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July 13, 2005

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

This summer really hasn't been too bad for television, when it comes to reality TV and contest TV.  

I was one of the viewers who made "Dancing with the Stars" the #1 show of the summer.  And yes, John O'Hurley got robbed.  The positive of "Dancing" was that there was no backstabbing, and although everyone wanted to win, it seemed that the stars were all supportive of one another.  (Though am I the only one who thought 'Bachelorette Trista' should have never been included?)  Presumably they will do another season of the series -- but with whom?

I've also been (surprisingly) enjoying "The Cut."  You can call it an "Apprentice" ripoff -- and you'd be right -- but with no Trump this summer, it's a decent alternative.  What I do like about the show that makes it different is that the teams are hand-picked and switched around each week...and it's not ALL about the 'weekly task' fact, some team members truly desert the team to go on social outings.

"Big Brother" is like going to a family reunion not because you really want to, but because you want to see the family members who make the biggest fools of themselves.  And is it ever living up to that?  Would you want to live with any of these people?  And one of them is really not making my profession look good.

But my favorite show of the summer?  "Hell's Kitchen."  I'm sorry...but for some reason, these restaurant/reality shows (see "The Restaurant") are my favorites.  And watching these chefs get put through their paces is somehow fun.  Yes, we always like to see a train wreck.

As for new/upcoming shows:

I'm kind of enjoying "Rock Star: INXS."  Apparently not a lot of other people are in America, judging by the ratings...but you have to remember this is one of a very few truly worldwide shows, airing in almost 15 countries on a same-day basis (and another 15 countries in reruns starting in November).  It appears that all of the shows will be taped (at least at this point), with the Tuesday performance shows being taped the Sunday before; and the Wednesday results shows being taped the same day, about seven hours before they air.

I'm also looking forward to "Deal or No Deal."  It looks interesting.   

See you next time.


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