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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

June 18, 2007

Jason: R.I.P. Don Herbert.
Chico: Now back to our own little brand of wizardry... and a tribute to our fathers... and yours. As you know, Sunday is Father's Day.
Gordon: Its time for Who's your Daddy - and you can't think of a better daddy than Bob Barker, can you?
Chico: Of course not.
Jason: As for Game
Gordon: To honor Bob Barker, I have a list of Barker's accomplishments, and you get to grade them
Jason: Got it.
Chico: No problem
Gordon: Ok. We start with....Barker puts his money where his mouth is, and stops using products made from animals, which turns his hair white
Jason: Ok.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: Next one... Truth or Consequences
Jason: Above the Animal rights thing.
Chico: Above.

Truth or Consequences --> Animal Rights.

Gordon: The Price is Right...Million Dollar Spectaculars.
Chico: Between.
Jason: Below Animal rights
Gordon: I think the MDS's are important - but the Animal Rights are making a statement

Truth or Consequences --> Animal Rights --> MDS

Gordon: Next one... Star on the Walk of Fame.
Jason: Between Animal Rights and MDS
Chico: Agreed.
Jason: Anyone can get those.
Chico: Also agreed
Gordon: Ok then

Truth or Consequences --> Animal Rights --> Walk of Fame --> MDS

Gordon: Next one.... Military Background.
Chico: above animal rights
Jason: Agreed.
Gordon: VERY strong military career.

Truth or Consequences --> Military Career --> Animal Rights --> Walk of Fame --> MDS

Gordon: Next one... The Family Game
Chico: Below MDS.
Jason: Agreed.
Gordon: This was while he was emceeing Truth or Consequences
Chico: Yeah, but hardly the hit that was.
Gordon: Not even close.

Truth or Consequences --> Military Career --> Animal Rights --> Walk of Fame --> MDS --> The Family Game

Gordon: Next one... Kicked Adam Sandler's Ass in Happy Gilmore
Chico: Below animal rights.
Jason: Above Animal Rights.
Chico: noteworthy, a little important.
Gordon: I have to go over Animal Rights. People STILL talk about it and the movie is over 10 years old

Truth or Consequences --> Military Career --> Happy GIlmore --> Animal Rights --> Walk of Fame --> MDS -->The Family Game

Gordon: Next one... The Price is Right
Jason: Top.
Gordon: 35 seasons plus, baby
Chico: Agreed.

TPIR -->Truth or Consequences --> Military Career --> Happy GIlmore --> Animal Rights --> Walk of Fame --> MDS -->The Family Game

Chico: Next?
Gordon: Next one... Game Show Support - He was a regular on both Match Game and Tattletales
Jason: Above Gilmore.
Chico: Agreed.

TPIR -->Truth or Consequences --> Military Career --> Game Show Support -->Happy GIlmore --> Animal Rights --> Walk of Fame --> MDS -->The Family Game

Gordon: Next one... 19 Emmys
Chico: Above support
Jason: Above Truth
Gordon: I'll go Under Truth, which evens it out

TPIR -->Truth or Consequences --> 19 Emmys --> Military Career --> Game Show Support -->Happy GIlmore --> Animal Rights --> Walk of Fame --> MDS -->The Family Game

Gordon: Last one... 50 Years on Television
Jason: Above TPIR
Chico: Agreed
Gordon: Not many people can say that
Chico: Nope.
Jason: Bob Hope comes to mind. Thats it.
Chico: Ralph Edwards?

50 years of TV --> TPIR -->Truth or Consequences --> 19 Emmys --> Military Career --> Game Show Support -->Happy GIlmore --> Animal Rights --> Walk of Fame --> MDS -->The Family Game

Gordon: Anything else with Bob?
Chico: Nope.
Jason: And again...happy retirement...and thank you.
Chico: Agreed. Enjoy your rest. Well deserved. Meanwhile, we'll put the show to rest with the Big Finish next...

(Brought to you by the Price is Tight. Bob Barker and company go out and petition the Senate not to tax Game Show Winnings so that college kids don't get killed on paying taxes on their $40,000 cars.)

Jason: I remember MY tax bite.
Chico: Yeowch. $250,000... a third off the top for the man is a lot of cheese. Okay, running short on time with the Big Finish, let's get to it!
Gordon: Do we end DOND with a big winner?
Chico: We have to. Otherwise Age of Love isn't going to have a leg to stand on.
Jason: NO.
Chico: Speaking of, are you watching?
Gordon: I'll say yes. Ill be watching DOND. Age of love...not so much.
Jason: agreed.
Gordon: AGT2 - Have we seen the Million Dollar act yet?
Jason: Not yet.
Chico: Not yet.
Gordon: Hells Kitchen - Does Aaron leave this week?
Jason: Aaron being the crying chef?
Chico: Yep And Yep
Jason: Sure.
Gordon: Not a lot of time for mail this week, but I got some mail. Both of which are TPIR Host Related. We start with Paul Reese - Thanks Paul!

From: Paul Reese

I read this week about "Handel's requiem" in wlti. Handel never wrote a requiem, though Mozart, Berlioz, Brahms, Faure, Howells, and many others did.

Second, I still think Marc Summers could do a good job. He seemed to get picked on early, but his work on Wintuition, Trivia Unwrapped, and Next Food Network Star was really strong, I think. He's got decent chemistry and strikes me as someone who could have a good relaxed vibe that would strengthen the show.

Chico: I agree with that. The crazy thing is that he hasn't been considered for it. What's up with that?
Gordon: Thanks for the e-mail Paul. Jason is the Marc Summers Crusader here, so I'll let him field this one.
Jason: Agreed. Summers is one of the most underrated hosts/producers we have today.
Gordon: I think the same reason why Howie isn't being considered for it - I think the obsessive compulsive thing hurts him as well
Jason: Unfortunately yes
Gordon: Barker's role has to be by someone who's touchy feely. Summers? No.
Chico: Yep. As for the Requiem thing... It was either Handel or Mozart... I performed both composers... I get those confused. I'm sorry.
Gordon: Last letter is by Myke Perry of WFYI in Indianapolis, Thanks, Myke!

From: Myke Perry

I threw up in my mouth a little when you guys mentioned Ryan Seacrest as a possible host for The Price Is Right, but he does have some game show street cred that some of the front runners don't have. Remember Click? It was a Merv Griffin syndicated kiddie quiz Seacrest hosted in the mid 90s. It just lasted one...maybe two seasons...often paired with Peer Pressure, but didn't Barker just have Truth Or Consequences and The Family Game under his belt when he landed TPIR? I'm an O'Hurley guy myself, but if TPIR wants to hang on to and cultivate its college-age fan base...maybe they think about it. Simon Cowell could come on the first few shows and offer a critique of Ryan's performance after every game. ("The way you handled that Plinko stick was clumsy and amateurish. The Range Game was definitely out of your range.")

Gordon: Don't forget Gladiators 2000. Thanks for the e-mail, Myke.
Chico: I defer to the Idol fan.
Jason: Seacrest just doesn't do it for me. He would bring the youngins in...but I dont think CBS wants that....or do they?
Gordon: Uh...duh...of COURSE CBS wants that. Seacrest would make a very good choice here.
Chico: Younguns watching TPIR means younguns watching the news, and local affils LOVE that.
Jason: That's true.
Gordon: We would love to keep the TPIR host debate going, so if you want to talk about that - or anything else - please email us at
Jason: We love your mail.
Chico: Big thanks to Travis Schario and Jason Block for hanging out again.
Jason: As always thank you.
Chico: Until next week, for Gordon Pepper and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico alexander... Happy Fathers' Day... and game over... and as always... spread the love


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