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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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February 21, 2005

Chico:  Crumble before... the CHAIR!
Joe:    Toss-up question: how many of you have seen the last episode of High Rollers with Alex Trebek, and if so, do you really think Alex was drunk as has been rumored?
Chico:  Never saw it.
Gordon: I have, and I think he was.
Joe:    Ben Ziek lent me his copy.  And I think exactly the opposite.
Chico:  Do tell, Joe.
Joe:    I believe the Alex we've seen on Jeopardy! these last 20 years is an anomaly.
Chico:  I always thought that. Because seeing Alex on a non-Jeopardy! show, you know he's radically different.
Joe:    Anyone who's watched Classic Concentration knows how loose and funny he really is anyone who's been to a Jeopardy taping and watched Alex joke around.
Chico:  Concentration... I remember seeing his eps of Card Sharks and Wheel of Fortune.
Gordon: I think he's much more like his very smarmy pitfall-like personality.
Chico:  And there was this one video where he's hawking Phone Jeopardy and... well, we can't repeat this, because younger fans are watching.
Gordon: I think he really had to curtail it for Jep - but I think he did a lot of homework studying Fleming's style. That being said, I don't think he was
smashed, but I don't think he was completely sober either.
Chico: Maybe just a bit... relaxed. Yeah.
Joe:    Alex has been accused of being smarmy as of late by many people; I think that's just a result of Alex's trying to maintain a no-nonsense attitude.
I liked him smarmy.
Joe:    O_o
Gordon: I have a feeling we'll get into that more as we get into Accuracy or Idiocy - Chico?
Chico:  Very simple. I take an observation. You assess it. Accuracy or idiocy?
Gordon: Sounds good - let's begin.
Chico:  First up...
Jason:  I am ready.

The questions are harder.

Chico:  Accuracy or idiocy?
Joe:    Idiocy.  They don't seem harder to me.
Jason:  Idiocy; they are on the same level.
Gordon: Idiocy - I think they are on the same level. If they get too hard, you lose the audience.
Chico:  Agreed. Idiocy.
Jason:  They will get harder though as the rounds get higher.
Gordon: Maybe the questions are more specific, but not harder.
Chico:  Another one on that same level...

You can prepare for this tournament.

Chico: I say idiocy. Trivia's trivia. You either know it or you don't.
Jason:  Idiocy.
Gordon: Accuracy - I think any trivia contest you can prepare for.
Joe:    Absolute idiocy.  Jeopardy has never been a format you totally prepare for, IMHO.
Gordon: Especially something that is academic in nature, like Jeopardy. You know you need to brush up Geography and presidential history - because you will have to deal with that in one form or another. Maybe you won't know the specific questions, but you will know the topics, so I think it's accurate.
Chico:  That may be true, but other than that, the sheer randomness of the format means you can't be ready for it 100 percent.
Gordon: But you know that state capitals, presidents, countries, history, art and music will be somewhere in there.
Chico:  Yeah, but how small of a fraction is that?
Gordon: It's pretty big.
Chico:  Maybe so, but three to one says it's pretty idiotic.
Gordon: Well, Leszek Pawlowicz has been studying hard - let's see how he finishes.
Chico:  Next up...

Everyone is on equal footing. Again, quoth Alex Trebek.

Gordon: Two Words. Eddie Timanus. Idiotic.
Joe:    Idiocy.  Two more words = Ken Jennings.
Jason:  Accuracy.
Chico:  And the kicker is... Alex said this.
Jason:  They all have to answer the same questions. Therefore equal footing :)
Chico:  I have to agree....With...Jason.
Joe:    Really...
Jason:  Eddie proved he can beat the sighted people. Case closed.
Joe:    But Ken got a free pass to the finals.  How is that equal footing?
Chico:  They all have to answer the same questions, and they're all reasonably skilled.
Joe:    Not that I don't like Ken...
Gordon: Nine people gets first round byes. One person gets to the final game. Explain to me how that is equal to the other 141 people.
Chico:  Good point. I guess Alex was... relaxed in saying that.
Gordon: Next!

You never know who's going to win, because you have three returning champions.

Jason:  Idiocy.
Chico:  I think idiocy, because even if you don't know, you have some idea.
Jason:  You can tell that the bigger winners will usually win the game.
Chico:  I knew Bob Harris was going to win. I knew Vinita was going to win.
Jason:  And I knew Dan Mejia too.
Chico:  Dan Melia.
Gordon: Accuracy, Just ask Babu.
Joe:    I think it's accuracy.  Just because they're bigger winners doesn't make them a lock.
Gordon: I think that wagering is going to be a HUGE factor in this competition.
Chico:  Nope. That's only guaranteed to the 10 biggest winners :)
Joe:    ROFL
Gordon: I think you will see a few MAJOR upsets before this one is done.
Joe:    Agreed.
Chico:  We'll see. Could be that Michael Braun, the youngest in the tourney, meets Frank Spangenburg and gives him one up the jimmy.
Joe:    One up the WHAT?!?!
Jason:  Nice image Chico.
Joe:    Yeah, really.  Gadzooks.
Chico:  The student has become the TEACHER! HWAAAAA! For someone who's a Jeopardy! Million Dollar Master, your kung fu is REALLY LOUSY!
Joe:    OMG, I can't stop laughing.
Jason:  NEXT!
Joe:    Yeah, next.

The tourney has only the best in the show, or, rather, you can't think of one person who isn't in the tourney that deserves to be.

Jason:  Besides me? :)
Chico:  Besides you, Jason. :)
Joe:    Idiocy.  Where are Matt Otinger, Michael Cudahy and Jeff Suchard?
Jason:  I haven't seen everybody yet so I don't know.
Chico:  Still licking their wounds from... that guy. No offense, guys.
Gordon: Idiocy. I want to see how Ben Tritle does.
Jason:  When we see him at GSC...we need to chat to him about his snub.
Joe:    Agreed.
Chico:  There has to be some reaction.
Gordon: Last one.

This is one big fat obnoxious ratings ploy to milk the last remaining light from the Jennings dynasty.

Chico:  Accuracy.
Joe:    Accuracy.
Jason:  Accuracy
Joe:    It's a rating ploy WITHOUT Jennings.
Gordon: You mean you don't actually think that this is to truly find the best player in the past 20 years and to have a celebration of everything that is
whole, joyous and good about the best trivia game show ever?
Jason:  NO!
Joe:    Well, it's that too.
Jason:  Cynicism Hat--way on!
Chico:  Hell no! You could have that every day!
Gordon: The hat is on and snug - Accuracy
Chico:  That reminds me. I have to watch this week's NUMB3RS.
Joe:    To me NUMB3RS is just a CSI ripoff.
Gordon: Here's a Number for you - I'll go on record that says that at least 4 of the 9 first rounders don't get out of their first round game.
Joe:    You mean their second round game, then.
Gordon: Right
Jason:  I will say 3. 3 upsets.
Gordon: Joe and Chico?
Chico:  I say at least 3. But again, we'll see.
Joe:    Don't know who they are. So I'll abstain here.
Gordon: We'll get more quick predictions as we get to THE BIG FINISH - next!
Chico:  Stay tuned!

(Sponsored by Extreme Dodgeball - the NHL Players edition. They need SOMETHING to do. Airing on GSN right after Dream Derby 2, Electric Boogaloo.)

Chico:  Welcome to Bizarro GSN. Where the best thing on is The Price is Right.
Gordon: We're back with the still sleepy Jason Hernandez as we plod along to The Big Finish!
Jason Hernandez:  Let's do it.
Gordon: Done.
Joe:    Lock and load.
Jason H:   Let's go!
Chico:  First up, this week's Millionaire had a special PAF. Anyone recognize him?
Joe:    Bob Harris, wasn't it?
Jason B:  Bob Harris--two shows in one week...and two wins too.
Jason H:   Yeppers.
Chico:  Oh yeah, and oh yeah.
Jason H:   He knew it right away, good on him!
Chico:  Didn't even need the choices!
Gordon: Bob Harris - if you are reading this, we'd love to speak to you. Of course, Bob Harris can't really talk as he is still in the Jep Tournament,but
Jason B:  He has his own blog and website too.
Joe:    Bob was as GSC for the SmartyPants quiz, IIRC.
Jason H:   Yes....yes he was.
Jason B:  Very very cool guy.
Jason H:   I think it's cool that was saw a preview of the Ultimate ToC. :-p
Jason B:  Very true Jason.
Chico:  Heh. Nice.
Jason H:   Thanks, Jason.
Chico:  So Bob, if you're reading... You rock hard..
Gordon: So we have invited Bob Harris, Jaclyn Crum, Omarosa and others to e-mail us to join us. Will any of them respond?
Chico:  I hope so.
Jason B:  So do I.
Jason H:   I think someone will respond.
Chico:  Apprentice... is there ANY hope for the Magnas?
Joe:    Who cares?  Apprentice = teh suck.
Gordon: I think you have individuals, but the whole team is screwed. Survivor - is there any way that Angie isn't the next to go?
Chico:  Let me think about that, Gordon. Okay, I'm done thinking.
Gordon: Speaking of responses, any e-mail, Chico?
Joe:    MAIL TIME!
Jason B:  MAIL TIME!
Chico:  I have... nothing. You have anything?
Gordon: I got one - as a response to my rant from last time.
Jason B:  Go for it.
Chico:  Let's hear it.
Jason H:   Whoo, mail!




Dear WLTI: Gordon - I thought you were completely on the mark with the Burnett and African-American study. We haven't gotten a fair shake on those shows. You did, however, leave someone out. What do you think about Alicia Calaway? Gordon: She was in All-Stars and she may be the best role model on the series. Let me hear your thoughts and continue with the good work. -A Black Man in NYC

Chico:  She of the finger in Kimmi's face.
Jason B:  She was very strong, very powerful and very positive.
Chico:  Agreed.
Jason H.:   Ditto on that.
Joe:    lol
Gordon: Thanks, ABMINYC. I think you are right on Alicia. I accidentally left her out on the equation. This may be the one exception to the rule - and the one person that does fit the positive role-model environment. Now lets see if we can have more than ONE on a Mark Burnett show,
Joe:    I'm with Gordon.
Jason H.:   Here here!
Chico:  Well, we hope that satisfies. And if you out there want to send some stuff for us, send away! We'd LOVE to interr... err, hear from you.
Jason B: Can I beg for mail?
Chico: Beg away, and you might want to remind everyone of the address :)
Jason B:  That's
Joe:    And Amanda Avila, if you're reading this, I'd like to talk to you...privately...over a candlelight e-mail is...
Gordon: And what would Amy Jo Johnson say to that?
Chico:  Well, that's all until next time. Big thanks again to James Dinan, Jason Hernandez, Joe Van Ginkel, and Jason Block. For Gordon Pepper... JOE?! I can't take you ANYWHERE, can I?
Joe:    ...oh sorry...;P
Gordon: Let's get off the air before some of us get sued for harassment.
Jason B:  Stop trolling for dates on the internet Joe :)
Jason B:  We need this job.
Jason H.:   *gasp* You're cyber-cheating!
Jason B:  I need this job.
Chico:  We will be back in 2 weeks, as I am off skiing next weekend.
Gordon: Don't put yourself in traction.
Chico:  Me? Surely you jest... heh. I might end up breaking my liver, which I didn't even know you could do.
Gordon: Liver or leave her
Chico:  Bad Gordon... No beer.
Joe:    AJJ won't talk to me, anyways.
Gordon: Gee, I wonder why?
Chico:  For Gordon Pepper and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico... or something... or yeah... Until next time, someone date Joe or it will be.....
Jason B:  Game over...
Gordon: Match Game and Out!

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