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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 17, 2005

Chico:  NOT... GOING... THERE.
Don:    ...
Gordon: Would you prefer to eat Jenna Morasca?
Chico:  Hmm.... =p Wait, Gordon, what am I saying, there're little bambini watching.
Jason:  Ethan Zohn would be upset at you eating his meal....ticket.
Chico:  heh. Anyway, we're back, and we have our first of two new happy funtimes here. This one's called "Categories", and here's how it goes. I have six categories, and a question for each category. You answer it any way you see fit, and the rest of us can argue with your choice. =p
Jason:  Ok.
Chico:  It's basically Take a Side with an open field and less of that messy timed argument things.
Don:    Alright.
Chico:  I'll let you know when it's time to move on. And here are our first six categories....and they are...


Chico:  Gordon, you're my partner, so you get the first pick.
Gordon: I think I know where some of these are going. Let's go with Dare I Say En Fuego.
Chico:  Okay, among some of us, there's an upsurge of popularity in Spanish language game shows. The question: which game show would you like to see translated en espanol next?
Gordon: I had a feeling that's what the question would be. We're going to see Press Your Lock translated, so I won't say that. I'll go with another underrated show - Treasure Hunt.
Chico:  I'm ready to see "Atinale al Precio" myself. There are only a handful of people who've seen it, but you know..
Gordon: TPIR would be a nice collection too - we could also see a Wheel of Fortune surfacing.
Don:    I can just see a Spanish Wheel now...
Chico:  They have a wide selection with the Wheel. The Wheel is popular in Latin America, as we saw this week.
Gordon: Yean  - but we have those in America. I'd like to see something that is not currently making new episodes here = so PYL would be nice, or Treasure Hunt.
Chico: Jason, we heard nothing from you, so you get the next pick from the remaining five.
Chico:  One week in Quiz Show Hell it is. This week, Millionaire announced theme weeks for the upcoming season. The question: which one are you looking forward to? You have five to choose from, I believe.
Gordon: Too bad Strip Millionaire featuring the Pussycat Dolls weren't one of the weeks =(
Chico:  Oh well.
Jason:  Actually, I always like the Wedding Weeks. They do a nice job with picking the people who they  get for the show.
Don:    I'm looking forward to seeing Million-Dollar Movie week.
Jason:  But I also like the Movie Weeks too. Walk in and Win is a dangerous concept.
Chico:  Very much so. You have these people who just walk in and... bless'em for trying, but they have no idea why they're there most of the time. Okay, that's time. Don, it's your pick now. Four to choose from.
Don:    I'll go with If I have to say "Just a little further" one more time...
Chico:  Okay, coming up: The Amazing Race Family Edition. Give me one plus and one minus.
Don:    For a plus, at least as far as I'm concerned, there's a better chance that it'll stop in Canada.  The minus would be the reason for it; it doesn't cover the whole world, just a section of it.
Chico:  One plus: seeing the chemistry among families. One minus: umm... it's a little shorter than most Races?
Gordon: I hope the challenges aren't going to be watered down.
Jason:  One Plus...its minus..."Are we there yet?!" :P
Chico:  The corse is going to be watered down. I just hope the rest of the race isn't. This scares me a lot. I can see where it will go one way or another. Gordon, you're next.
Gordon: Speaking of Scary things, let's go with  GAMERS WHO TALK MORE THAN SHANDI FINNESSEY.
Chico:  Okay, we have two talk shows from women who are set to host their own competitions: Martha and Tyra. And then there's one with Lauren Sanchez & Randy Jackson in the works. Which of these three shows will last the longest?
Gordon: Randy and Lauren, because there's not much money or stock in vested in it and they can get any sort of ratings and they will be happy.
Jason:  Wrong...Martha will last for years. The ratings are good for the first week. And Martha likes the show.
I think Martha will last for a while, just because of the money invested in the show.
Chico:  I agree with Jason on this one. I think Tyra is one and done, and as for Randy & Lauren... Anyone remember "On Air w/ Ryan Seacrest?"
Gordon: Ryan who?
Chico:  "Yeah, let's forget that THAT happened."
Don:    lol
Chico:  The dude that killed Casey Kasem's career? The dude that killed Brian Dunkleman's career?
Gordon: Don't get me wrong - the question wasn't what would get the highest ratings - the question is what would last the longest. I would think that FOX wouldn't expect much from the show.
Chico:  Yeah, but even Fox can tell when "enough is enough".
Gordon: I think it will stick around because it can grow an audience. They thought that Ryan's show would be a big hit from the onset.
Chico:  Fair enough. Okay, two more categories left, Jason. I still think Martha will last the longest, though.
Gordon: It depends on FOX's mentality.
Jason:  I will take the "combination guaranteed" one.
Chico:  Okay, sum up the Wheel cartoons in one word.
Jason:  Unnecessary.  May I expand on it or not?
Chico:  I'm trying to single out one particular word =p
Jason:  Stupid?
Gordon: I was thinking inane
Chico:  That's the one, G.
Jason:  Nice 50 cent word Gordon.
Gordon: And it's a good lingo word =). Inane. I-N-A-N-E.
Jason:  (makes Lingo correct sound)
Don:    From what I heard, I would have just said...  Blegh.
Chico:  B-L-E-G-H.
Gordon: Blegh is...not a word (Redball Noise)
Chico:  Alright. Last one  - Oh Big Brother Where Art Thou? When exactly did Big Brother 6 jump the shark, if ever?
Don:    I'm not really sure, to be honest. :/
Chico:  Pick a moment. Any moment.
Don:    If I had to pick one at random, I'd pick Kaysar back in, then right back out.
Gordon: I don't think BB6 ever jumped the shark. I  think the problem with the show was that you had a case of the Tagi/Pagong Syndrome.
Chico:  You can say that that's a moment. You brought nothing to the party that we haven't seen before, you know? I think it's time to bring in people that aren't so damn stupid. I still maintain that season 4 was the best season overall. Jack owns. And the ending was pretty cool.
Gordon: Season 4 and 5 were both fun seasons. The biggest problem on this season was that the people that America liked were also the people who didn't know how to play the game. Maggie, Ivette and even Janelle deserve to be the last 3 people, because they played the game well. Unfortunately, the better players weren't the ones that America liked, and thats why the ratings took a dip.
Chico:  America responded, as the show dipped to a low level comparatively. People still watched, but just fewer. Anyway, that's Categories. Next up, retail therapy courtesy of Gordon. First, though, a BREAK!

(Brought to you by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, the official doughnut of the 10th season of the fan on WLTI... now if only someone can tell them that).

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