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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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June 11, 2005

Gordon: It's time for the ...BIG...Finish!
Jason: Let's do it!
Chico: *plays William Tell Overture* Dancing with the Stars. Trista and Louis
got the bounce first. Who's next?
Jason: John O' Hurley just for the heck of it.
Travis: Kelly whats-her-name and partner.
Eric: Kelly and Alec hopefully
Travis: Bastage!
Gordon: Evander.
Travis: Jason, how can you say such a thing?
Jason: I haven’t seen the show so I just guessed.
Travis: Ah. Very well, you're forgiven.
Chico: For the record, John & Charlotte are the couple to beat.
Eric: Kelly & Alec dodged a big bullet after hte first show
Travis: Thankee.
Eric: except ABC i guess
Chico: Beauty & the Geek. Is it me or is Brian McFayden Seacrest lite?
Travis: It's you. Brian actually builds drama.
Gordon: It's you. Seacrest has a personality. McFayden has...a credit for hosting Cupid. Yick.'
Travis: You KNOW Ryan's going to tell us...after the break.
Gordon: Though I will say McFayden is much improved here.
Chico: And Superstar USA. Don't forget that. I want to... but I can't.
Travis: Try. You think you can.
Eric: improved after Superstar isn't saying much
Travis: He's a good reader, I'll give him that. Rather, he earned that.
Eric: Point taken, and given.
Gordon: What will you be more tired of after the Summer - Trista Rehn shows or Geek shows?
Travis: Trista.
Chico: Trista. You can never get enough geek.
Jason: Trista
Travis: GEEK!
Chico: Everyone loves the geeks.
Travis: We're so lovable, because we're underdogs.
Gordon: Ok - It's time for the MAILBOX. Do we have any mail?
Eric: Sorry Trista, gotta have more geek.
Travis: Mail time?
Chico: Okay, here's the mail from Michael Bellavilla. Thanks for writing, Michael!
Eric: Go Michael!
Jason: Yay Michael.

"Where's the best place to go to find out which shows are looking for contestants currently? Haven't been able to find one consolidated place. Do you guys have a section for it on the site that I am just not finding?"


Jason: Good question.
Travis: Craigslist?
Chico: Well, Ben Tritle, who you may remember from 21 and Jeopardy!, had a site somewhere, but either it's gone or out of date. I'll have to check here.
Eric: That's a good start. Tritle website is out of date unfortunately.
Gordon: That’s out of date. The best place to look is either or the networks themselves, as they all have sections where they are looking for contestants for their shows.
Jason: Or the shows themselves.
Travis: Syndicated shows, you have to know what show you want to be on.

Gordon:,, and are all looking for contestants on their website.
Chico: Jeopardy! is currently casting for its new season. For Millionaire and TPIR, all you have to do is show up in the audience (although for Millionaire, there is a test involved)
Gordon: Wheel is always looking for contestants and you can check where their Wheel-mobile will be
Jason: as well as,, and for tickets.
Chico: So they're everywhere. You just have to look., though, is a good jumping point.
Gordon: Good luck Michael - I hope this helps.
Eric: Sirlinksalot has casting call links too.
Gordon: I got some e-mail - and this is a fun one.
Chico: Let's hear it.
Gordon: I got an e-mail from David Fialkoff to fill out my ballot for voting for the Game Show Congress Awards.
Chico: Oooo...
Travis: Wow.
Eric: Fancy.
Gordon: The event will be on August 21st and the address, of course, is I figured that I will let you all vote - and I will send all votes to David. Hows that for a treat?
Chico: First I have to say something... The ballot is 13 questions long. If you can't stay for all of it, probably best to go on.
Eric: I'm in.
Jason: I will be here.
Travis: Quickly, please.
Gordon: This will be quick
Chico: Well make it quick.
Gordon: Let's go...

1. Game Show Producer of the year

Johnny: Davies.
Chico: Michael Davies.
Travis: Davies.
Eric: Davies.

2. The Consolation Prize [awarded to the player who suffered the year's most heartbreaking loss]
* Anne Boyd (lost UToC semi-final because she bet $0), Jeopardy!
* Michael Cudahy (lost to Jennings despite scoring $44,400), Jeopardy!
* Doug Lach (lost UToC because he wrote "Starry Nights" instead of "Night"), Jeopardy!
* Matt Ottinger (most consecutive correct answers by a Jennings challenger), Jeopardy!
* Rob and Amber (came close to winning second million)–The Amazing Race
* Leszek Pawlowicz (unexpected loss in 1st round of UToC), Jeopardy!(*)*

Travis: I shall give it up to MattO.
Gordon: Those are the choices
Chico: Cudahy.
Travis: $48,800, and still second. That hurts a bit. Almost all J!, though...
Gordon: I'm going to say Rob and Amber; they lost to a rigging.
Travis: Oh, stop it.

3. Best Contestant or Team on a Game Opera

Chico: Uchenna & Joyce Agu
Travis: Uchenna and Joyce. Hometown LOVE.
Eric: Uchenna and Joyce
Gordon: Tom Westman dominated Survivor like no one else has - I have to vote for him.
Travis: You don't have to do anything you don't want to.
Eric: I still want to shoot Ian.

4. Best Contestant on a Traditional Game Show

Chico: Rutter
Travis: Jeff Gross.
Gordon: Rutter
Gordon: if you go off the board, you have to say what the person did.
Eric: I have to say Jennings
Travis: He won $500,000 on a show that has only had four people get that high. Playing against the game only, no one else to blame.
Gordon: Millionaire?
Travis: Oh yeah.
Gordon: ok


Travis: Eddie Timanus.
Gordon: I'll go Rutter here, too
Chico: Eddie Timanus.
Eric: 4 and 5 are way too close, so now I'll say 4. Rutter 5. Jennings

6. Best New Game Show Host

Travis: Hm...
Chico: Have to go with the Tar Heel.
Travis: What are the stars?
Gordon: Formatting stars
Eric: Stuart Scott, met him a week ago, nice guy.
Gordon: Gotta go with Scott
Chico: Stuart Scott
Travis: I gotta go with the flava, er flavor. Big ups to Scott.

7. Best Host of a Game Opera

Chico: Phil motherf(^_^)ing Keoghan.
Travis: WORD! I steal everyone else's ballot and vote for PHIL!
Gordon: I think Probst does a better job.
Eric: Probst. He has to do more work.
Gordon: Jeffy for me.
Travis: The battle lines are drawn.
Eric: Keoghan mostly does rules stand ups.
Travis: More work? Sitting in the production tent until it's challenge time?

8. Best Host of a Traditional Game Show

Travis: And travels around the WORLD. 8. Meredith Vieira.
Eric: Probst does more serious interviews, digging information out of the survivors.
Chico: Meredith motherf(^_^)ing Vieira.
Eric: Meredith....she has really gotten strong on millionaire.
Gordon: I'm going to go with Vera as well
Eric: "Vieira"
Gordon: Shes the most personable with the contestants, though Sajak comes in a close second to me.


Chico: See #8
Gordon: Vieira for me too

10. Best New Game Show
* Balderdash
*Stump the Schwab

Eric: is the difference supposed to be year's performance vs. all-time performance
Travis: 9. M. Vieira.
Gordon: This years performance.
Travis: 10. Schwab
Chico: Balderdash.
Travis: Scratch mine!
Eric: Is it fair to go with Distraction, even though it was imported?
Travis: I write in for "Studio 7".
Gordon: I cant in good conscious vote for the Schwab. I'm giving my vote to a cancelled game show. Sigh.
Eric: switch to Studio 7
Chico: It's fair.
Gordon: Sure -Even better - I'll join you with 2 votes for Distraction.
Chico: Balderdash!
Eric: it was a good concept that deserved more work, wait execution was poor....geez this is annoying arguing with myself.
Chico: next question.
Gordon: Distraction or Studio 7?
Eric: Studio 7 concept. Distraction vote. Distraction
Chico: Studio 7, then.

11. Best Game Opera ("Reality TV" Competition)

Travis: (groan)TAR.
Gordon: I'm going off the Board here and voting for American Idol, even.
Chico: TAR.
Eric: TAR.
Eric: i'd only go American Idol if we were talking season 2.
Gordon: No love for The Donald?
Eric: This season, the Donald blew chunks.

12. Best Traditional Game Show

Eric: Jeopardy!
Gordon: Gotta go Jeop here
Travis: Millionaire.
Chico: Feud! :-)
Eric: God NO!
Travis: Bad Chico! Bad! :-)
Gordon: Feud?
Chico: Heh. No, Millionaire.
Travis: Scared me there.
Eric: Feud the show that rewards people for being the most Average
Gordon: Last one...


Travis: TAR,
Eric: Jeopardy, between Jennings and UTOC, gotta be Jeop
Chico: TAR.
Gordon: TAR
Travis: Hoorah.
Gordon: With that, we're done. Thanks for everyone for showing up.
Travis: Stay in school, don't do drugs, kids. Good night!
Eric: No Problem, had fun. It'd be scary if we didn't have typing slowing us down.
Chico: And thanks to you for watching. Remember, we're always taking mail! It's the best time you can have being inquisitive.
Gordon: Thanks also to you, the viewing public, because without you, there's no us. And there's no ninth season.
Chico: Always the truth, Ruth.
Eric: Not the "Inquisitor!"
Chico: For Jason Block, James Dinan, Travis Eberle, Johnny Orgovan, Eric Pierce and EVERYONE at Game Show Newsnet, he's Gordon Pepper. I'm chico Alexander. The show is We Love to Interrupt. Match Game and Out, y'all :-)
Gordon: Spread the Love, Y'all.

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