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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 17, 2005

Chico:  We like doughnuts.
Gordon: Official Breakfast of Lingo Losers.
Jason:  And Krispy Kremes rock...horrible for the diet...
Brian:  Hmmm...doughnuts!
Don:    That reminds me...  Did I ever tell anyone in here that I've been known to others online as Doughnut?
Gordon: And why would you be known as Doughnut, Don?
Don:    When I was talking with someone, she said that my screen name reminded her of the word Doughnut.
Chico:  What was your screen name?
Don:    DGH25 (at GameFAQs).  Must have been the DGH part, which are letters in Doughnut.
Gordon: We invite Brian W. Moore and Alex Davis to join us and Doughnut for the first show of season 10!
Alex:   Hi.
Brian:  Hello.
Jason:  Hi guys.
Gordon: If you just showed up, then you missed a new game =(
Chico:  We'll be playing it again before the year is out, though.
Gordon: However, this show is subtitled New Game in one....or Two!
Jason: Yay! (Applause)
Gordon: The game is called - Are You Buying What They Are Selling? Here's how the game works - I'll give you an item. You tell me if you'd buy it.
Jason:  Ok.
Brian:  Got it.
Don:    Sounds simple enough.
Chico:  Got it.
Gordon: Think of it as Buy or Sell from Around the Horn, not that we'd EVER get any ideas from Around The Horn or Pardon the Interruption, would we, Chico?
Chico:  Completely original... unless of course it isn't. Homage homage homage...
Gordon: First item up for
Chico:  Does it come with $500 for a perfect pricing, Bob?
Gordon: It could...

From Rock Star and Burnett Productions, it's a CD with The Best of Rockstar! Are you buying?

Jason:  Nope. I am not.
Chico:  Nope.
Brian:  Pass!
Don:    I doubt it.
Alex:   I'd rather buy a Yawni CD, and that's saying something
Chico:  And this is coming from a fan of Ty Taylor, too.
Gordon: What do you have against Yanni?
Alex:   Uh, his music.
Chico:  Good answer, Alex. (DING)
Alex:   Whoo!
Gordon: Or are you going to play the Ty card and say that Yanni gets more albums because of the color of his skin?
Jason:  OUCH!
Alex:   That shipped sailed a while ago
Chico:  That was low, Gordon. Even for you.
Gordon: The cold made me do it
Alex:   Awww
Chico:  Delirium!
Gordon: Seriously though - Ty saying that he got booted because of his color - did he make a positive impact, negative impact, or made no impact on him?
Jason:  Negative. We have had enough false racism charges lately.
Brian:  It made no impact on him.
Chico:  Negative. He got the boot because he was a bit of a softer hard rocker than we're used to.
Gordon: I still don't understand what would have possessed him to say it, since the audience doesn't have the final word - INXS does. Is he calling INXS racist?
Jason: Gordon, the answer is yes. He is.
Chico:  Okay, Rock Star joins Superstar USA in the discount bin. What's next?

Who's up for Amazing Race 7 on DVD? It's got the highest ratings ever for an Amazing Race series, and it has Romber - which could be a good or bad thing. Are you buying?

Chico:  I'm ... going to pass, only because it'll be rerunning on GSN shortly.
Alex:   Nah, GSN's going to air it.  Get the VCR running
Chico:  We're already on the wifebeater season.
Brian:  I'll also pass on that.
Jason:  What they said...mild pass.
Don:    Nah.  I'm planning on getting the new Family Guy DVD instead.
Alex:   Me too.
Chico:  Me three. I may come back to the TAR dvd in the future, but as for now, not yet.
Gordon: Why buy something you can tape for free?
Chico:  Exactly.
Alex:   If you've seen the Adult Swim little paper inserts into their DVDs, they have exactly the feeling I have for TAR on DVD..."Why watch for free when you could buy it!"
Chico:  DVDs... They really ARE cheaper than crack.
Gordon: Next up...

The Price is Right Emporium featuring Rich Fields! You can get merchandise featuring the announcer of the show entering it's 34th season. Are you buying?

Jason:  Yes. I like Rich Fields a lot.
Brian:  Maybe.
Gordon: No maybe's here, Brian. There is no fence-sitting
Brian:  Okay...I'll say yes.
Chico:  hmm... I oughta pass for him outing us at our taping, but I'll pick up a hat or something.. Because I like hats.
Alex:   Rich is an OK guy, but I don't need merchandice of him.
Gordon: Rich was a very cool guy at the GSC. I'll get a shirt from him
Don:    I'd consider buying at least one thing from that.
Chico:  Would have more appeal if it was an animated version of him... with Fluffy the Wheel Watching Cat and Friends.
Alex:   Don't get me started on the animated Wheel intros.
Chico:  I'll just say everyone's in agreement here on that. Next, Gordon?

American Idol Tickets for Bo Bice! He's coming out to sing concerts with Carrie Underwood - and some of those proceeds will be going to help people who have dealt with Katrina. Are you buying?

Jason:  Yes...only for the Katrina relief.
Chico:  I'll buy it. I'll hear good music. For a good cause. Oh yeah, and Carrie's easy on the eyes, too.
Alex:   I could easily donate to Katrina and shove a pencil in my ear.  I'd have the same effect as if I went to the concert.
Brian:  I'm not buying, but I would donate in some other way.
Chico:  As well you should, Brian.
Gordon: The pencil can't warble rock music. If you do want to donate money though, where should they go, Chico?
Chico:  They should go to or We've posted a link on the front page.
Jason:  or 1-800-HELP-NOW
Don:    If it were to come around near where I live, I wouldn't mind buying.
Chico:  I know Gordon's gonna buy it. He'll buy anything with the Kaufmann Idol logo on it.
Gordon: Of course I would. Next item...

Who wants the clothing from The Cut winner Chris? You can have it if you want to spend anywhere from $100 - $500 for his threads. Are you buying?

Jason:  Oh no.
Chico:  PASS.
Jason:  Hell no.
Chico:  PASS.
Brian:  Too expensive! Forget it!
Chico:  PASS.
Jason:  Overpriced crap.
Alex:   I get my clothes from ebay and Burning Airlines thank you very much
Chico:  Over my...yeah, what Jason said.
Don:    No way, Jose.  I'm fine with the clothes I have, thank you very much.
Chico:  I get mine from JCPenney. At least that's where I got my lucky controller shirt.
Gordon: Do we have pictures of his clothing, Jason?
Jason: Right here. Check it out. If you wanted the complete jacket and pants outfit it would cost you $600.
Chico:  Okay... how can I put this...NO. I can look better for less dosh. I don't need to spend my cash on that stuff.
Don:    I don't see myself wearing that.  Ever.
Brian:  Me too.
Chico:  Me neither.
Jason:  Not me. And I covered that awful show for 13 weeks.
Gordon: You don't want to spend $498 on a luxurious brown jacket?
Chico:  No.
Jason:  Enrique Iglesias is now shilling for Tommy's new men's cologne True Star  Men...sorry I ain't buying either.
Chico:  Nope. Very happy with my Axe thank you. Finally...

Finally, we have an internet radio plug-in device. Sure, it's not much, but you need one to listen to Jason Block on the internet as he comes back with Beat The Block on September 27 on Are you buying?

Chico:  Why, I'll buy that.
Jason:  Thank you...I am buying!
Alex:   I'd be kicked out if I said no
Don:    I want one.
Chico:  And it's not at all because Jason is threatening to kick my ass.
Brian:  What's an Internet radio plug-in device?
Alex:   But of course I'd buy it
Gordon: Anything that would allow you to listen to Internet Radio. Of course, most of it you can get for free =)
Brian:  I'll buy that.
Chico:  Good call. Okay, we got a Big Finish on tap?
Gordon: We got one - let's get a break in first, You're watching WLTI starting Season X. The X's Have it.

(Brought to you by Maid in America. Who's the best cleaner in America? We don't know, but it's certainly not in our hotel rooms during GSC. My stuff was thrown all over the place. Grumble, Grumble, Grumble)

Jason:  We will be in Burbank next year.
Chico:  Welcome back. Holy smokes, we're running out of time, so it's time to get right into... the Big Finish! Big Brother: Don's mommy says Maggie's going to win this one. Accuracy or idiocy?
Jason:  Accuracy
Gordon: Accuracy. Go mom!
Don:    Accuracy.
Chico:  Accuracy.
Gordon: Moms on this show, btw, have an excellent track record.
Chico:  Poker Royale also winds up this week. Who takes the big cheese?
Gordon: The poker players, in a rout.
Chico:  You mean like, boom boom boom, each comic is gone?
Gordon: Pretty much - we're going to see something very close to Episode #4.
Chico:  I'll tell you right now, Sue Murphy, she surprised the hell out of a lot of people last week. She caught a bad break, though. I say watch her.
Alex:   I'd go Sue Murphy just because she's one of my favorite stand up comics.
Gordon: I'm going to go with The Unabomber. Go with the Hot Hand.
Chico:  I saw Sue Murphy and the Unabomber in heads up with Sue edging him out on another bad break.
Gordon: Yes - but not much was at stake for the Unabomber then. Things will be different in the finals. Survivor - Do Stephenie, Bobby Jon and Gary make it past week #2?
Chico:  I say yes. We're not into the "let's start thinking about strategy" phase yet.
Jason:  Yes...what Chico Said.
Don:    I can see them getting through the second week.
Gordon: Do you think Stephenie and Gary will align?
Chico:  What makes you think they will?
Gordon: They are both acting as leaders - and Gary knows that Stephenie is a target - the best move for him is to be with someone who's a bigger threat than he is.
Chico:  hmm... Good point. TPIR starts this week. Are we going to see a big win on the first show as we always do?
Alex:   Probably.
Don:    I certainly hope so.
Chico:  You gotta get the season poppin' somehow.
Jason:  I hope so....the bring out the Vettes and the Caddys for that one.
Chico:  Congrats to 34, Bob. Now how about some mail?
Don:    Mail is good...As long as it's not junk mail.
Chico:  I don't have a mortgage or a drug problem... Thank you. And I don't care about your feet.
Gordon: Actually, I got some mail and a strange story.
Chico:  Okay.
Gordon: Ok - well, a good friend from my high school that I grew up with, Scott Willens, e-mailed me - and he got my e-mail address from the game show web site.
Jason:  Thats cool.
Chico:  Hey... nice.
Gordon: He joined the military after September 11th.
Chico:  What did he say?
Gordon: He said hi - and I can tie this into a game show reference. He is currently one of the singing finalists in the Military's Version of American Idol.
Jason:  Awesome.
Don:    Cool.
Chico:  Nice.
Chico:  That's the guy?
Gordon: That's the guy. There's a $1,000 cash prize and a possible appearance on American Idol in store for the winner.  
Chico:  Ah. Way cool.
Jason:  Way cool indeed.
Don:    Yep.
Chico:  Well, good luck to him.
Gordon: And don't forget to support your military. You may or may not like the person who runs the troops, but you should always support the troops, because they are the people that make the country safe and make sure that you can sit and read this. As for you military people, we hope that you have been enjoying our writing.
Chico:  Word. That's it for mail today, but you at home can change that! Tell them what they have to do, Gordon!
Gordon: They can all send me a Lincoln Town Car!
Chico:  Care to try again, Gordon?
Gordon: Fine. Party pooper. You can send us e-mail (the Town Car won't fit in an e-mail) to
Chico:  Some things just never change. Once again, big thanks to Jason Block, Don Harpwood, Brian Moore and Alex Davis. He's Gordon Pepper. I'm Chico Alexander. The show is We Love to Interrupt. The season count is 10. And until next time...
Gordon: GAME OVER!
Chico:  And spread the love :)
Jason:  Amen.
Don:    Oh yeah!

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