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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

March 6, 2005

Jason B: Eek! Indeed.
Jason H: Like I've said before, Kelly Clarkson is my American Idol. =) <3
Chico: Kelly Clarkson is my American Idol, indeed, JD... Which is perfect, because it's time once again for Idol March Madness.  We're down to 16, and you know what that means... Time to choose favorites.
Gordon: You know the deal. We give you 2 people, and you decide who's better as we select the best Idol. We selected last year...Anwar Robinson. oops.
Chico: I will ask the panel to please refer to this site for the next act:
Jason H: Um, may I recuse? I chose to watch the Olympics, Deal or No Deal, or chose not to be home. :-p
Gordon: Fine. Wuss.
Jason H: =P
Mike: I will also recuse myself. Honestly, I don't give a flying (^_^) about AI.  Sorry.
Gordon: Fine. Wussies.
Chico: You see, as you watch, you point out a few things. There are four major subclasses of idol.
Jason B: Which are?
Chico: Pop princess... diva... rocker... anti-rocker.
Gordon: So basically, you've put them all in genres, since that's how the public will be voting them off anyway.
Chico: Exactly.
Jason B: He did have a plan.
Chico: That, and the top 4 will never be of one like genre.
Gordon: As a disciple of the Chaos Theory, it all makes sense to me
Chico: Never doubt my logic. It's a mistake people only make once :)
Gordon: ok - so let's get it on
Chico: Anywhos, we're going to match up 15 times until we have a champion, starting WITH...

In the Fantasia Bracket, Mandisa vs. Kinnik Sky.

Jason B: Mandisa
Gordon: Mandiiiiisa
Chico: I would've said Mandisa as well, so... there you go... Mandisa wins.
Gordon: Next?
Chico: Next...

Paris Bennett vs. Lisa Tucker

Gordon: Lisa just has a better stage presence about her.
Jason B: No way! Paris big time.
Chico: I don't know... She doesn't have the presence that Lisa has...
Gordon: Paris has the better voice, but Lisa has the better all around package
Jason B: That makes my choice easier then.
Gordon: I'll call this now - one of them will be leaving far before they should be.
Jason B: True.
Chico: Of course. Isn't that how it always works? Lisa moves on.
Gordon: Next?
Chico: Next, we move to the Bo Bice Bracket. First up:

Chris Daughtry vs. Will Makar

Jason B: Chris.
Chico: Admittedly, Will is an at-large seed. He doesn't have a chance. Chris in a landslide.
Gordon: I have Will as not even making the Top 12. Chris in a rout.
Chico: Next,

Bucky Covington vs. Ace Young

Jason B: Bucky in an upset.
Chico: This is hard... Ace has the total package, but Bucky is a performer...
Gordon: Ace should have this one, but Bucky had the better performance last week. I'll go with The Block and Bucky.
Chico: I'm going to say it's a three-for...Moving to the Clay Aiken Bracket... First up,

Taylor Hicks vs. Kevin Covais

Chico: Taylor in a rout, I say.
Jason B: I agree.
Gordon: I don't think it's as much of a runaway. Taylor advances, but too many country rockers here and I can see him getting knocked out early as well.
Chico: Alright. Next, though.

Elliott Yamin vs. Gedeon McKinney...

Gordon: Ooooh
Chico: I'm going to give this one to Elliott, because Gedeon hasn't been a consistent player. He had one up week and one down wek. Not a consistent player.
Jason B: Elliott. Gedeon needs to...what Chico said.
Gordon: Here's the problem with Elliott. His song selection is brutally bad. He's got a great voice, but he has yet to do anything contemporary. Conversely, Gedeon hasn't been as impressive, but the song selections have been gold. Maybe Elliott advances here, but in real life, I think that Gedeon outlasts him - especially if Elliott continues to choose songs that will not connect with the younger idol fans who vote.
Chico: That'll work.
Gordon: Next?
Chico: Moving to the Kelly Clarkson bracket...

Katharine McPhee vs. Kellie Pickler..

Jason B: Katharine McPhee...
Chico: I agree.. It helps that she looks like Rachael Ray and doesn't warble.
Gordon: McPhee - but like Elliott, she needs to be very careful about that song selection
Chico: Both will make it to the top 12, but Kellie is going to fall out sooner.
Gordon: The problem is that she is getting the Underwood comparisons - and her voice can't back that up quite yet.
Chico: Next,

Melissa McGhee vs. Ayla Brown.

Jason B: Ayla Brown...she is talented...daddy or not.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Ayla. If she can get some rawness to her voice and stop being so technically perfect, she can be a dark horse - and a Top 5 darkhorse at that.
Chico: Although she looks like she came from a popstar farm. And acts like it. The hardest working woman in the comp.
Gordon: If Ayla is smart, she can go after the female pop vote. As no one else is going after it, should she be able to have it all wrapped up, that will take her very far.
Chico: Okay, we have our Elite Eight, which means it's time to taKE IT TOTHENEXTLEVEL!!! SHAZAM! *Makes like Jim Cramer* *kicks*
Gordon: Takin it to the next level.
Chico: Wow.. That was cool. I should do that more often. For the Diva Championship....

Mandisa vs. Lisa

Jason B: Mandisa
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: I think that experience gets the better of youth this time, I'll agree with the majority
Chico: In the anti-Diva championship...

Katharine vs. Ayla.

Chico: I'm going with Katharine, because Ayla doesn't exude charisma.
Gordon: Im going to go with the upset. I think Ayla Stays poppy and knocks out McPhee.
Jason B: I am going with Gordon. Ayla is a dark horse in this.
Gordon: Ayla gets the upset win.
Chico: Upset...
Gordon: Next?
Chico: Next, the champion in the rocket bracket...

Chris vs. Bucky.

Chico: I'm going with Chris.
Jason B: Chris.
Gordon: Simons's right, Bucky is the opening act. Chris is the headliner
Chico: Chris wins. Now to the anti-rocker bracket...

Taylor vs. Elliott.

Jason B: Elliott
Gordon: I don't think that Elliott is picking good songs - but I think that Taylor's selections, which have already alienated the Jews with his Jesus songs, are infinitely worse. Elliott advances.
Chico: Agree with the majority.  Taylor is in danger of becoming a one-note wonder. It's final four time *Dances* It's final four time. *dances*
Gordon: And who's in the dance?
Chico: First:

Mandisa vs. Chris.

Jason B: Chris beats Mandisa in a coin flip.
Gordon: I actually think that they will be the final 2, so this is tough. I'll say Chris. He's got the rocker gene and the charisma that Bo lacked.
Jason B: And Gordon, I agree with you. They will be in the final two.
Chico: Chris beats Mandisa here.. although you can argue that in a battle of titans, there are no losers... But for the sake of argument... Chris wins.
Gordon: I think they both get nice contracts out of this
Jason B: And in the Real Idol, Chris wins.
Chico: Now to...

Elliott and Ayla...

Jason B: Ayla
Chico: I say Elliott's got enough raw talent to outlast Ayla's hard work.. You shouldn't have to work at this... Elliott wins.
Gordon: I think you should have to work at it. That being said, I think that Ayla's work ethic is going to run into a major brick wall of talent and Elliott advances.
Chico: Final two time...

Chris vs. Elliott... for the CHAMPIONSHIP! *kicks*

Jason B: Chris will be the first white male American Idol.
Gordon: This could be the year of the white male. I have to give it to Chris as well.
Chico: Agreed.  So our favorite, officially... From Rockingham, NC... bout 50 miles THAT-A-WAY.... Chris Daughtry.
Gordon: Which means that he'll get knocked off in the 7th or 8th spot...
Jason B: And we will be totally wrong and Gedeon wins the whole thing. :)
Chico: Or even worse.. Kellie.
Gordon: So that's our version of March Madness. When we come back from the break, it's our version of on-line gambling.
Chico: But first... Gordon, take us to break with 'One Shining Moment'.
Gordon: It's one shining mooooomeennnnnnntttt....
Jason B: (glass breaks)
Chico: Is it real? or is it WLTI?

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