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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

March 6, 2005

Jason B: oh damn
Jason H: :-p
Gordon: Too. Much. Information.
Jason B: Way too much
Chico: What, I have no hair on my head... that's attached to my NECK! And my ears...
Gordon: Before this conversation gets into a very uncomfortable place, let us quickly move onto the next game...Place! Bets! Now!
Jason B: (puts on Kimono)
Gordon: Before we go into the game, let's see the results of the last 2 games of Place Bets Now. The first game was one (60 Vs. 32 for the Chairman) Yay!
Chico: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Fix.
Gordon: The second game was won by...Don the Donut Harpwood (80 Vs. Mr Lingo's 70 Vs. The Chairman's 55 Vs. Haterade's 48)
Chico: Yay, Donut!
Gordon: Are we ready for this edition?
Jason B: oh yeah
Gordon: I give all of you 100 Suitcases each from the Deal or No Deal Set.
Chico: 100.
Jason B: Ok.
Gordon: There are 10 Topics, You may bet as little as 5 or as many as 50
Jason B: got it
Jason H: Wow.
Gordon: Here we go...
Chico: First topic..
Gordon: We start with the American Idl betting, of course.
Jason H: 9_9
Chico: We get bought out again?!
Gordon: But we do something different...

1. Will there be any bizarre puppets in the Ford Commercials this year? Place Bets Now!

Chico: 10 points says yes.
Mike: 5 on no.
Jason B: 10 says no
Gordon: Ill go 5 on yes
Jason H: 2 on YES
Mike: House minimum is 5, Jason
Jason H: .....3 on YES, 2 on NO :p
Chico: Circumvent the system :)
Gordon: No fence straddling allowed, wild child
Jason H: 9_9
Mike: Now we know why California's so corrupt. :-P
Jason H: Five on YES!!!!
Gordon: Grazzi. Next one...

2. In the past 2 out of 3 years, there has been something weird happening in the Top 12 - either someone gets booted or someone doesn't resigns. Will we have that some tomfoolery again this year? Place Bets Now!

Jason B: 10 on yes again.
Gordon: Ill say 10 on no
Mike: 5 on yes.
Jason H: 5 on I don't care. :-p
Gordon: Ahem! (Brandishes microphone and wire as numchuks)
Jason H:
Chico: 5 on no. I say it's all on the real here.
Gordon: Next one...

3. It's all about the Final Four, Will there be more men than women, more women then men, or will it be an even 2-2 split? Place Bets Now!

Chico: 5 on 3-1 dudes.
Jason B: 10 on men over women
Gordon: I'll go 5 on the even split.
Mike: women > men, let's loosen the pursestrings with a wager of 6.
Chico: Ooh, someone's a big baller..
Jason H: 7 on the women
Gordon: 1 upsmanship from Mr. Hernandez
Jason H: :-p heehee
Gordon: Of course we have to have this one...

4. Who wins Idol? Even payout on the right gender and a special 2-1 bonus if you get the right person. Place Bets Now!

Jason B: 10 on Mandisa
Mike: 5 on a female, and they have names?!
Mike: I thought they're just nameless media hos-in-training.
Gordon: 10 on Daughtry
Chico: You're thinking of semi-finalists :)
Mike: My bad. :-)
Jason H: 5 on a female :p
Chico: 6.5 on Chris.
Gordon: No halfies. You can't cut a suitcase in half, silly
Chico: Sure you can... Just have to try hard...
Gordon: Don't make me brandish that microphone again.
Chico:  Fine, 7 on Mr. Daughtry.
Gordon: Thank you. Moving on To Deal or No Deal, as it will be on Monday and Friday...

5. How will they do as a full time show? First in time slot, strong second and renewal middle of the pack, or no renewal. Place Bets Now!

Chico: I'm going to spread my money here...
Gordon: You may
Chico: 10 on first Mondays, 10 on at LEAST a second in Friday and renewal
Mike: Are we going on a day-by-day basis or must we choose one answer for both airings? could do what Chico did.
Gordon: Judges? (DIng) allowed
Mike: It doesn't hold a candle to the other versions.  Then again, what else does NBC have?  Also, Deal got some serious pub in the weekly pop culture shows--The Soup and Best Week Ever. Time to go crazy.  15 on strong second Mondays, 35 on first on Fridays.  Told ya it's crazy.
Jason B: That is crazy.
Chico: You're going to do the Jim Cramer now?
Mike: I'm doing Crazy Eddie.  The Block and Gordon surely remember him.
Gordon: But of course
Jason B: Eddie Antar. Oh yes. He lived two blocks away from me.
Gordon: I'll go 10 on second on Monday, 10 on First Friday and 10 on Renewal
Jason B: 10 on 2nd and renewal middle of the pack
Jason H: I need to think about this one.....First off, I'm never home on Mondays, so that is 100,000 less viewers, coz we've heard the saying that one viewer equals thousands, si?
Mike: 1 viewer = 100, I thought
Jason H: So 100 less viewers. :-p. I don't see the show lasting on a weekly basis, I just don't. The show..... *sigh* ..... is too bland. It doesn't hold a candle to some of the foreign versions. Therefore.....5 on 2nd and middle-renewal...and 24 on NO RENEWAL Why 24, you ask?
Mike: Because you're too damn cheap to make it 25?
Jason H: Because that's what the last contestant should have picked. :-p
Chico: ooooh...
Gordon: Ahhh..ok...
Jason H: Now *I'M* the one that's craaaaaazy!
Gordon: Speaking of suitcases...

6. When will we see a 6 digit win because the money is in the suitcase? Next Week, Next Month, Next Season or never? Place Bets Now!

Jason B: 10 on next Month.
Gordon: 5 on Next Month
Chico: 5 on next month
Jason H: 9 on Next Month
Mike: Does this mean the player must go all the way and have $100K+ in the case?
Gordon: That is correct, Mike
Mike: Yowza, we haven't seen it yet and people are getting wussy when it comes down to $75 vs. $500K.  But the law of averages says that we must see a big suitcase number soon.
Jason H: DUDE.......
Mike: I'll go with 9 on next week, a very brave move.
Jason H: It's Seventy-five dollars over half-a-million!!!!
Chico: Indeed.
Gordon: Next one...

7. How is Hells Kitchen 2 Going to do? Better than Hells Kitchen 1, Not as good but still a hit, or Roasted? Place Bets Now!

Jason H: ROASTED!!!!!! LMAO
Jason B: 10 on roasted
Mike: 5 on roasted like a pig on a spit
Gordon: I think Its got legs. 5 on not as good but still a hit.
Chico: 10 on the Swan special. Roasted, toasted, and burnt to a crisp.
Jason H: 5 on R-O-A-S-T Heehee
Chico: Subtle, JD... Real subtle.
Jason H: Couldn't resist, Chico. ;-D
Chico: I know.
Gordon: As we continue to look at shows...

8. What about Unan1mous? Hit of it's own? Hit thanks to Idol? Or Miss and buried in the Bunker? Place Bets Now!

Chico: Hit thanks to Idol. 10 on it. You can put crabgrass after Idol and people would watch.
Jason B: I am throwing 10 points in Miss and Buried in the Bunker. BOOM.
Mike: 5 on dead and buried.  The game could be over in a day.  Very possible ubermistake by FOX on this one.
Jason H: 8 on DEAD
Chico: Two words for you... Free Ride. It really sucked, but it turned into a modest showing thanks to, hello, American Idol.
Gordon: What else really sucked?

9. The Apprentice's ratings for the opening night. What's that fate? Stay the course, moved back to Thursday, moved to another night, it gets Yanked, or It doesn't finish it's run and You're Fired?

Jason B: 5 on YOURE FIRED.
Gordon: Ill go 5 on moved back to Thursday
Mike: 5 on moved to another night.
Chico: 5 on another night
Jason H: I'll put 7 on You're FIRED....and....5 on moving back to THURSDAY; their Thursday night lineup kinda sucks right now. I always saw Thursday as a good fit for that show, for some reason.
Mike: It does?  I thought Earl and The Office were doing pretty well.
Gordon: So did I, actually.
Chico: They are.
Gordon: Last question, and here's what you guys all have left - Mike - 5, Chico - 13, Jason H - 15, Jason B - 5, Gordon - 15

10. Let's look to the Summer. Last Comic Standing 4. Rock Star 2. Big Brother 7. So You Think You Can Dance 2. Treasure Hunters. Which show is the big hit? You can also go off the board and say that something else will or that they all suck, Place! Bets! Now!

Jason B: I am going to say 5 for Treasure Hunters. I think the concept is fun enough and with the Da Vinci movie coming out in May. They can Tie that in.
Mike: Let 'em roll on Treasure Hunters.
Jason H: Oooh, interesting choices
Chico: Actually, can I go half and half? Six on BB7 and 7 on Treasure?
Gordon: You may, Chairman
Chico: I'll do that then.
Gordon: Ill go 10 on Big Brother 7, with a Side of 5 on Rock Star 2 should Van Halen be the Rock Band
Jason H: You guys ready?
Gordon: No, but proceed, Jason
Chico: Ready...I think I know what he's gonna do...
Jason H: Oh, Chico?
Chico: But go ahead.
Jason H: I have to put 6 on Last Comic Standing 4
Gordon: ok
Chico: I was wrong :)
Jason H: and 8 on Treasure Hunters. It sounds very interesting, and I look forward to that
Chico: I thought he was going to shoot the works on SYTYCD2.
Gordon: You have 1 left, Jason
Jason H: I know. I'm going to save it as a gift certificate. It could come in handy later
Gordon: Fair enough. And that is Place! Bets! Now!
Chico: We'll have the results of this round in a future episode of WLTI.
Right now, we have a break  and then the Big Finish.
Jason H: I love this game. =)

(Brought to you by MegaSpatula. Two colleges compete to make the best cakes for the staff of WLTI. Anyone who bakes a Katamri Daimacy Cake for the Chairman gets bonus points)

Chico: *thumbs up*
Jason H: I want a bite!
Chico: We'll break for lunch in a bit, but first... Gordon and Jason are back with Anthony Rojas at the roundtable on Thursday...Mike joins Alex Davis with Deal or No Deal on Monday...Jason will be lobbying ABC for a spot on the next series of Dancing with the Stars...And I will be there... covering it all.
Jason H: LOL
Jason B: Absolutely.
Gordon: It's Big Finish Time! Dancing With The Stars - did the right team win?
Chico: I say yes.
Jason H: I called it weeks ago, IIRC. :-p
Jason B: Yes.
Jason H: Definitely the right team won - Especially when they throw in a few Thriller moves.
Chico: You do a paso doble to Thriller... you win. Jeopardy! Will we get a repeater? Alex is concerned.
Gordon: The way we are going, he should be
Jason B: Yes, we will get a repeater. It was just a bad week.
Mike: Next week, yes
Jason H: We will....late this week.
Chico: Okay is that the Jeopardy spy knowledge talking?
Jason H: I just know it, ya know?
Chico: You just feel it.
Jason H: It's my psychic intuition going wild again
Chico: Alrighty.
Jason H: and that's why I will win Place Bets Now, just you watch
Chico: Sure you will. Not just Alex is concerned about things... TPIR has had 4 double overbids in 6 shows. Concerned?
Jason B: Yes. People are not playing the games correctly.
Mike: Nah.  It's a budget saver now for more Triple Play and Golden Road later.
Jason H: Um.....the games have been VERY hard lately. It's a combination of budget saving and people not playing the games correctly. The one day I was at Price (last Monday), there were no double overbids. :-p
Jason B: So go there more often.
Jason H: I wish I could!
Chico: Call us insurance... Mutual of Schario, biotch :)
Jason B: Damn skippy.
Jason H: The show is not running this week. =/
Gordon: You know what else isn't running this week?
Mike: The subway?
Gordon: The Mail system. We have no mail this week. Must have been the noreaster jamming our mailbox system.
Jason B: Damn snow.
Jason H: You mean...*tears up*
Chico: It's okay, man... It's okay, J..
Jason H: :*(
Jason B: Awwww....
Gordon: Now look what you've done. You've all made Jason Hernandez cry again. You know the last time we didn't get mail, Jason Hernandez was here, too.
Jason H: !!!!!!
Jason B: We really love getting mail.
Chico: We really do. So go ahead and send it over. Tell us what you think. Hell, just say hi, you love the show. We expect nothing from you. This show is all about you.
Mike: I want Wuthrich mail! (Yes, Jason.  I'm calling you out.  We know you read this.  Send mail.  Now.)
Jason B: Whoa.
Mike: Jason Wuthrich, not the Block or the Riverside Casanova. :-P
Gordon: Send us some mail so at least Jason Hernandez will stop wailing like a baby.
Jason H: 0_0
Chico: Once again, big thanks to Jason Hernandez, Jason Block, Mike Klauss, and the shopping Ryan Vickers.
Gordon: For Chico, this is Gordon, saynig Game Over, Spread the Love, and Happy Birthday, Mike!
Jason B: Happy Birthday Mike one more time!
Mike: Thanks for making this old fart feel older. No spankings, Chico.
Jason B: Mr. Bald and Sexy over there only gets them :)
Chico: Heh. We leave you now with Gordon and 'One Shining Moment' again...
Jason B: Don't SING!
Jason H: *dances*
Gordon: One Shiniiiing Moooomeeeeentttt....
Jason H: Awww, I'm kinda sad now
Mike: Meow!
Chico: Heh...


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