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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

June 25, 2007

Chico:  But I like foam.
Jason:  lol
Gordon: If you want foam, go to Grizzlebees
Chico:  Oh yeah, Grizzlebees.
Gordon: But if you want mysterious quotes, you're in the right place.
Chico:  We're playing Say Wha?
Gordon: Yep. This was a very fun game last time, so we're bringing it back. I'll give you quotes, and you tell me who said them.
Jason:  Cool.
Gordon: Then we discuss. We'll start you off with an easy one

"Marty, you are a really good craftsman, you're great with style, but all of that stuff has to go in support of a story. Movie-making is story telling...If you had some trouble with my criticism --with 'Mean Old Carrie' -- you're going to have a lot of trouble with show business in general... everybody's got an opinion out there and that's what it's about. You've got to toughen up your skin." 

Jason:  Michael Bay
Gordon: Oh I thought this was easy. (BUZZ)
Chico:  No, dude... It's Sunil Narkar on On the Lot... It's Carrie Fisher.
Gordon: Thats right! (DING)
Chico:  Yay!
Gordon: Is this the main problem with the show - mean old Carrie and the other directors are going off on tangents, and mean old Marty, who gets booted, represents most of the cast who is not likable?
Chico:  Put me down for one of each.
Jason:  Same here.
Gordon: Idol has shown this time and time again, you have to show people who you WANT to watch and vote for
Chico:  Not just someone who can play the game, someone that America will love. You have to strike a balance.
Jason:  Yep.
Gordon: Next one...

"I watched five minutes of [Hell's Kitchen] once and turned it off because I can't deal with people screaming at chefs...I try to treat the [Top Chef] contestants the way I would treat the cooks in my kitchen - you have to be firm, you have to criticize them, but you do it in a way to build them up, not rip them apart." 

Chico:  Padma Lakshmi?
Gordon: Close, but no. (BUZZ)
Jason:  Gail Simmons?
Gordon: Keep going - only 2 judges left (BUZZ)
Chico:  Ted Allen? It's Ted Allen, isn't it?
Gordon: The other one (BUZZ)
Jason:  Tom Colicchio.
Gordon: Hey! Got it! (DING) Do you agree with Tom? Or do we prefer watching Gordon Ramsay's style?
Jason:  There is a taste for everyone. So to speak. But for me. I prefer NFNS and Top Chef style to his.
Chico:  Me, I like Next Food Network Star, myself. Hell's Kitchen is more suited for sport than for haute cuisine.
Gordon: I said this after episode 1 of Hell's Kitchen. I like the series, and I'm finding this one enjoyable as well, so don't get me wrong here, but it really feels like Hell's Kitchen is Flava of Food with Gordon Ramsey playing Flava Flav's character. Is it just me, or do all of the contestants this season look like they were taken out of Flava's neighborhood?
Chico:  Hmm... you do present a valid point...But not for the cast, though. Could pick out a random sampling and get the same results more or less.
Gordon: I mean where else can you have this much trouble making eggs or rescuing spaghetti from the trash and recooking it or serving visibly rotting crab?
Chico:  You forgot microwaved chicken.
Gordon: Can't forget the microwaved chicken. I mean it feels like we're in Hell's Ghetto Kitchen. Next one...

"Take the Cake is exciting because it will be a true multi-platform experience for our viewers...Viewers don't just watch other people make money, they can win themselves. In addition, Joe Clair and Toccara are wonderfully talented members of the BET family who will bring their unique flavor to the show - it's great to have them on board."

Jason:  Endemol's Press Agent?
Gordon: Close...but no. (BUZZ)
Chico:  Reginald Hudlin, president of entertainment for BET. Spinning the concept dizzy.
Gordon: Very good (DING)
Chico:  You can have all sorts of flavor added to a show, but if it looks inedible, ... no one will eat it.  You eat with your eyes first.
Jason:  Agreed.
Chico:  Alton Brown said so.
Jason:  Alton is a smart man. He is the guy I would love to have a beer with.
Gordon: I don't see anything different here that no one else has brought to the party.
Chico:  Prove us wrong, guys... Prove ... us... wrong.
Jason:  Please.
Gordon: We'll see in early July. Next one...

"I can't tell you everything, but I can tell you certain things about it...It's a competition reality show that will last over 100 days on all seven continents of the world...[It's going to be] bigger than Survivor, bigger than The Amazing Race." 

Jason:  Rob Mariano
Gordon: Of course. (DING)
Chico:  Sounds like a good idea... on paper. However, if it's anything like Treasure Hunters, we may have a problem.
Gordon: I'll be a broken record here. I don't see anything new here.
Jason:  Agreed.
Chico:  yup
Gordon: next one...

"I really don't do those things to my hair or play with it. I just don't care about my hair...The only reason that I changed my hair every week on the show was that I had a hair stylist do it for me. So I figured why not utilize this amazing service that I have? When would I ever be able to do something like that again?"

Jason:  Sanjaya Malakar!
Gordon: Yep. (DING) Sanjaya is in the middle of a credibility campaign to make up his image. Does this have ANY shot at succeeding?
Chico:  Let me think about it. Okay, I'm done thinking. No. Next? :)
Jason:  You know what...Yes. I think Sanjaya came out of it cleaner than you think. Why not. If Paris freaking Hilton can be a can he.
Chico:  Sorry, Block, but first impressions are lasting impressions.
Gordon: I still think he's a sympathetic character. The one thing he did NOT do, which is a good thing, is to badmouth anything about the show. If he can stay in the limelight. I think he has a shot at William Hung status.
Chico:  Could be worse. Could be at Paris... uh... Paris...
Gordon: Spearulohanyltonus?
Chico:  Yeah, former contestant that said Idol was a joke.  American Idol. Big joke. Career... headshot. Done. Forgetaboutit.
Gordon: Ok. Next...

"When it comes to cameras being in your private life 24 hours a day, that's something we're in total agreement will never be happening again. That's how we met and we're really appreciative of that, but that won't be happening. Sorry to the public if they're wanting to see any of the birth!" 

Jason:  Trista Rehn
Gordon: Chico's favorite. (DING!)
Chico:  Oh yeah. Thank you, Trista. You made my day.
Gordon: You have a crush on her, don't you.
Chico:  I plead the fifth.
Gordon: Seriously, Trista says that there's no way they are televising the birth of her soon to be kid. how long is it until someone else agrees to televise their birth?
Jason:  You watch. It will happen...2 months.
Chico:  ABC'll come knocking?
Jason:  yes.
Gordon: I could easily see FOX doing it.
Chico:  Fox Reality. They need stuff to cram their schedule with.
Gordon: Yep. Last one...

"Noooooooooooooooooo Bingo!"

Chico:  Sunil Narkar...
Gordon: Yep. (DING)
Chico:  Awww.
Jason:  Aw
Gordon: As we say goodbye to a show that we've spent waaaayyyy too much time making fun of, considering that it averaged under a 4.0 rating.
Chico:  But still... it was lighthearted... for what it was... a show... about bingo.
Jason:  yeah
Gordon: did do better than On The Lot.
Chico:  And for that, we thank you. Godspeed, National Bingo Night.
Jason:  Do you think it will be back?
Gordon: Though as strange as this sounds, if they shrunk the budget, this could be a syndicated show. 3.6 in Syndication represents a hit.
Chico:  Yep... but who puts Bingo on five times a week... BESIDES GSN.
Jason:  LOL
Gordon: We'll be back to wrap this one up - after this...

(Brought to you by Sunil's Bingo Lounge, on the I-440 split next to Grizzlebees. Come dressed to play. Remember... No shirt... no shoes... NOOOOOOOOO BINGO!)

Jason:  LOL
Gordon: That's next to the new place opened by Clay, isn't it?
Chico:  Across the highway, yeah.
Jason:  Hopefully I can play and win some money there
Gordon: Why did the chicken cross the highway?
Jason:  To get to the Big Finish.
Gordon: Yes - or you can text LCS5 to see what the Last Comic's Standing's punchline would be.
Chico:  ... or not.
Jason:  Yuck.
Chico:  Speaking of.. have we seen someone who is $250,000 worth of funny yet?
Gordon: No. Will we see someone funny?
Jason:  No.
Gordon: Will we see a million dollar talent in NYC?
Chico:  Why not?
Jason:  Sure.
Gordon: Will anyone get on a 4 game or better streak on Jeopardy to end the
Jason:  I say yes.
Chico:  I say we go on one more tear before mid July when we break.
Gordon: UFC 5 Finale - was that the best one of the 5?
Chico:  Hmm... Yes it was. Second was #1.
Gordon: Not often that you see a match end in a No Contest Double Knockout.
Jason:  Not at all.
Gordon: Congratulations to Nate Diaz and BJ Penn for winning their matches.
Do we have any mail?
Chico:  Sure do, skip. First up is from our friend Lee Hubbard. Thanks, Lee.

From: Lee Hubbard

I do not want Rosie O as new host of The Price is Right. John O'Hurley should be the new host. By the way, Barker's last Price is Right was my favorite one:-)

Jason:  Well Lee....I agree with your Rosie O stance. And John wouldn't be a bad choice.
Chico:  Thanks Lee... Well, we already had our piece on Rosie. John O'Hurley... I could see him in the role... Again, TPIR is a tall order for anyone. As for the final comment.. well, no argument here.
Gordon: It nice to end a tenure with a $140,000+ winner.
Jason:  Yeah. Nice to have a Cadillac XLR and a 2007 Corvette in your garage.
Chico:  Oh yeah. Who can say that they roll in one of those bad boys. Thanks for writing, Lee. Always appreciated. On that note, we have another mail from "Seth"... Thanks, Seth.

From: "Seth"

What do you think it means that no successor has been named yet? First it was going to happen at the CBS upfronts then at the daytime Emmys. I know its tough, but c'mon (^_^) or get off the pot.

Jason:  We have been there before.
Gordon: The pot's 35 years old. You have to treat it with care or is will crack and crumble.
Chico:  or rust.
Jason:  The reason why is that they either a) haven't found the person they want...or b) are scared to pull the trigger.
Chico:  Either way, it's getting close to fish-or-cut-bait time.
Gordon: Or bring back Bob time
Jason:  As of right now...what are the odds Bob comes back. Right now, I say even money.
Gordon: I think Bob will come back. You cant delay the show too long, or the cash cow starts drying up
Chico:  Agreed.
Gordon: I honestly think Bob comes back for one final year.
Jason:  I am with you on this.
Chico:  I'm not too quick for another year.
Gordon: If he comes back, it will either be for the long run or a specified date.
Jason:  They have to throw $10M for one year for him to do it.
Chico:  And it'll be sooner than later.
Gordon: I think they will do it and do it happily
Jason:  Letterman makes $13M I believe.
Gordon: I have the next email - from Giliaviv
Chico:  Hit me.

From: Giliaviv

For the GSNN Game Show Awards, why is there not a category for hosts like Monty Hall?  He doesn't fit into "The Gone but Not Forgotten" Category but he hasn't hosted a show recently.

Jason:  Ok...A little explanation here. "Gone But Not Forgotten" means someone has passed on within the game show world. Last time I checked, I took a picture with the man. Still kicking.
Gordon: I think more importantly that these are accomplishments that have happened within the past year. Hall has neither died nor done anything significant this year.
Chico:  He's just been kicking back with his millions.
Gordon: And that's great for him - but he doesn't get an award for that.
Jason:  Nope.
Gordon: Thanks for the letter though. Next one - Josh Johannesen...edited by Haterade.

From: Josh Johannesen

First of all, congratulations on your 15th season, you guys! Hope you continue to provide quality game show news well into the future! Second of all, it was awhile back, but you mentioned that in order for a game show contestant to get paid, the show on which he/she competed in has to make air, and there were several episodes of Show Me The Money that didn't make air on ABC, but now will apparently be shown on GSN. So, then, my question would be this. Will the contestants who competed on these "lost" episodes on Show Me The Money that got shafted initially have to be paid once their shows make air for the first time? Or will they continue to not have their money shown to them? (... I do apologize for that attempt at an awful pun...)

Chico:  I think that once a show is aired, the show pay them the money OR risk lawsuit. See the case of "$1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime"
Gordon: I find it very interesting that the episode they stopped it on is the one where said contestant gets a MAJOR payout on the next episode.
Jason:  Interesting.
Chico:  Very. Okay, one more letter from Stat Boy!

From: Jason Wuthrich

An FYI to the guy from WFYI: "Click" did run for two seasons, with two different Ambers as co-hosts.  Also, David Spade doesn't have as much free time as you think, now that CBS has renewed "Rules of Engagement", and Chairman, Kelly Ripa called.  She's willing to arm wrestle you for dinner and a movie with Mark Consuelos. :-D

Chico:  .... No.... Thankyou.
Gordon: Maybe he can get you 7 cougars and 6 kittens
Jason:  Meow.
Chico:  That could work.
Gordon: And then I can call Joe Mello to be Cat boy
Jason:  Anime Cat Boy.
Chico:  Meanwhile, we invite all you cougars, kittens, and other assorted feline creatures to e-mail us at
Gordon: And that ends this week's show. A special thanks to our guest this week, Jason Block.
Jason:  As always, my pleasure.
Chico:  For Gordon Pepper and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico Alexander, and until next time...
Jason:  GAME OVER!!!!!!!!
Gordon: And Spread the bingo cards
Jason:  NO BINGO!


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