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Globetrotting and card-playing at its finest, as people from all walks of life come together on the greatest No-Limit Texas Hold'em tables on the planet for a chance at millions.

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Recaps by Johnny Orgovan, GSNN


Shana Hiatt, Mike Sexton, Vince van Patten
Creator: Steven Lipscomb
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Hollywood Home Game - July 9

While Johnny Orgovan is dealing with hurricanes in Florida, I am subbing in to bring you the Hollywood Home game. We know who Kathy Griffith (Celebrity Mole #1 Winner) is, but as for Jeremy Sisto, Billy Burke, Carlos Bernard, Ron Livingston and Tom Everett Scott, well...I have no clue who these people are. (C-Note: A Lot Like Love, Ladder 49, "24", "The Practice", and Van Wilder)

Hand #1 - We start with Kathy's A ? Q ? and Billy's 10 ? 10 ?. The flop is 5 p, 7 ?, 9 ? and Billy gets aggressive and bets into it. Kathy calls. The turn is a 9 ? and Billy, smiling pretty, puts more in. Kathy, playing the village idiot, calls. Every idiot has their day, though as an A ? on the River gives Kathy the winning hand. She knows it and bets $50,000. Billy, not thinking that Kathy has anything, calls. The hands are revealed and a thrilled Kathy takes half of Billy's chip stack.

Hand #2 - Carlos has a Q ? J ? and calls. Jeremy sticks around with a K ? and 6 ? , as does Kathy with a 10 ? 4 ?. The Flop is J ?. 6 ? 3 ?, and that pretty much forces Kathy out of the hand. Carlos bets and Jeremy calls. The river is the Q ? and Carlos now has the two top pair. It's Jeremy who is betting first and Carlos raises the minimum. Jeremy calls it. The turn is the 2 ?. Carlos bets at it again, Jeremy calls it again, and Jeremy will be losing a chunk of his chips to Carlos.

We see Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak in the player's lounge. They are the 'guides' in this game. If any of the celebrities needs assistance, they will use a 'Guide Card' and a guide will come and help them.

Hand #3 - Kathy raises the pot an A ? and a Q ?. Carlos has a pair of 9's (? , ?) and gladly calls. The flop is 6 ? 7 ? 9 ?. That gives Carlos trip 9's, but it also gives Kathy a flush draw. Carlos puts $30,000 in the pot and Kathy calls. The! a 5 ? gives Kathy the flush. Carlos bets $10,000 but Kathy gets aggressive and raises it to $50,000. Carlos calls and hopes to pair the board for a boat, but the 4 ? on the river doesn't do it. They both check and Kathy hauls in a monster pot.

We see a profile on Kathy Griffith, who is playing for Face to Face, an organization that gives surgeries to women who have been domestic battered housewives.

Hand #4 - Here we go again. Kathy has an A ? 8 ? and raises. Everyone bails...but Carlos Bernard has an A ? Q ? ...and folds. Apparently, Carlos is intimidated and Kathy wins the pot.

Hand #5 - Jereny calls with a 7 ? 6 ? . Tom Everett Scott raises with a J ? 10 ?. Kathy finally folds, but Billy Burke, with a K ? 4 ?, raises it. That gets rid of Jeremy, but Tom goes over the top and goes all-in. Billy calls and we see our first showdown. The flop - A ?, 7 p, 4 ? . The turn is a 7 p and the River is a 4 ?. That makes a 4 over 7's Full House for Billy, and he takes most of Tom's chips. Tom picked the wrong time to play his first hand.

Hand #6 - The blinds go up. Ron Livingston has a pait of 10's (?, ?) and goes for $30,000. Tom, with an A ? 4 ? with less than half his stack left, goes all-in. Kathy calls with a... K ? 4 ?. Wha? We have a 3 way as we see a flop of 7 ? 2 ?, J ?. That does nothing for anyone, which is good for Ron and his 10's. Everyone checks as a 9 ? comes on the Turn. Ron adds a straight and flush draw to his possibilities and bets a nice $100,000. Kathy calls, but then again, she has money to burn. The River A ? . That now gives the Pot to the All-in Tom. Kathy puts $50,000 in the pot. That's good enough to scare off Ron, who folds. Tom is happy, because he wins the 3-way. Kathy is happy, because she wins the side pot. Ron, who has given a combined $200,000 to the both of them, isn't too happy

Speaking of Tom, his charity is the Caring for the Children of Families with AIDS. Hand #7 - Jeremy is the short stack and calls with a Q ? J ?. Kathy has an A ? 5 ? and calls. The Flop is 9?, 8 ? 6 ?, giving Kathy a straight draw or a flush draw. Kathy bets at it, Jeremy raises enough to go all-in and Kathy calls. The Turn is a 7 ?, which gives Kathy a straight, and a 2 ? on the River gives Kathy a flush. It also gives Jeremy a trip to the showers, as he finishes in 6th.

Hand #8 - Ron gets big slick (A ? K ? ) and raises to 30,000. Tom has A ? 8 ? and calls. The flop is 9?, 6? 5? and Tom has a straight draw. Ron has the best hand, though and goes all-in. It will cost Tom $75,000 to call and he does so. Tom needs a 7 or an 8 to knock Ron out. The Turn is a 9 ? and a 10 ? pops up at the River. Ron stays alive and Tom takes a hit on his chips.

Hand #9 - Carlos calls with a A ? 9 ?. Tom also has an A, 6, though non-suited (A ? 6 ?) and also calls. Kathy raises with a K ? 10 ? with $50,000. That scares away Carlos, but Tom goes over the top and goes all-in. Kathy decides to gamble and calls. She doesn't like what she sees, and she really doesn't like a 6 ? 6 ? 7 ? on the Flop which gives Tom Trip 6's. A 7 ? on the Turn could be a split pot, but a 2 ? on the River gives Tom another double up and the chip lead - for now.

Hand #10 - Tom has an A ? 3 ?. Kathy has a Q ? 8 ?. Billy has black cowboys. Uh-oh. Kathy inexplicably calls, but it's a good one as the flop is Q ? J ? 9? . That gives Kathy a bunch of outs, but she can't have a 10. The Turn is a 2 ? and they both check. The River is a 5 ?, which gives Billy the win. They both check again and Billy nabs the pot and the chip lead, while Kathy's stash continues to shrink.

Billy is playing for VH1's Save The Music, which is a program to help fund music programs in the schools. Ron goes all in with a A ? 6 ?. Tom, with an A ? 5 ? , decides to use his red guide card to summon a poker pro. The pros instruct him to fold, and he does. It turns out to be the right move, as he would have been behind in the hand.

Hand #12 - The blinds increase again as Tom Everett has an A ? 9 ? and raises. Kathy goes all-in with a A ? 8 ? , and Tom is confused. He wants a red card, but he's already used it. Tom folds it and Kathy bluffs her way to another win.

Hand #13 - Kathy has the black tens, Tom has a K ? 8 ? and Ron has a 4 ? 2 ? . They all call and see a j ? 2 ? 3 ? . That doesn't help anyone but Tom gets aggressive. A 6 ? goes up for the Turn and Ron goes all-in. That scares Kathy enough to fold.

Action International is a company that allows groups to start their own business. That's what Carlos is playing for, but on Hand #14, Carlos starts and calls with a K ? 10 ?. Kathy has Big Slick (A ?, K ? ) and raises it to $75,000. Carlos raises and goes all-in and Kathy quickly calls. That spells disaster for Carlos, who needs a 10. The flop has ...2 Tens! (10 ?, 10 ?, 5 ? ), a K ? comes on the Turn, which gives Kathy a shot at a push, but a 5 ? on the River gives Carlos an almost $450,000 win on a suck-out. It's now Kathy on the sucking as she is the new short stack.

Hand #15 - Ron has a pair of 10's (? and ?) and makes a nice raise. Kathy goes for an all-in with a K ? and an 8 ?. In a weird scene, Billy has the OTHER set of 10's (? and ?) and calls. As there are no more 10's, a king popping up would be huge for Kathy. The flop is nothing close to a king - a 7 ? 6 ? 3 ? . Now it's Tom who goes all-in and Billy has to make a decision. Billy calls and they show each other the 10's. The turn is a 2 ? , and Ron now has a flush draw. The river is red...but a J ? gives the men a split pot while Kathy, after a strong start, got too greedy and is out in 5th place. Kathy is depressed and speaks to Phil Laak about getting therapy. I don't think he's the right person to talk to about that.

Hand #16 - Billy has a A ? 10 ? and raises it to $80,000. Ron calls with a 8 ? 6 ? and wants to get lucky, which he gets with a 7 ? 6 ? 3 ? Flop. Ron bets $100,000, which is a third of his stack. It's also around a third of Billy's stack, so he uses the Red Card. Antonio warns him that with any pair he's dead, so he should fold. Billy does do that, as he protects his lead and Ron wins the pot.

Hand #17 - Kathy comes back and tells them how much she hates all of them. As she leaves (what a nice gal), Tom goes all in with a A ? 6 ?. Billy bails, but Carlos, with a K? 8 ? , calls. The Flop pairs both the Ace and the King, and with nothing else coming out, the Aces win. TOm also wins, while Carlos gets relegated to short stack duty.

Carlos is playing for PS Arts, which, like save the music, also helps out educational programs who's music funding has been cut. Ron doesn't want to get cut, so he raises on an A ? 8 ?. Tom has a K ? 9 ? and re-raises. Billy bails and Ron goes over the top. Tom calls and is on the short stack. The flop is a Q ? 6 ?, 2 ?, which is no help to anyone. A 10 ? is a gut shot straight draw, but not with a 7 ? on the river. Tom loses the hand and loses the match, falling into 4th place.

Hand #19 - Billy has an A ? 6 ? and raises it. Carlos has a pair of 6's and raises it to all-in status. Billy calls - and he sees that he needs an Ace. Instead, he gets a 6 (6 ? , 5 ?, 3 ?). BIlly needs 2 Aces - he gets a 9 ? on the turn and the hand is out. Billy is very short stacked...

...and on Hand #20, he goes all in with a K ? 6 ?. Unfortunately, Carlos gets that same A ? 6 ? that Billy had on the last hand and he calls. The flop (9 ? Q ? , 5 ?), Turn (1- ?) and River (2 ?) doesn't do it and Billy goes from leader to out in third in 2 hands. As the money rains down on the final two players, we see that Carlos is now the leader, with a $100,000 lead on Ron.

Hand #21 - The flop is a A ? 10 ? 2 ?. That gives them both potential, but no hitting, so they both check. The turn is a 7 ? , which also helps no one. They both check and we see a River of 8 ? Again, no help, and Carlos will win...if he calls Ron's $50,000 bet. He does, and Carlos wins amazingly with a Queen high. That gives Carlos the lead again.

Hand #22 - Ron has a 5 ? 4 ? and mak es the call. Carlos has a 9 ? 2 ? and calls. The Flop, a 6 ? 3 ? K ?, gives Carlos the lead and he bets it. Ron quickly bails and Carlos increases his lead.

Hand #23 - Carlos has a K ? 7 ? and calls it. Ron, with a 10 ? 3 ?, goes over the top and goes all-in. Carlos calls and he has the best hand going into the Flop, which is a A ? K ? & ?. That gives Carlos 2 pair, but a 3 ? on the Turn gives Ron some hope...which is extinguished when the River yields a 2 ?. Carlos wins the match and gives P.S. Arts $10,000, as well as giving himself a free seat into the WPT Championship.

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