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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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June 18, 2005

Joe: Ewwwwwwwwww
Travis: So, it may end up, We Love to (hic) Inter..inter...(hic)...I forgot.
Chico: I love youuuuuuuuu. You suuuuuuuck.
Jason: This is going to be fun!
Chico: *thud* My liver hurts.
Gordon: We're back, and after Chico sobers himself up, we'll play the first game.
Joe: *slaps Chico around to sober him up*
Chico may like that too much, Joe.
Chico: whowhatwhere, whowhere?
Chico, I'm taking your liver to Rehab.
Joe: ROFL.
(Jason tosses some cold water on him)
Chico: Okay, I'm fine now. Let's get on with it.
Gordon: Let's quickly rewind to last week. Do we all remember the montage of shows that left us from last year?
Jason: Yes. Well done.
Chico: Thank you.
Gordon: Well, we took the Worst 32 for this episode of MARCH MADNESS!
Jeff: Um, Gordon, it's June.
Jason: Very cool.
Travis: June Jubilation?
Jeff: OK.
Gordon: The objective for this game - vote for the Worst Game of the past year.
Joe: Let's get ready to....never mind.
Gordon: I'll give you 2 shows. You tell me which one is WORSE.
Travis: Fair enough.
Chico: k
Gordon: And we'll narrow it down until we get to decided is the worst show of the year.
Joe: Go.
Jason: Let's do this.
Gordon: Let's Go. Round 1.
Joe: !DING!
Chico: Fight!
Jeff: buzzed in early

Greek Games Vs. Ultimate Poker Challenge

Jason: Greek Games
Travis: Greek.
Jeff: Greek games
Joe: Greek Games
Chico: Greek Games.
Gordon: George Gray wins! Wait a sec...
Jeff: That was easy!

Wickedly Perfect Vs. American Dream Derby

Jason: Perfect
Jeff: Wickedly perfect
Travis: Perfect
Joe: Perfect.
Chico: Perfect
Jeff: WP could've been so much better.
Gordon: Another sweep.

Studio 7 Vs. Who's Your Daddy?

Travis: Daddy
Jason: Daddy
Jeff: Daddy
Chico: Daddy
Travis: no contest
Gordon: Oh daddy
Chico: Gordon's hitting the Jesus Juice now =p
Joe: Daddy
Travis: Praise the Juice.

The Swan Vs. The Complex

Joe: The Swan
Jason: Swan
Jeff: Complex
Travis: swan
Jason: Swan
Chico: Complex

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss Vs. Impossible Heists

Jason: Boss
Travis: Boss
Jeff: The Swan is terrible ethically/morally, but a great show nonetheless
Joe: Boss
Jeff: Boss
Chico: Boss.
Travis: As Dane Cook said, every guy wants to be part of a heist.
Gordon: The Boss is boss - at least here.

The Starlet Vs. The Contender

Travis: Contender
Jason: The Starlet
Chico: Contender
Joe: Starlet
Jeff: Starlet
Gordon: I'd have to go Starlet also. It wins, 4-2
Joe: The Contender shouldn't be. It was a GREAT show.
Chico: There wasn't much of a market for it, though.
Joe: Sadly.

The Next Great Champ Vs. For Love or Money

Chico: Champ
Jason: Champ
Jeff: Champ
Travis: Love
Joe: Champ sucked but Love or Money sucked worse.
Gordon: Boxing is greater than love, in this case, I have to say the Champ moves on.
Chico: Wasn't too bad in its first two seasons, but then it got greedy.

The Road to Stardom Vs. I Hate My Job

Jason: I Hate my Job.
Joe: Road to Stardom
Chico: Stardom.
Jeff: stardom.
Travis: Job.
Gordon: Sorry missy, your show was bad.
Chico: VERY.

The Will Vs. Fake Out

Jason: The Will
Jeff: Will
Chico: Will
Travis: Will
Joe: The Will
Chico: So bad, it joins the ranks of "You're in the Picture" Only there was no apology afterwards, so it's just that much worse.

The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best Vs. Manhunt: Search for the Next Male Model

Chico: Manhunt.
Joe: Manhunt
Travis: Manhunt
Jason: Manhunt
Jeff: Manhunt
Chico: Sir Richard was at least entertaining.
Gordon: At least someone liked Branson.

The $25 Million Dollar Hoax Vs. Celebrity Pool

Chico: Hoax.
Joe: The Hoax
Jason: Hoax
Jeff: Hoax
Travis: hoax
Chico: George Gray... how could you?
Joe: Celebrity Pool was shockingly entertaining.
Gordon: That's 2 George Gray Shows in the Elite 16.
Jeff: Like Dancing with Stars, but with poolcues?
Travis: Right.
Joe: Except that the celebs could already play.
Gordon: Well, we have a pool show from GSN coming up, so Let's hope it's better than this

The Player Vs. On the Cover

Joe: The Player
Chico: The Player
Travis: Player
Jason: The Player
Jeff: On the Cover. Sorry, I just hated the prizes.
Chico: Jeff, you're mad.
Gordon: Rob Mariano...ick. The Player advances.
Joe: The prizes sucked. The show didn't.
Jeff: Even though my cousin works on the show.

The Benefactor Vs. Balderdash

Joe: Benefactor
Travis: Benefactor
Jeff: Benefactor
Jason: Balderdash
Chico: Benefactor.
Jeff: Way too derivative
Gordon: Mr. Cuban will move on
Chico: Hard call. I liked both. But in the end, Balderdash had.. Tom Bergeron.
Gordon: Your infatuation with Tom is getting me ill. Is Tom your next Game Show Hussy?
Chico: Nope. That would be... Lauren Sanchez :)
Gordon: Sigh...Of course...
Chico: a hottie AND a hermanita :)

In Search of the Partridge Family Vs. Shop 'til You Drop

Jason: STYD
Chico: STYD.
Travis: family
Jeff: partridge
Joe: Partridge. And my buddy Todd Newton was hosting.
Chico: Dude... STYD.
Joe: I know Gordon.
Gordon: Sorry, the Partridges get to sing (badly) for another round.
Chico: The show that wouldn't die finally died...
Joe: Good riddance.

Big Man on Campus Vs. The Assistant

Joe: The Assistant
Chico: BMOC
Travis: assistant
Jason: assistant
Gordon: Andy Dick is Andy...Ick.
Gordon: The Assistant moves on

Finally - The Next Action Star Vs. Who Wants to Marry My Dad?

Jason: Action
Joe: Who Wants To Marry My Dad
Jeff: Dad
Travis: Equally bad, but Action.
Chico: Next Action Star
Gordon: NAS has been actioned to the second round
Gordon: Round 2.... from 16 to 8.

Greek Games Vs. Wickedly Perfect

Joe: Perfect.
Chico: Greek Games.
Travis: Greek
Jason: Greek
Gordon: The Greeks advance.
Joe: O_O

The Assistant Vs. The Next Action Star

Travis: NAS.
Jason: Assistant.
Joe: Next Action Star.
Chico: Next Action Star.
Jeff: Asst.
Gordon: The NAS barely advances, 3-2

The Will Vs. Manhunt: Search for the Next Male Model

Chico: Will.
Travis: Manhunt
Jason: Manhunt
Jeff: Manhunt
Joe: Will
Gordon: Wow - I think that's a little upset.
Joe: Little?!?! That's a BIG upset.
Gordon: A 1 episode show gets taken pout by a show that ran it's entirety.
Chico: Oh yeah.

The Next Great Champ Vs. The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott

Jason: Missy
Chico: Champ.
Joe: Champ
Travis: champ
Jeff: champ
Jason: Another upset here.
Chico: Not really. One ran its course. The other ran its course... on another network.
Gordon: I don't think this one is an upset. This show blew chunks.

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss VS. The Starlet

Travis: boss
Joe: Boss
Jeff: boss
Chico: Boss
Jason: Boss
Chico: Boss still rules.
Joe: Unanimous decision.
Gordon: The Boss does rule.
Travis: I'll start shining the Golden Brooms for all these sweeps.

The $25 Million Dollar Hoax Vs. The Player

Joe: The Player.
Travis: Hoax.
Jason: Player.
Jeff: player.
Chico: Player. It's like "God, they're both so bad!"
Jeff: Hard choices sometimes with this degree of suckitude.
Gordon: True - but Mariano moves on again.

The Benefactor Vs. In Search of the Partridge Family

Jason: Benefactor.
Travis: benefactor.
Jeff: Partridge.
Chico: partridge.
Joe: Partirdge.
Jason: Now that's an upset.
Joe: (Sorry Todd.)
Gordon: That's an upset again. Come on Get Crappyyyyyyyy.....
Jeff: LOL
Jason: LOL!
Chico: But the girl was hot, though.

The Swan Vs. Who's Your Daddy?

Jason: Swan
Chico: Daddy.
Travis: daddy.
Jeff: Daddy.
Joe: Daddy.
Chico: No me gusta.
Gordon: No upset here.
Chico: No me gusta la gasolina...
Gordon: Quarterfinal time

Greek Games Vs. The Next Action Star

Joe: Next Action Star.
Travis: NAS.
Chico: Greek Games.
Jeff: Greek.
Jason: Greek.
Gordon: And George Gray moves on to the Semis

Manhunt: Search for the Next Male Model Vs. The Next Great Champ.

Travis: Manhunt.
Jason: Manhunt.
Joe: Champ.
Jeff: Manhunt.
Chico: Champ.
Gordon: Manhunt gets to the semi-finals. There's your Cinderella for you.
Chico: True.

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss Vs. The Player

Jason: Player.
Travis: boss.
Chico: Player.
Joe: Boss.
Jeff: player.
Chico: Jeff with the decider!
Gordon: More closeness. The Player gets to the Foul 4.
Jason: LOL
Jeff: Which one will be Creme de la Crap!
Jason: ROTFL
Jason: LMAO

In Search of the Partridge Family Vs. Who's Your Daddy?

Group (in unison): Daddy.
That was quick.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: The semi finals....
Jason: The Foul 4

Greek Games Vs. Manhunt: Search for the Next Male Model

Group (again, in unison): Manhunt.

: Who's on their way to the Showdown of Suck?
Gordon: Manhunt certainly is. Joining it will be...

The Player Vs. Who's Your Daddy?

Group (again, in unison): Daddy.
Both shows get there on 5-0 sweeps. The finals are.....
Jason: OK for the 2004-2005 worst show of the year

Manhunt: Search for the Next Male Model Vs. Who's Your Daddy?

Group (again, in unison): Daddy.
And it's Decided
Joe: We have a winner.
Chico: Not even a close one.
Joe: Er...loser.
Jason: No surprise here.
Gordon: In a beatdown, the worst show of the year is WHO'S YOUR DADDY!
Chico: Probably the worst show ever.
Travis: of all time and such.
Jason: Explain the concept for those who don't know or didn't watch.
Jeff: Worse than the Wookie Christmas Special?
Jason: Much.
Chico: Whoa...
Gordon: Woman searches for the father who abandoned her during childhood. If she finds him, she wins $100,000. If she doesn't, the person who she selects wins the money instead.
Jason: I need a shower after just reading it.
Travis: That's just a Maury episode with a cash reward.
Jeff: If I were a faux-daddy contestant, I would rather have the kid abandoned at a much earlier age. Improves my chances
Gordon: While Jason takes a shower, we'll be right back with some infiltrating. Right after this.

(Brought to you by Fear Factor Ice Skating. On one side of the rink, babes in peril. On the other side, the peril - guard dogs! Aieeee. If you get caught by the dogs, you have to eat Ice Slugs! Ewwwwww.....)

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