Yo Momma: Best of the Best
Season 2
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Today is

Best of the Bronx - November 9

Last week, we crowned the best of Manhattan, then moved the show to the Bronx. Now it's time to bring the four daily winners together for another battle to see who'll take on the Best of New York at the end of the season.

Your contenders this week...

Brett, South Bronx, mowed Chris from Woodlawn
AJ, Riverdale, crushed Sunny Delight from Wakefield
Boomshard, Eastchester, wiped the floor with Rob from Pelham Bay
Hair Jordan, Morris Park, brushed off Nore from Throgs Neck

As always, Wilmer, Jason, and Sam will judge on originality, quickness, delivery and sting.

First up, the freestyle round. Hair Jordan continues where he left off, as he gets called out to call out his opponent for the next round. He wants Boomshard, while Brett takes on AJ. First up... Hair Jordan vs. Boomshard.

First up, the jury of their peers... Chris, Sunny Delight, Rob, and Nore

Round 1: Old & Crazy Mommas. Hair Jordan: "Your mom lost her virginity to George Washington. I can't tell a lie. He chopped her cherry tree." Boomshard: "Your mother's so old, the (^_^) took her road test on a dinosaur."

Chris: Boomshard
Sunny D: Hair Jordan
Rob: Boomshard
Nore: Boomshard

It's a 3-1 decision for Boomshard. Next up, Brett vs. AJ.

Round 2: Cheap & Lazy Mommas. AJ: "Your mama so lazy, she got a stay-at-home job and she still can't come to work on time." Brett: "Yo momma so cheap she got a discount card for the 99-cent store."

Nore: AJ
Rob: AJ
Sunny D: AJ
Chris: AJ

Call it a SWEEP! AJ wins this one.

Final round, Boomshard vs. AJ. Last one standing wins. Guest judge... Come on, who else... Fat Joe!

Battle 1, 30 second spit. Boomshard's best: "Yo momma's like a fryin' pan. Everybody throws their (^_^) in. She got no teeth trying to bite my style." AJ's: "Yo momma so old, she got an 8-track iPod." E-man chokes!

Battle 2, the target round. The targets: Boomshard's brother and AJ's friend Josh. Boomshard goes after their sneakers, poppin' pickles, and shadows looking like meatballs with feet. AJ gets in Mini-Me, stripper IOUs, and Daddy Yankee at a baseball game.

Battle 3: the knockout round...

AJ: "This guy momma so stupid, I told her, let's hit the dance floor. She was like *hitting the floor with his fist*"

Boomshard: "Your mother got no neck. She was in the Thriller video."

After the deliberation, the best of the Bronx... going to the Best of New York show... will be...  Boomshard! He gets $1000 more, tickets to the Black Eyed Peas, a new cell phone, and the chance to be crowned King of New York later in the season.


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