what they see. This can't be good for the writers, as the AMPTP really has no incentive to go back to the bargaining tables…except for the Oscars and Grammys. If the ratings keep up like this, then we're going to have a long strike ahead - but based on the ratings, it doesn't look like you guys seem to mind.

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