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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

June 18, 2007

Jason:    LOL
Chico:  That's why he has to get Spade or neutered.
Jason:    Exactly.
Chico:  Okay... welcome back to the show, it's time for Five Good Reasons..  This game has a history of infamy, as Gordon and I usually give each other hell :) Today... that tradition continues :)
Gordon: YAY!
Chico:  First, though... Jason.
Gordon: YAY!
Jason:    Uh oh.
Chico:  Ashley Massaro, a WWE diva, has reportedly been knocked out of wrestling so she could participate on Survivor. Give us Five Good Reasons why she would want to do such a thing.
Jason:    a) Her Playboy pictorial was an exposure to this. b) She has had injuries and this can be easier
Chico:  Heh. As if Survivor can be "easy"
Jason:    c) She is the perfect Survivor hottie...blond, big boobs and young. d) The WWE DIva label has helped Lauren Jones, Leyla Melani and others. e) and besides...great Chinese Food in China.
Chico:  So I've heard. Okay, Jason to Gordon. Go.
Jason:    Big Brother 8 is coming in July.
Gordon: yes it is
Jason:    Give me 5 good reasons why this will be a hit.
Gordon: 1. The lack of entertainment from anything else will bring the kids swarming over. 2. Internet feeds - we love the internet now more than ever. 3. Its NEW people - no crappy all-star show, so the ratings should go back up. 4. Big Brother After Dark - there will be more chances to get a show from the House Guests.
Chico:  "Heh... I saw her nekkid."
Gordon: and 5. The Houseguests know all this, so they will be more than willing to give the audience a show. And we love voyeurism. Now Mr. Chico.
Chico:  Mr. Pepper.
Gordon: I give you easy one. I save big bad hard one for Jay
Jason:    Uh oh.
Gordon: Mr. Chico.
Chico:  Sir.
Gordon: Project Runway - hit. Hell's Kitchen - Hit. Shear Genius - hit. Give me 5 other professions that would make a compelling reality show.
Chico:  Hmm... Why not... I'll even do you one better. 1) Animal Planet... "Top Zookeeper."  2) any sports network... "Top Poker Star" 3) GSN: "The Next Great Game Show Host".. 4) SciFi: "Who Wants to Be an Astronaut".  5) ... Sports Agent. Granted #5 has been done before, but it's compelling, damn it.
Gordon: Ok
Chico:  Bonus one.  DJ.
Jason:    Chico I have one for you.
Chico:  I bet you do.
Jason:    Give me 5 good reasons why "Age of Love" will succeed.
Chico:  a) Women love dating shows. b) this show spans generations, it has something for everyone. c) As a straight male, I have to say... Mark Consuelos is hawt.. d) young guys love MILFs.
Jason:    lol
Chico:  And finally... e) Drama.
Jason:    Very good. Of course. This will bomb. But hey, you gave it a shot.
Chico:  That's all you ask.  Gooooordon...
Gordon: I got one for Mr. Block
Jason:    Oh boy.
Chico:  Okay.
Gordon: Jason. You are the head of GSN. Give me 5 games we are NOT going to be seeing on the next Playmania Broadcast.
Jason:    1. Place the Chess Piece.  2. Clear the Rack - Scrabble.  3. Su Do Ku. 4. Mad Libs. 5. Countdown.
Chico:  Okay, Gordon.. Last one ... and it's for you... I hope you're ready.
Gordon: I'm ready
Chico:  Every summer, there's one new show that saves the season from being a total washout. Give me five good reasons why you believe that Power of 10 will be that show.
Gordon: 1. Its got Drew Carey. He has Who's Line to fall back on and he's a good host. 2. TEN. Million. Dollars. That will suck in enough of an audience: 3. It's a Michael Davies joint and Davies has been on a massive roll. 4. CBS has a history of nursing shows up the right way. 5. THERE'S NOTHING ELSE ON.
Chico:  I was waiting for that one.
Jason:    The promos look good for it.
Chico:  Oh yeah.
Jason:    I actually think this might be a hit.
Chico:  I think so as well. And it touches enough buttons to keep you on your seat.  I just hope it's not another Rich List, where you have an idea for a game... and you kinda half-ass it?
Jason:    Michael Davies rarely half-asses things.
Gordon: Very True. And he's been on a good streak.  I hope it continues.
Grand Slam is good. But this streak ends. We start a new one...after the break

(Brought to you by Mr. Wizard's School for Wizards and Witches. Now enrolling in science you can try at home.)



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