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Previous Episodes (Season 32)
December 24/31 - 2012 Year In Review / Push or Flush (1)

January 7 - Gordon & Chico Meet the Beast / Resolutions / Push Or Flush (2)

January 14 - Big Moments Other Than Chico's Let's Ask America Win / 6 Things We Think You Should Know / Push Or Flush (3)

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Episode 32.3 - Real Annoyances & Fake Girlfriends
January 21

Jason: I was thinking Bayonetta
Chico: Bloodrayne.
Jason: ALICE from Resident Evil
Gordon: Maybe Kunimitsu if he's into that. Growl.
Chico: You know, we really shouldn't be making fun of this guy. I mean, he's been through a lot. A woman who doesn't exist is dead for crying out tears.
Jason: I am playing my invisible violin.
Gordon: I'm on my invisible piano playing a duet.
Chico: I bet you both are. Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing our week to be a part of you.
Gordon: And now, we bring back a game we haven't played for awhile...!! We give !'s for things we feel are exciting. From one to 10. I will start with this...

The CATFIGHT between Mariah and Nicki on American Idol.

Jason: This is ! This is as fake as Manti's gf.
Gordon: Not very exciting for you?
Chico: Not exciting for me. !.
Jason: Yawn. Who cares
Chico: I can imagine it would be exciting if, say, I liked Drama. Me, ... again, It's the Game, Stupid (TM).
Jason: What about you G?
Gordon: !!. Snore. Next?
Chico: Okay Next...

Betty White celebrating her 90th birthday.... AGAIN.

Jason: That's a !!!! for me. I don't begrudge her.
Chico: I'll go with !!!!!!.
Chico: Many people don't live to see 90. She'll live to see it twice.
Gordon: I think !!! is good. She is a game show icon you know.
Jason: Pop Culture Icon actually.
Gordon: That too. Next one...

Family Feud goes nuclear, breaking a 5.0
Chico: 8 !'s This is BIG.
Jason: This means we have a third solid syndicated show. That you can talk in the same language as Wheel and J! 10 !'s. Thats huge to me.
Gordon: I'm not as high up on it. !!!! Let's see if it can sustain it. Next one?
Chico: Next...

Jeopardy! is Mensa's #1 game show.

Gordon: ...really? !
Chico: Really. !.
Jason: Honestly. ! This is NOT news.
Chico: Jeopardy! is custom built for Mensa members and lucky sods like Jason and myself.
Jason: That's like saying water is wet.
Chico: And the sun rises in the east.
Gordon: And it's business as usual in the woods for bears. Next one...

Let's Ask America is 2012's Best New Game Show of the Year.

Jason: This is 6! This makes me happy. Any good show that succeeds is makes me excited. The show will be bigger and better next year.
Chico: This makes me happy and not because of the obvious. 7 !s. It's actually a game changer, and Kevin's a good talent.
Gordon: I'll go with 6!. It's a good show. I thought that America's Bible Challenge should have won it but this is more than worthy of the title.
Chico: Right. And finally, a Video Bonus... from WAY back. Take a look at your monitors...

Chico: ... the first car hit on Press Your Luck was from a man who would be a game show announcer.
Jason: It's historical, it's exciting, but...as Press Your Luck moments go....5!
Chico: That's about right. 5!.
Gordon: Actually - 6!, because it springboarded Randy West.

Randy West's first car win
Chico: So there we go. The return of a WLTI classic. :-)
Gordon: And now we break, and then give you another classic...mess.
Chico: The Doctor... is in.
Jason: (hands Chico his Papaya Hat and Jacket)
Gordon: After this!

(Brought to you by Twenty One: Cyclists Edition. How exciting would it be to watch a quiz show where both players are given the answers in advance and yet ONE of them is going to get the business for it? You tell us... LANCE.)

Jason: Greg Lemond Hosts.
Chico: Nice.
Gordon: I think he would be great for a celebrity edition of The Moment of Truth, don't you?
Jason: That would rock
Chico: Yes. Make this happen, 1 percenter.
Gordon: I'll try. Meanwhile, I see we have lots of email stored up for Dr. Chico, but I can only read a few of them. Here Jason, pick out a good letter and read it to Chico.
Jason: Dear Dr. Chico:

Dear Dr. Chico:

So far my new show is getting lots of accolades and it looks like I have a job next fall. How do I make the show I have even better?

-- KP, from Somewhere in the USA

Chico: Hi, K. Long time no see.

(musical sting)

Chico: ... that reminds you it's a joke. Anyway, you have a good solid foundation. What you need now is to expand upon that, not only in content, but in reach. You're putting episodes on YouTube (thanks for that, by the way), but they need to find an audience out in the television ether. As for content, well, you're only as limited as your imagination, so... Go wild. You owe it to yourself and your creator. And take Jim Williams and call me in the morning.
Gordon: Thank you Dr. Chico. next one...

Dear Dr. Chico -

How do you solve a problem like Mariah?

Love, Nicki

Chico: (GROAN)
Gordon: Thank you, I'll be here all week.
Chico: Well...Dear Nicki - Concentrate on YOUR job, maybe?
Jason: Can you expand? :)
Chico: I mean, I'm no doctor, but (looks at papaya hat and fake MD from Pepper University)... Wait, I AM a doctor! Even more than that, I'm a fan of this show. And you dealing with Mariah on your own is taking AWAY from the show watching experience. I've been watching this show for 11 years and last Wednesday was the first show I had to turn off.
Gordon: Ouch
Chico: I'll quote a famous person... that I can't remember...Somewhere along the line, things stopped being fun.
Jason: I got one for you! Is it ok if I read it?
Chico: Go ahead

Dear Dr. Chico:

I am SOOOOO mad. Just because one appendix stopped me, doesn't mean I deserve a 2nd chance back on the Island. I so could have won this! Why aren't I back?

-- Future Survivor Winner Colton!

Chico: Dear Colton - Just because you weren't chosen as a "favorite" doesn't mean you aren't one. It just means that you didn't have the time to make an impact. And besides, no one can rock lightspeed briefs like Phillip. But I would use this as a springboard to a new challenge. Might I suggest... TPIR. It worked for Tijuana Bradley. Just saying.
Gordon: Personally, I like the fact they added Francesca in as the first person out as an All Star.
Chico: Yes. This is a good thing.
Gordon: Next email...

Dear Dr. Chico -

What do I need to do for GSN to pick me up and add me to their schedule?

-- Super Saver Showdown

Chico: I'd say good contestants with great stories, a compelling host, and at least one person who likes to trade things. And either a Steve Harvey or Sherri Shepherd level talent. Not a Design Star who happens to be a hottie.
Jason: I got one more. It goes like this: "Hey baldy."
Chico: I'm afraid.
Gordon: I have a feeling you should be,

Hey Baldy:

Don't you love the way I am back in a big way and using kids to advance my career?

-- Jillian

Gordon: I was wondering why this email was covered in sweat.
Chico: You know something...I don't like the way you're using kids. I like the way kids are being used, but I don't like the way YOU're using them.
Gordon: I'm going to disagree here. How can you say you are using the kids when they are losing a ton of weight and will be healthy?
Chico: Yes, kids should get off the computer and get off the TV and go outside and play for 60 minutes after having a well-balanced meal... but they don't need YOU to tell them to do it. They need their parents, teachers and friends to tell them to do it.
Gordon: I got news for you - if you've seen the childhood obesity statistics - yes Jillian DOES need to tell them. Her and everyone else on TV.
Chico: We need to be examples. Not crazy angry hyper TV lady.
Gordon: Ummm...What's crazy angry hyper TV lady's record in terms of coaching the winning contestant?
Chico: I don't know, but I have a feeling you're going to tell me.
Gordon: I bet I will. When she was on the show, Crazy Angry Hyper TV Lady's record was 8-1.
Chico: And now her team's on the ropes.
Gordon: I want to be taught by Crazy Hyper TV Lady. You go have 'everyone gets a fat free cookie' trainer. I'll be driving all the money away in a pick up truck and laughing at you while you're munching on it.
Chico: No. Final question?
Gordon: Last email...

Dear Dr. Chico -

I don't think Manti T'eo is man enough for me. I want you to stick your hard disc into my floppy drive. Please bed me.

- Tammy Whamette

Chico: ... Jason, I think i got your mail by mistake. AGAIN.
Jason: Ha ha.
Chico: But yeah, that's not going to happen. I mean... You're a Whammy. Who know what the hell I'd get.
Gordon: What's wrong with Tammy? She's hot in a bathing suit.
Jason: DAMN
Chico: I have a feeling you're just gonna be one of those Google girlfriends. I've been hurt too much. =p Just saying.
Jason: :P
Chico: Okay, the Doctor's out. The Speed Round is in after this time out.

(Brought to you by To Tell The Truth: Facebook Edition. One of the people on Facebook is real. 2 of them are imposters. Can you tell the difference? Manti T'eo hosts.)

Chico: We could do this all day.
Jason: We could.
Chico: But time's running out, so let's go to the Speed Round... NOW!
Chico: Biggest Loser. Does the white team turn into a singular?
Gordon: No. Blue team loses one
Chico: Jeopardy! Helen gets how far?
Gordon: Tuesday sounds good.
Chico: I say Tuesday.
Gordon: Idol: Can Chico get through it for the whole episode?
Chico: That depends. Can you cover NEXT WEEK?
Gordon: Heh
Chico: Crystal Ball on Millionaire. Will it help any?
Gordon: Not a chance.
Jason: Probably not.
Chico: Do we have any mail?
Gordon: We don't. BOO. Where does it go if you want to send some?
Chico: Well, it goes to WLTI@gameshownewsnet.com. On Face: /wlti.gsnn And on twitter: @wltiongsnn. Next week, American Idol goes asplode...plus... will the Taste leave a bad taste in our mouths? That's next week. Meanwhile for now, big thanks to Jason Block for hanging out today. :-)
Jason: Glad to be here.
Chico: We're gonna go get some curly fries at the snack stop. For Gordon and everyone at GSNN, I'm Chico Alexander. Thanks for reading. Game over... and spread the love. :-)