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November 22, 2005

Surprise and Farewell...

First, the surprise.  Three columns from me in a month.  What's going on here??


Now, the farewell.  You've seen it mentioned on his site, on our site, and in this week's State of Play.  He was first...he was best...and he still is Steve Beverly.

It's a bit ironic, actually.  When I started the Greed Fan Page back in 1999, Steve and I lived just 60 miles apart.  Seems a bit ironic to me that two of the (in my opinion) premier game show webpages both originated within an hour's drive of one another.

I've not met Mr. Beverly, as I haven't had the pleasure of attending any of the GSCs so far -- and I hesitate to say, laughed off the first one as some sort of promo-joke (has my opinion ever changed since then!).  I am an acquaintance of two of his former students, however...both of whom fondly recall their time at Union U.  

When I launched the Prime Time TV Game Shows Page, as an extension of the Greed Fan Page, I was trying to compete somewhat.  This website exists in the first place, and continues to exist today, primarily because his did first.

And a few years later, when I decided I needed a break and that the things that got me started doing this page just weren't there anymore -- I was lucky enough to have a Gordon and a Chico to run with it.  (And thank goodness there wasn't more than one of either!)

Mr. Beverly -- the Professor -- Steve -- has decided it's time for his break.  It's well-deserved.  He's spent years now passing along information and both breaking and making news.  And let's be honest -- he does it better than anyone.  Including us.  Because he's made it his life and his passion.  And that won't change, daily webpage or not.  You can count on that.  Thanks, Steve.

No game show alphabet this week.  We'll pick up with C next time.


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