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February 17

It's once again time to go to that place where few dare to tread…my brain. It's time for more InSites.

The Week That Was…

On "The Apprentice"…
Now wasn't that fun? The two worst commercials since…well…probably the week before during the Super Bowl. I'm sure Dove and Donny Deutsch were thrilled to have such…um…promotion (yeah, promotion).

Even though I picked Michael to be sent home this week, let's all rejoice that we don't have to deal with watching Kristen any longer. Talk about your micromanaging villain…she fit that role perfectly.

I still think Michael should go, based on past performance…and he'll probably continue to be my pick until he's gone.

On "American Idol"…
Now we're finally getting down to it. I am not a big fan of how long and drawn out the Hollywood portion is…nor the format of Tuesday's episode. But we finally know the identities of the final 24 that we'll see starting on Monday. In this space next Thursday, you'll see my ratings of all 24 finalists, and you'll be able to see whether the people I thought were the bottom four were actually the four eliminated. That should be fun.

On "Survivor"…
The new season of the show starts tonight. Since GSNN is a ‘no-spoiler' zone, we won't talk about what happened in episode one yet. But this season won't be like anything you've seen before…right from the start. Analysis here next week.

Odds and Ends…
Congrats to our old friend Bob Harris, who sneaked out a victory in his Ultimate Jeopardy! first-round game this week.

One question: Why must we refer to Susan Hawk as "Suzie" and Jon from Survivor as "Fairplay" on "Family Feud" this week?

What You Should Be Watching…
This week, it's a game hybrid: Comedy Central's "Distraction." It's painful. It's a train wreck waiting to happen. You'll be glad you're NOT a contestant. But it's a game show, like it or not. And worth watching.

The opinions expressed in InSites are those of the author only, and do not represent the opinions of any other person, organization, or entity.
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