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Previous Episodes (Season 25)
September 13 - The World Cup Final / Push or Flush (1)

September 20 - Autumn Rush / Dancing with Morons / Push or Flush (2)

September 27 - Yin vs. Yang / 1 vs. 140 / Push or Flush (3)

October 4 - Five Fingers Death Pinch / Deserted Island / List Abuse

October 11 - Moron... Moron... and a TRIPLE! / WLTI's Vs. / Help Wanted

October 18 - Zombie Walk / Whammyville! / What Your TiVo Says About You

October 25 - A Week of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Celebration of Our 8th Anniversary / Maximum Strength Capsule Reviews / Would You Could You

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Episode 25.7 - Gamer Trash: Zombie Walk Part II
November 1

Chico: And about time, even if it was against the 49ers. I didn't want to be the Lions this year.
Gordon: Nope. Only Buffalo has that honor.
Chico: Hah ha.
Gordon: And because of that, I'm going to give you $100 in Buffalo Chips as we play Buen Trato!
Chico: ... YAY?
Gordon: You know you like this game.
Chico: The game? Yeah. Buffalo chips? Not so much.
Gordon: Well then get rid of the Buffalo Chips for the Wallet I have labeled 'The Price is Right'. Or hold on to your $100 bag of buffalo chips.
Chico: I'll take the wallet. It's been a better TPIR week.
Gordon: It has been...except I hid something in the bag of Buffalo chips. The something: Money. $1,600. $100 for each win the Buffalo bills will probably not get this year.
Chico: Are you kidding me?
Gordon: Didn't you feel the weight of the bag?
Chico: Ha.
Gordon: But you do have the wallet, which you can trade for the Big Box, which says 'Project Runway' on it.
Chico: I'll keep the wallet.
Gordon: Ok. You do not get this!

It's Mondo's Polka-Dotted Dress! The same one that cost him $100,000! But now it's yours - or would have been if you selected it. This is a multi-colored CHASCO! (Brrrrr...stamp!)

Chico: Yay!
Gordon: So you still have the wallet.
Chico: I still have the wallet.
Gordon: But I have a Curtain with 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader' on it. Do you want that?
Chico: ... I'mma keep the wallet.
Gordon: OK. This is what you do not win...

It's a Trip Down the Oregon Trail! A beautiful scenic vacation to the Pacific Northwest. And we'll throw in $2,500 in spending money (which is what Alex Messina wound up with when he blew his shot at $250,000). Round trip airfare was included in this trato worth $7,160!!

Chico: Yeah. I have the question right here on that.

Independence Rock is a granite boulder with the names of many pioneers carved into it. Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961, it is located in what US state?

Gordon: I believe that's Wyoming, sir.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: Next up. A small box labeled 'Pictureka!'.
Chico: I like Pictureka. I'll trade it.
Gordon: I'll take the wallet back. And inside the wallet, you traded away this!

You could have won the Entertainment System on The Golden Brick Road! That was worth $4,938!

Gordon: That could have been yours. Under the small box we have...

A stuffed penguin! From the Bonus Round to your living room, but this is no Bonus! It's a CHASCO!(Brrrrr...stamp!)

Gordon: (Gives Chico the penguin)
Chico: Wonderful.
Gordon: Now we're up to the final Curtain challenge. Fortunately for you, you're the big money winner with one stuffed penguin, so I assume you'll be playing. The 2 curtains on this show are 'Don't Forget the Lyrics' and 'Family Feud'.
Chico: I'm going to go with... Lyrics.
Gordon: OK. Behind Family Feud we had...

A collection of wrestling jockstraps! As Family Feud discontinued their holiday shows this year, they get no love from us, and we get no love from them. This is a stinky, sweaty Chasco! (Brrrr...stamp!)

Gordon: I don't think Super Mario would look good in that anyways.
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: So you have the Big Deal of the Day, which is this!

It's a brand new Jukebox to go with your new Man Cave! Perfect for MP3 players. We'll throw in a $5,000 Best Buy Certificate for music. This Gran Trato today is worth $23,769!!!!

Chico: Yay!

(By the way, you'll get your prize when you give Gordon the thousands of dollars he's owed by winning all of the other fake games.)

Gordon: But you did win. WINNER!
Chico: Yay! Do I get to keep the penguin?
Gordon: Sure. Keep the penguin.
Chico: Man cave. Jukebox. Penguin. America is good country.
Gordon: It is. We'll find out what's next on the docket when we go to break - now!

(Brought to you by the must have costume of this year... the demonic model with the curtain that sucks the game show host inside its evil abyss)

Chico: It's hot. It's sexy... It's evil.
Gordon: I didn't realize our budget was big enough to hire Lynn Partridge as a model.
Chico: Nice.
Gordon: ok. So what's the next game?
Chico: Next up... you can't have Halloween without poison.
Gordon: Pick your poison?
Chico: Pick Your Poison.
Gordon: Start us off.
Chico: Got it.

Wipeout: Winter Wonderland or American Ninja Warrior?

I'll go for the Wipeout. I have a chance to win 50 G's. I have no prayer on an obstacle course that has had no winners for the past 14 million years.
Chico: So $250,000 doesn't do it for you?
Gordon: not when I can't win it, no.
Chico: K.
Gordon: what about you?
Chico: I'd take Ninja Warrior. It's more challenging. And who knows, maybe I'll finish the danged thing.
Gordon: Maybe, I wouldn't bet on it. Next one...

Direct a boat and deliver fish and a chain saw or bike a path remembering a combination to a lock?

Gordon: That would be, of course, the Amazing Race choices from this past week's episode.
Chico: Fish and a chain saw. I have a great memory, but I never learned to ride a bike
Gordon: Agreed. Fish and a Chainsaw is also a task that won't take you too long to complete. If you have a bad memory, the bike lock could take you awhile.
Chico: And I can't ride a bike.
Gordon: Then it would REALLY take you a long time. Next one?
Chico: Next one..

Heroes or VH1 You Oughta Know artists.

Chico: Both groups played "Don't Forget the Lyrics" this week.
Gordon: The artists, They SHOULD know their own music.
Chico: And yet they don't I'm going with the heroes. At least they get the keep the money and we have a modicum of sensibility in this game.
Gordon: On that same vein...

Would you rather sing 5 songs for $50,000, or write 13 songs for $100,000?

Gordon: This would be for the new music song-writing show on BRAVO, btw.
Chico: Sing 5 songs.
Gordon: My songwriting skills are strong. I'd go for the competition. I think I do have a chance to win, Even if I don't, I'll learn a lot from the experts, so it would be a nice way to hone up some skills.
Chico: I can write songs, but I can imagine it's very restricting in a reality format, but still... either it's a very restricting in a reality format or I'm going to have to argue about creativity and such.
Gordon: Maybe, but you'd learn a lot.
Chico: Maybe
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next one...

The Wizard of Oz or Oliver Twist?

Chico: Better reenactment this week?
Gordon: The Wizard of Oz. Complete with contestants who fit the mantra.
Chico: To be a TPIR contestant, you need brains, heart, and nerve. The contestants as of late have none of those
Gordon: Nope. And The entertainment value on that is starting to wear thin.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Last one...

Dating 25 women in a chance to find true love or a media ho spotlight... or eating rocky mountain oysters and crashing cars for $50,000.

Gordon: I know Chico HATES The Bachelor. I want to know just HOW Much he hates it.
Chico: Rocky Mountain Oysters
Gordon: That's not one of the things I want to find inside my trick or treat goodie bag.
Chico: Neither do I, but still, there's a principle at work.
Gordon: And you just hate The Bachelor.
Chico: Yep. I hate the Bachelor. Gordon hates British series everyone else likes.
Gordon: But you love the Speed Round.
Chico: And it's up next!

(Brought to you by Hole in the Hallowall. Who wouldn’t want to go through a wall of candy. Chico Alexander does it all the time!)

Gordon: (Gives Chico Helmet and Saw Tricycle)
Chico: Wee!


Chico: .... I'm okay.
Gordon: Good. Starting Speed Round...now! Survivor. Who's next to go?
Chico: I'm going to take a wild guess and say "Someone old". Holly most likely.
Gordon: I'm going to say Marty, now that he's idol-less and expendable. DWTS - Who leaves?
Chico: Kurt & Anna. Watch it be Bristol & Mark.
Gordon: I'll go with Bristol and Mark.
Chico: Race. Who's next?
Gordon: I'll say Vick and Nick finally run into something they can't outdumb.
Chico: A wall?
Gordon: ...that could work.
Chico: Yay! Okay wallmaster, do we have any mail?
Gordon: None from my end. What about from your end?
Chico: I got one... This is from Trev Terry...

FROM: Trev Terry

I have written a treatment for a new prime time TV game show. I suspect that you do not accept submissions from individuals outside the industry but I would be most gratefully if you could suggest who I could contact with this.

Chico: I defer to the expert.
Gordon: You're right on that. The best thing you can do is get yourself an agent. You NEVER want to submit an idea without representation. Because then it gives the powers that be free license to rip it off and not pay you for it. So you need to do that first. They have the connections to help you. I would say to check out respectable agencies in your area and try to find an agent. Most of them need clients and will help you if they find something they like. Good luck!
Chico: That's from me too. Okay, Facebook time. We asked you what the scariest moment in game shows was... I like these two...


Josh Widdowson
The Family Feud Fast Money Moment that Stunned Steve. (Technical Term)


Chico: And from Lee DiGeorge...


Lee DiGeorge
Seth's Meltdown on TC:JD


Chico: And because I can...


Brittni Ferrara
Hasselhoff, just Hasselhoff


Chico: Alright, here's one for you...


It's November sweeps! What event are you looking forward to and why?


Gordon: And no. 'The end of November' doesn't count,
Chico: Ba DUM bum.
Gordon: But we know you guys can do it. And so we end another show. Special thanks to no one in particular, cause it's just Chico and myself today
Chico: Next week... we'll talk sweeps.
Gordon: So for Chico, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over and Spread the Love.
Chico: Peace out Halloweenies :-)