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January 3

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Roll Out the New, Repeat the Old
January 10

It's time to analyze the first week of the new year. Did the new game and reality shows make people forget about the strike? Or did they make people want to forget about their television set? Let's find out together…

Tuesday, 1/1/07

The Biggest Loser starts at 8pm with 8.5 million viewers. It ends the night with 12.72 million viewers. That's not only a nice start, but those are their best debut numbers ever. The show finished in second, which is going to be familiar place for them once American Idol shows up, but with no other major competition in that slot, and with them surviving against American Idol in the past, this has to be an optimistic start for the new season.

Wednesday, 1/2/07

Deal Or No Deal also brings up some nice numbers with 12.2 million viewers. Power of 10…not so much. Only 6.71 million people as they get hammered by regular time occupant DOND. The news will get worse for them - Idol shows up in less than 2 weeks and that show traditionally hammers DOND. Power of 10 seriously needs to be moved, and the only good place to put it is Fridays, where it may have a chance against 1 Vs. 100 (DOND would hammer it on Mondays, Idol would hammer it on Tuesdays, you're certainly not going to move Survivor on Thursdays). This could be a sign that Power of 10 is only good for Summer fare.

Thursday, 1/3/07

Deal or No Deal once again performs with 13.31 million viewers, but the surprise here is Celebrity Apprentice, which not only holds it's own with 11 million viewers, but is #1 for the night on adults 18-49 (4.5). It may take a hit next week with the finale of gray's Anatomy, but with repeats the rest of the way out, The Apprentice could be reviving it's flat fortunes over the past few years.

Friday, 1/4/07

1 Vs. 100 (With the million dollar win) wins it's time slot with 8.59 million viewers - not bad for a Friday. And if the repeats continue, you can expect 1 Vs. 100 to continue winning, as long as people are still interested in the show after seeing a million dollar win.

Saturday, 1/5/07

Remember when everyone pooh-poohed Saturday night as wasteland viewing? Well, The NFL Wildcard game attracted a whopping 22.45 million viewers. I've said this for a while, now - A major men's sporting event can prosper on a Saturday night. Maybe a live Poker Tournament? I'd watch…

Sunday, 1/6/07

American Gladiators debuts to a nice 11.98 million and stays between that and 12.5 million for the whole night. The Amazing Race also handles itself nicely with 11.54 million eyeballs, but the story is Gladiator's revival. Now would people stick around to watch it on Monday?

Monday, 1/7/07

The answer - Yes. Gladiators scores again with 10.91 viewers - made even more impressive with the fact that they went up against the college football national championship game, which is something you would expect Gladiator's audience to go flocking to. Deal or No Deal is right behind them with 10.73 million viewers. Leading them both is Dance War, which kicks off at a 10.97 clip. Could all 3 shows survive on Monday? With CBS in repeats and FOX not putting any juggernauts there, they could all find enough of a following.

So when you look at the new shows, unless you're the Power of 10, the results are very promising. But here's the 'million dollar question' - will the ratings go up or down next week? We'll hit the stats again next week to see if you actually liked what you saw.

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