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April 21, 2005

I tried very hard to think of a topic for this week's column...but never really came up with an issue compelling enough to discuss.

So I'll say this:


GSN has done a great thing with its revamp of the daytime lineup.  Some shows I really enjoy are back on the lineup, like Card Sharks, Password Plus, Super Password...the shows I grew up with.  People keep saying GSN's running away from classic game shows.  I say they're finding a good mix of both.  Though calling "Win Ben Stein's Money" a 'classic' as they did in promos for last Saturday night's marathon is a bit of a stretch.

Now on to:  The Week That Was...

On "American Idol"...
Who would've guessed that 70s dance music could go over so well?  There weren't any genuinely BAD performances this week...but the week's evictee isn't a total surprise.

The strongest performance of the night came from Bo Bice, singing one of my favorite band-geek songs, "Vehicle."  This was Bo's first time finishing #1 on the night since Week 1.  Also strong were Vonzell Solomon, singing (not surprisingly, actually) "I'm Every Woman," and Anthony Fedorov, who went with "Don't Take Away the Music."

It's hard to pin down a weakest performance, but my Idol rankings tied Anwar Robinson ("September") and Scott Savol ("Everlasting Love") at the bottom for the week.  And neither of them were bad.  Just not as good as the others.

So here are the rankings through week six.  Note, as always, these rankings are my opinion only and are as subjective as each of our votes.




Point Total This Wk Overall Previous
Constantine Maroulis 17 4 1 1
Vonzell Solomon 20 2 2 4
Carrie Underwood 21 5 3 2
Bo Bice 22 1 4 5
Anwar Robinson 22 T-6 5 3
Anthony Fedorov 30 3 6 6
Scott Savol 34 T-6 7 8

Again...remember my mention of Constantine...Carrie...and Vonzell?  All safe...all strong.  Still holding true.  Anwar had a few notes in his performance of "September" that were awfully reminiscent of weeks two and three...when he sang two half-songs really well, and two half-songs not well at all.  I think that's what did him in.  Plus, for once I have to agree with Paula.  There's no one who it's obvious needs to go.  But it really is getting time for Scott Savol to make his exit.  Anthony Fedorov would be gone already, if not for strong performances the last two weeks.

On "The Apprentice"...
Was that boardroom not the most surreal moment in a while?  Seeing temper-tobacco Chris break down and all-but-lose-it?  Honestly, I'm not all that much into this season...I don't really have a favorite to win, and I'm not 100% sure that there's anyone that is a Bill Ransic.

On "Survivor"...
Well, I was right...there was NOT a tribal merge.  Just a tribal dissolvance (is that even a word?).  I think Coby has earned the award for the stupidest "Survivor" player of the year (and maybe longer).  Seriously, do you go around teeing off all your competitors if you want to win?

On "The Amazing Race"...
Gretchen and Meredith are just unbelievable.  They always seem to pull it out...and while you can't remotely consider them favorites to win (especially since the finale almost always comes down to some sort of foot race)...what they've done so far is nothing short of amazing.  Hence the title, eh?

See you next week.


Jason Elliott can be reached at


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