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Globetrotting and card-playing at its finest, as people from all walks of life come together on the greatest No-Limit Texas Hold'em tables on the planet for a chance at millions.

Time to shuffle up and deal!

Recaps by Johnny Orgovan, GSNN


Shana Hiatt, Mike Sexton, Vince van Patten
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Reno Hilton World Poker Challenge - June 23

One more show before the Championship game. I'm Johnny Orgovan, and welcome back to the weekly World Poker Tour recap. Here we go!

1. Michael Yoshino $937,000
2. Russ Carlson $802,000
3. Arnold Spee $721,000
4. Phil Ivey $490,000
5. Blair Rodman $478,000
6. Mark Chapic $182,000

Mike raises K10 c, everyone folds to Arnold who reraises with Ah Jd and Mike folds hand one.

Russ has A/2c and raises. Michael calls with 6d 6c. Everyone else folds, and we have our first flop. 10h 4h 5s. Russ has an inside straight draw. Russ bets. Michael calls. Turn is 3d! Russ has a straight and goes all in. Michael folds!

Russ folds, Arnold folds. Michael has Ad Js and raises. Mark folds. Phil has 10s 10d! Essentially a coinflip if Phil decides to call...Phil raises! Michael calls! Flop: 8c 10h 7s Phil now has a set of tens! Michael still has hope with four to the straight. Phil bets 100,000 chips. Michael folds!

Russ folds, Blair folds, Arnold folds. Michael has Ah 5c and raises. Phil has As 10h and calls. Two way action. Flop: 9h 8h 7d. Phil has a two way straight draw now Michael has a draw also, but
what he doesn't know is a 6 would give Phil the higher straight! Phil checks and Michael bets. Phil calls. Turn Qd. No help. Phil checks, Michael bets! Michael needs a 5 to win this hand unless Phil folds. But Phil goes ALL IN! Michael folds!

Michael folds. Mark moves all in with QJs Everyone folds to Arnold with a pair of 9s who calls! Mark's tourney life is on the line. Flop: 6d 7d jd! Mark has a pair of Jacks now and the lead! Arnold needs to spike a 9 or 8 10, or a diamond on the turn or river. Turn: Ks. No help. Jacks still in front. River is ANOTHER JACK! Mark doubles up! Phil has Ks 10d and raises to $36,000 but right behind him Russ gets AK c! Russ goes all in! Blair folds two tens but hold on, folks! Michael has Qh Qd! He immediately moves ALL IN! Mark folds, Phil folds and we have a coin flip!

Flop is Jh 2c help for Russ. Turn...Qc! Michael now has three Queens! Russ has a a club flush draw and a Broadway draw! Russ needs a 10 or club to knock out Michael. River is.....
5d! Michael doubles up!

Michael is now over a million! Arnold, Mike and Mark fold, Phil has two ACES and bets. Everyone else folds. Phil wims the pot

Michael folds. Mark is all in with As Jh Russ has 7h 7d! Russ has Mark covered. Russ calls! Blair has Ad Ks! calls! three way pot! Two players are all in! Flop: 6s Qd 9s! Russ has the lead still. Turn Kd! Blair takes the lead with Kings. Mark needs a 10 for a straight. Russ needs a 7 to knock two's the river! Qc! Mark is out and Russ is out! Down to 4!

Here's a Chip Count:
1. Michael Yoshino $1,106,000
2. Blair Rodman $ 911,000
3. Phil Ivey $ 893,000
4. Arnold Spee $ 703,000

Michael folds, Phil raises with Ah 4d, Arnold calls with Kh Qd. Two way... Flop: 6d 4s 9c Phil now has a pair of 4s. Arnold bets $70,000 and Phil re-raises. Arnold is ALL IN! Phil folds!

Arnold has Kh 10c and raises. Michael has 78h and calls. Blair has As 10h and checks. Flop: 2h 5c Ad. Phoil wou'ld have had the wheel, but as it is, Blair is in front with Aces. Blair checks, Arnold checks. Michael bets! Blair calls, Arnold folds. Turn is Jh, Michael has a flush draw! Blair bets. Michael calls and needs a heart. River is 5H! Blair has aces up, but Michael has a flush!
Blair checks, Michael bets! Blair folds!

Phil is now the short stack. Blair fold, Arnold folds, Michael has Ah 2h and calls. Phil raises with 8s 6d and Michael quickly calls. Flop: 8d 4d 2h. Both have pairs, Phil's is higher, however. Michael checks. Phil bets. Michael re-raises Phil! Phil goes ALL IN on just a PAIR! Michael calls! Michael has Phil covered. turn is 4c! Phil just has to dodge an A or 2. River..... 10s!

Michael has A9S and raises. Phil has A7h and calls. Blair calls with 85d, and arnold calls with 6s 6h. Four way pot. Flop: 5s Qc 6d Arnold has three 6's now! Everyone checks to Phil. Phil bets $150,000 Arnold raises. everyone else folds!

Arnold now has the chip lead! Blair is the shortstack. Michael has Ks Kd and raises. Blair has AQh. Blair goes all in, Michael calls! Flop: 10c 6c 4s. No help to Blair. Blair needs an Ace or runners. Turn: Qs Blair needs one more Queen... River is Qd! Blair has the chip lead and Michael is crippled!

Phil folds. Blair raises with Kc 8h..Arnold reraises with Ah Ks. Michael has 54s and calls. Blair folds. Flop: 3c 6s As. Michael has a flush draw, Arnold has a pair of Aces.Turn: 5d Arnold has Aces up. Michael has a lot of outs! River is 6c Michael is out and we are down to three! Everyone has over a million and this, my friends, is a horse race! Blair has 42d and raises, Arnold fold. Phil calls with Qh Jd Flop: 9c 9h Kc. Phil has an inside straight draw. Phil bets and Blair folds.

Phil folds, Blair has A5h and raises, Arnold has 10d 9h and calls. Flop: 10s Jd 8s Arnold has a pair of tens. and a straight draw, it goes check check. Turn is 3s. Arnold bets and Blair folds.

Blair folds. Arnold has As Ad and raises. Phil has 76s and calls! Flop: 4c 6h 10d Phil has a pair but Arnold has aces! it goes check check. Turn is 8c Arnold bets and Phil calls. River is a Qs. Arnold goes all in and Phil folds!

Blair folds. Arnold raises with Ah 2d Phil calls with Kh Js Flop: 5s 9h Jh Phil has a pair of Jacks. Arnold bets. Phil goes all in. Arnold folds!

Arnold has Ah 10s, Phil folds, Blair has 64S and goes ALL IN. Arnold quickly folds. Blair has Qh Qd and raises, Arnold folds and Phil goes all in with 6s 6h. Flop is Js 4h 9d, no help. Turn is 2h, Phil needs a 6. But the river is a Queen! Blair doubles up!

Arnold has Kd KC Phil goes all in with 9s 9d! Flop: jh 8s 4c, no help turn is 10s which gives Phil a straight draw. River is a 10c! Phil Ivey is OUT! WE ARE HEADS UP! Arnold has a 2/1 lead
Arnold has 8d 8c Blair has A6 and calls. Flop: Ks Jh Kd it goes check check Turn qh. Blair bets and Arnold calls. River is 6h. Arnold bets and Blair folds.

Blair has Kh 4c and calls. Arnold checks with Ks 9d. Flop: 4h qs 10c Blair has 4s and Arnold has a straight draw and checks. Blair bets and arnold calls, Turn 3s and it goes check check. River is 3d. Arnold bets and Blair folds.

Arnold has 43s and calls Blair has kd 7h and checks. Flop:3c 9s 7s Arnold has a flush draw, Blair has a pair. Arnold bets. Blair goes all in and Arnold QUICKLY calls. Arnold needs a 3 4 or spade. Turn is a 4! Arnold wins! Unbelievable!

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