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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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June 11, 2005

Chico: Smock star?
Gordon: Yes - you wearing your smock?
Eric: I like shmock, it's closer to schmuck.
Travis: Don't knock my smock, or I'll clean your clock.
Chico: I'm currently shopping Hell's Lab to Discovery Health... I'm in the role of Gordon Ramsay, of course.
Jason: Alright then...let's pick it up with PUSH OR FLUSH--Summer Spectacular---Part Deux.
Gordon: We have 14 more shows for your approval - or disapproval. Here we go - you decide if you push the show - or flush it.
Travis: Easy as that?
Gordon: Easy as that
Chico: Yep
Eric: yubber
Gordon: First one.
Travis: Let's play!

Celebrity Charades - Celebrities. Charades. What could be easier? Would you watch?

Chico: Oh yeah.
Jason: Flush. Not interested.
Johnny: Push.
Chico: It's old-school reimagined. Push.
Eric: I'd watch once. Then courtesy FLUSH
Travis: Only if you add contestants. And then you have Body Language. Flush.
Gordon: It's on AMC. They don't need much of an audience, which is good, because I don't think they'll get one. I would watch fore the first episode. Push. So we have a 3-3 tie. Next one...

Average Joe: The Joe's Strike Back - They strike back. Where will you be striking?

Johnny: Flush!
Travis: Geek Pride. Push.
Jason: On the Baseball Diamond....Vacuum Flush!
Chico: What Travis said. Push. Who knows, maybe we'll get a geek winner this time around.
Eric: Average Joe crossed with Extreme makeover....hate to say this but PUSH.
Gordon: Flush
Travis: Wait, what now?
Gordon: Another 3-3 Tie
Travis: They added a makeover element?
Chico: It's one of those "reenter the game" dealies.
Gordon: I don't need to see geeks made over.
Eric: Early eliminated geeks will be given extreme makeovers and brought back.
Travis: Oh. That could work.
Chico: Another tie.
Gordon: Oh yeah - that will help their propensity for being dorks - not.
Travis: Actually, that could be huge. :-)

I Want To Be a Hilton. Will we break the tie here? And if so, in what direction?

Eric: FLUSH!!!!
Chico: FLUSH!
Johnny: Flush.
Jason: Volcano FLUSH!
Gordon: I wanna see the show go away. Flush.
Chico: I smell a Drano.
Travis: You absolutely cannot be serious. Get that s*** outta here. Super King Kamehameha Flush.
Chico: We have a Drano!
Gordon: It’s unanimous. DRANO!
Travis: <sings>Drayyy-no!
Chico: For the newbies, a Drano Flush is a unanimous flush decision.
Gordon: Next up...
Eric: Did that go down clockwise or counter clockwise?
Jason: Dear me...
Chico: ... How the hell am I supposed to know? :-)
Travis: Oh, that felt good, can I flush it again?

Big Brother 6. We all love them. We all love Julie Chen. Well, maybe we don't, but yet, we watch. Will we be watching this batch?

Jason: It will be a hit...PUSH.
Chico: We'll be watching, because we're camera whores. Push.
Travis: I stick with it each year. Push.
Johnny: Flush reality.
Gordon: Yay Camera Whores! Push.
Eric: PUSH the show FLUSH Julie Chen.
Travis: I like that idea.
Gordon: We have a 4.5-1.5, Push.
Travis: She's already married to Les, she don't need the money.
Chico: So we have a 5-1 push for the show, and a 6-0 flush for Julie :-)
Travis: Get her off Early Show, too.
Gordon: No - Id push Julie
Chico: Oh, My bad .
Travis: Guh? Ah, well.
Gordon: I think she should be a prize.
Chico: I think you're mad, but that's you, not me.
Jason: NEXT!
Eric: What?!?! No Drano for Julie?
Gordon: If you lose, you have to eat PBJ - AND eat it with Julie with you.
Johnny: so would I, not many women host game shows.
Travis: (There have been quite a few in the last few years.)
Chico: Next, please.
Gordon: Could you imagine being IN the house with Julie Chen? What torture would that be?
Chico: *shudder*
Eric: Add Jerry Hall
Travis: "A very special edition of Fear Factor..."
Gordon: See she's useful - somewhat.
Chico: To a point. Next show?
Eric: yes please.
Gordon: Next...

Poker Royale - Pros Vs...Comedians. Is this enough funny for the money?

Travis: Too many poker shows. Four-flush.
Jason: Pastry Push.
Chico: I'll push, but let's keep it game first.
Eric: Push.
Gordon: As long as it stays game, I'll push it.
Chico: What's a pastry push again?
Johnny: push the pros...flush the non pros.
Gordon: If it turns into more comedy and less poker, I'll turn on it in a second.
Chico: Hear here. Although Poker Royale 3 surprised me, in that everyone's serious about it.

INXS presents - ROCK STAR! Is it Rock Star?

Jason: Major PUSH.
Eric: Is Bo Bice eligible?
Chico: I say it's a rock star. Push.
Travis: Flush. Just got done with AI.
Johnny: Mild push.
Eric: Push.
Gordon: I think they will do it correctly - and as we seen, rock sells. Push.
Gordon: 5-1 Push.
Chico: And Burnett can seldom do wrong :-)
Gordon: We'll ignore the Contender.
Chico: Of course, there's the Contender, but we'll just ignore that right now.
Travis: Only one strike on him.

What’s the strike on...Ballbreakers? Can GSN do Billiards on ratings?

Johnny: Push pool!
Travis: GSN is reaching, I will give it a 55% push.
Chico: Pool's good... that and poker and volleyball are the only sports that I'm really good at. Push. And baseball.
Eric: Push Jeanette Lee, not GSN Billiards FLUSH.
Jason: Pastry Push.
Gordon: I saw the pilot from Bravo. It wasn't very good. GSN is not Bravo. Flush.
Gordon: Still, 4-2 Push. Does GSN have something?
Chico: 3.55-2.45, actually.

Extreme Dodgeball 3. Now with a new format and..Celebrities. Will you be watching?

Johnny: flush new format.
Travis: New format? It’s dodgeball. What can you mess up? Push.
Eric: Celebrities make me wanna FLUSH.
Chico: Push the game. Push Rip Torn.
Jason: Push.
Gordon: You know my vote - Push, of course.
Eric: Dodgeball is a push, but i want to see it go pro, not this GSN junk
Gordon: course, which makes it 4-2 on the Push side.
Travis: It's already professional, the winners get prize money.
Jason: Next.
Eric: pro with celebs, right....
Chico: Heh.

The Law Firm. Fox and David Kelley bring us Layers debating real cases - and real dismissals. Will you be watching this new spin?

Jason: Yes. I am a paralegal. This is right up my alley. PUSH.
Johnny: Push
Eric: Push, heck, I'll be recapping it.
Travis: I would enjoy seeing this. Push.
Chico: Hmm.. Interesting enough. I will give it a pastry push, as long as they keep drama secondary. Would've been an all out push, but no Harvey Birdman :-)
Gordon: I like David Kelley and I loved Picket Fences. This has to be pushed.
Chico: Big push, 6-0.
Gordon: 6-0 Push - first unanimous one all day.
Eric: and there was much rejoicing.
Chico: Yay.

Master Blasters - SCi Fi. Teams compete to create better inventions that SCI FI's gurus will be making. Do you want to see people Beat the Geeks?

Johnny: push
Jason: Flush.
Chico: The techwhore in me says yes!
Travis: Better inventions *than*?
Gordon: Yay Techwhores! Push.
Eric: tough one, unique enough to deserve a shot, push
Chico: I'll give it a push.
Travis: I think that's what he meant. Push. GEEK! GEEK!
Chico: 5-1 push, Jason the sole dissenter.
Johnny: why Jason, why?
Gordon: 5 Game Show Geeks Push, 1 Game Show Geek Flush. Geeks are getting a lot of air time this summer, aren't they?
Jason: Hooray Geeks!
Gordon: Beauty and the Geek, Average Joe 4, Master Blasters. Geek City.
Chico: We're here. We're geeky. We're fabulous! Get used to it.
Jason: (snaps fingers)
Eric: oh god, stop.
Gordon: ok - away from Geeks and towards R&B singing.

TLC is looking for a third - R U the Girl? R U going 2 Watch?

Jason: NO...FLUSH :-(
Johnny: flush, though I love TLC
Travis: Adios, all. FLUSH.
Chico: Sorry. Much as I love TLC, I can't respect this show after what they said. Flush.
Eric: THIS is just another American Idol, I'll watch but FLUSH
Travis: Muah?
Travis: Waving good bye as this swirls down the drain.
Chico: Oh. Anywho. Basically put, TLC said that they would not replace Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes after she died.
Gordon: I'll spare this from a Drano. Push, because there will be an audience. Hopefully they will be more personable than Missy.
Travis: And yet, that's precisely what they're doing. Teh ASS.
Chico: Grr...
Travis: Can I vote twice?
Chico: The Chairman is disappointed in you, TLC.
Travis: Being on the wrong side of the Chairman is not a good place to be.
Gordon: No you can't vote twice.
Eric: Maybe they'll change their name thus not replacing Left Eye in TLC.

LINGO! L-I-N-G-O. Will you W-A-T-C-H?

Eric: duh....PUSH
Jason: Y-E-S! P-U-S-H!
Chico: Yes... Y-E-S... damn. Push.
Travis: Push baby!
Eric: anyone touch the flusher and die!
Gordon: Well, F-L-U-S-...only kidding. Push.
Johnny: push, though I miss Stacey.
Travis: The only one.
Chico: Just order the back issue :-)
Travis: I miss that you can't find the Shift key.
Gordon: Chuck just is not as sexy as Stacy
Chico: Heh.
Travis: Someone should find Susan Stafford.
Chico: We have a S-W-E-E-P...
Gordon: Next one -

Fox brings up So You Think You Can Dance. So you think you can watch?

Johnny: No. Flush
Chico: Oh yeah. Flush that mess.
Travis: Flush.
Jason: Flush
Travis: They got...(don't make me say it)...
Eric: Flush, no one seems to know how to do the dance show right.
Gordon: This is your standard car wreck., You know it’s going to tank, but
you want to see it first, Push

Situation Comedy - we compete to find the next comedy show - because goodness knows we need it. What are we going to find here?

Eric: That would be wonderfully nostalgic
Johnny: f l u s h
Jason: A flush that's what.
Travis: Wait, a game show...about....finding a sitcom. [blink]
Chico: Ugh. As much as we need comedy right now, this isn't the way to go about it. What happened to just sniping off the British? Flush.
Eric: we need a game show about nothing.... push.
Travis: People stand there, answering questions for no points.
Gordon: We can't create shows about anything original, so let's create a show about...creating a show. Wha? FLUSH
Travis: Flush.
Gordon: Eric the intern thwarts us from making this a DRANO
Eric: This is what I get for trying to have faith in a show
Travis: Bad Eric. BAD!
Eric: Do you want it that bad?
Gordon: FINALLY....
Jason: ERIC!

Battle of the Reality Network Stars. We see Omarosa, Richard Hatch, Trista and others competing for...stuff. Battle of the Grid Iron stare was good. What say you on this?

Jason: FLUSH!
Travis: I already don't like most of 'em, I don't want to see them again. Flush.
Eric: Didn't we have this on Fear Factor already. FLUSH.
Chico: I *flush* am... *flush* sick... *flush*... and *flush* tired... *flush* of TRISTA!
Johnny: push.
Gordon: Sorry. I like this stuff. Push.
Travis: *cough*
Chico: You, sir, are a bubblehead.
Eric: And I get yelled at for Situation: Comedy geez.
Gordon: Does this mean that I have to wear a clam covering on my head and be called Shelly?
Jason: (rimshot)
Gordon: Ok - with that, we'll have a big finish - right after this.
Travis: I think Chico voted five times on that one.
Chico: No, I had one vote, I just said it five times.
Travis: Not like I blame you...
Chico: Big Finish after this, but first, we take a moment to pay tribute to the shows that left us this past year. We'll be right back.
Eric: we have an avi tribute? nice!
Chico: Yeah. It'll be up in the final edit.
Eric: why do AVI's haunt me even when i am not at work?

Click here to view the tribute

(Brought to you by Frankie Microphone's new single, "Do the Hop Skip". In store now... Buy!)

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