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Globetrotting and card-playing at its finest, as people from all walks of life come together on the greatest No-Limit Texas Hold'em tables on the planet for a chance at millions.

Time to shuffle up and deal!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Shana Hiatt, Mike Sexton, Vince van Patten
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Grand Prix de Paris - March 23

No, I'm not Chris Wolvie - but I am Gordon Pepper, and this is the new season of the World Poker Tour. This is my first ever poker recap, so if there is any thing that you would like to see, please let me know.

In this episode, we go to Paris - the city of lights - for the Grand Prix de Paris. Roger Sexton and Vince Van Patten are your announcers. We are at the Aviation Club - and these 6 people are joining us for this competition...

Seat #1 - Surinder Sunar - 202,000 Euros. He's a blackbelt, so the next person better know not to mess with him...

Seat #2 - Tony G. - 442,000 Euros. We get a flashback of Tony G and George the Greek. George is not there this year, but Tony is, and I am sure he has brought all of his ringside manner (read: NONE) with him.

Seat #3 - Davie Couclough - 338,000 Euros. He's called 'El Blondie' and he wants to be the blonde bomber at the table.

Seat #4 - Peter Roche - 615,000 Euros. He's from Dublin and he hopes that Irish eyes are smiling.

Seat #5 - Jim Overman - 359,000 Euros. This sheet metal foreman Satellited himself in with a $100 deposit, so right now, anything he does will net him a dump truck worth of money.

Seat #6 - Ben Roberts - 99,000 Euros. As the short-stack, expect him to be involved early.

Hand #1 - Everyone folds, so we go to the blinds. Ben, the small blind, has 10/3 Hearts, and he goes all in. Surinder, the big blind, has an 8/2 off-suit, and he has to fold. Ben wins the first pot of the show.

Hand #2 - Tony G has a K?/9?, while Peter has an A♦/10?. The flop is 10?/Q?/9?. Tony has a pair of 9's and bets, but Peter, with a pair of 10's calls. The turn (7♦) and River (3♦) helps no one, and Peter bets 40,000 Euros. Tony calls - and doesn't like what he sees, as Peter wins the hand. So far, Tony G hasn't said anything - that's going to change as Peter grabs over 150,000 euros.

Hand #3 - Jim has a A?/10♦, and raises the pot to 30,000. Surinder, with a 10?/9♦, is looking for a tell, thinks he sees one and raises to 66,000. Everyone else bails, and it's 36,000 to Jim. He calls, and we see a flop of Q&clubs, 6♦, Q?. That gives Surinder nothing, but he bets 40,000. Jim picked up nothing on the flop either, and he folds, giving Surinder the pot.

We get a profile of Surinder and Ben, who talk about the 4 aspects - losing a little, losing a lot, winning a little and winning a lot. They play conservative, but El Blondie thinks that Tony G and Peter, who are much more risk-taking, are much more dangerous. We hear nothing on the American - who apparently doesn't count.

With that, Tony G wakes up and says how everyone is going to double him up and how he will send Peter out the door in 10 minutes. Hand #5 - Tony G gets a 6 ♦ and 7 ♦, and Peter, with a 9 ? and 8 ?, goes all in. That's a perfect hand to eliminate Peter on, but Tony G, who has nothing, bails out, and it's now Peter talking smack to Tony.

While Tony and Peter continue to yap, we get hand #6 - Tony has a 5 ♦ and a 5 ? while Peter has a Q ? 10 ?. The flop is 9 ♦, 8 ? and 7 ♦. Peter goes all in and Tony calls. Peter needs a 10, a queen or a jack. The turn is...A ?. That gives Peter a lot of outs...but a A ♦ isn't it and Tony wins the pot. Tony now tells Peter that he's going to take all of his chips and will destroy him - then says that it's just a game. Peter looks like he wants to kill him - for real.

Next up - a profile on how Tony G like to get into people's heads. He says that when he plays poker, he can go out of control and go into an entirely different state of mind, adding that he can feel what the other people has...'I'm going to go after you, and I'm going to get you.' Tony has some issues he needs to work on.

Hand #7 - Jim has big slick (A?/ K?) and he just calls. Tony G has an A?/ 7♦while Peter (A?/ 4♦) and Dave ( 7?/ 6♦) call for the ride. The flop is...

K♦, 6?, k?

That's a bonanza for Jim, who is looking to trap. no one bites. The turn is...


This time, Peter bites for 12,000, and Tony raises to 30,000. This is a bonanza for Jim, who has kings over 6's, while Dave has 6's over kings. The river is...


Everyone checks to Jim, who bets 30,000. Tony bails, but Peter buys - and gets a lemon. Jim wins over 250,000 worth of bank.

We finally see Jim, who is a commercial worker. He wants to make enough to quit his job. Don't we all?

Let's see a chip count -

Peter - 567,000
Surinder - 415,500
Tony - 373,000
Jim - 328,000
Ben - 264,000
Dave - 107,000

Dave needs to make a move. On Hand #7 - he goes all in on a q♦/ j♦. Everyone else folds - except Tony, with a A♦/ q?. Tony keeps yapping and Dave is not happy about it. The flop - 9?, 4?, 9♦. That doesn't help Dave, who needs a Jack. a 3?on the turn doesn't help. The river is....a Jack?! Dave doubles up to 214,000, while Tony, who drops to 5th, is speechless...for 10 seconds. 'You have to take defeat as well as you take victory.' That's very nice of Tony - I don't think that will last very long.

Hand 8 - David comes in with 80,000 on a k♦/ Q?, but Jim picks up a 10?/ 10♦/ and goes all in. David calls - and he sees that he needs help. As Tony does color commentary and wants to see a man's flop, we see the flop is 2?, 4?, 9?. The flop is a 5?, and David needs some paint. He gets a 10?instead and Dave is the first person to be eliminated.

We've played some hands since then - so let's see who has what...

1. Peter - 527,000
2. Jim - 522,000
3. Surinder - 399,000
4. Ben - 316,000
5. Tony - 290,000

Tony is in last, but has more than enough chips to cripple someone should he go all in and win. Hand 9 - Ben had A?/ K♦and raises to 90,000. Surinder has a 3♦and a 3?and wants a count. Surinder goes all in and Ben calls. It's a race situation, and as Tony once again talks about commitment (shut up, Tony), we get a flop of 8?, 9?...3?. That gives Surinder trip 3's, and there's nothing on the turn or river than can save Ben, who finishes in 5th.

The commentators note that this is like a horror movie - as the people are getting killed, the monster is still in the house. Heh. Hand 10 - Tony comes out with an A♦6?, and Surinder, with a k?10♦, is looking for a tell. Tony starts talking and Surinder calls. The flop is 10?, 3?, 9?. This spells a massive problem for Tony - and even more so when Surinder goes all in. Tony has no choice but to fold - which he does.

That's two big wins for Surinder, which should put him in first place...

1. Surinder - 731,000
2. Peter - 613,000
3. Jim - 482,000
4. Tony - 228,000

...and it does. Tony is still lurking around with enough chips to be a royal pain. Hand 11 - Peter raises his A♦/ 10?- but he doesn't realize that Surinder has a K?/ K?and raises it to 140,000. Tony G bails out and Peter goes all in. Surinder calls and does not want to see an Ace. Flop - 9?, k♦, 7?. That gives Surinder trips, and Peter needs two runners. a 4?is not one of the runners and Peter, with one bad move, gets thrown out of the competition. As he leaves, he gets consoled by...Tony? I'm sure he'd prefer to be eaten by the monster right about now. We now have a chip monster as Surinder has more than one million chips.

This week's poker corner - we talk about All In. Mike Sexton talks about how it will work every time - except once, adding that you can only slide as much on barbed wire without getting cut to ribbons. As a short stack, you can use it to your advantage - but one bad all in and you're gone.

We move to hand 12 - Jim has a 8?/ 8♦and Tony goes all in. Jim calls - but he doesn't realize that Tony G has a 10?10?. Tony needs to avoid an 8 - and the flop (a♦, 9?, 6?), the turn (6?) and the river (5?) allows Tony to double up. He goes back into his 'I'm going to take everything you have' tirade, and while he says that they are having a friendly poker game, the audience is starting to heckle him.

After we see a montage of Paris and the 205 people who competed in this competition, we get to hand #13. Surinder has an 8?/ 2?, and he calls. Over to Tony G, with a 6♦/ 3?, who just checks. The flop is a 4?, 3?and a 7?, and all of a sudden, Tony has a pair of 3's and a possible straight draw. They both check and see an A?on the turn. Surinder and Tony both bet the minimum as they await the river, which is a 3?. Tony gets trip 3's and eggs Surinder to bet. He does, and loses $200,000 to Tony G, who now gives his spiel to Surinder. 'You are never going to want to play poker with me, ever!'. Well, I certainly don't want to see him on my tv screen ever, so he has accomplished part of his task.

Shauna talks to Marcel Luske about his opinion of the 'Australian Airbag'. Marcel says that Tony is crossing the line, but a warning should be given, but not a penalty. 'He deserves a warning - and a cup of black coffee'. I wonder when he visits the U.S., if Tony G stays at Mike Matesou's place.

Hand #15 - Tony G gets a Q♦/ 6?. Thanks to his win on the last hand, he now has more than Jim and raises to 90,000. Jim, with a 8♦/ 8?, goes over the top and goes all in. It will cost Tony an extra 183,000 - and he calls. The flop is 9♦, 3?, 7♦, which is good for Jim. The flop is a 6♦, which is not so good, as Tony only needs a diamond to win. The river....a q?! Tony apologizes for the evening, but is more than happy to escort Jim out in third place.

We're down to heads up between Tong 'The Melbourne Mouth' G and Surinder Sunar. Only 4,000 separates them (1,029,000 for Surinder Vs. 1,025,000 for Tony) and as we start hand 16, Surinder has a q?/♦9 . Tony check with his 8♦/ 4♦. The flop is a 6?, 2?... and 9?. Surinder has a pair of 9's as Tony, who gets nothing, checks. Surinder bets 36,000, and Tony, with nothing, raises 104,000 to 140,000 and Surinder calls. The turn is a 5?, and that gives Tony 2 shots at a straight. He bets $201,000 and Surinder calls that too. The river is a 4?and Tony goes all in...with his pair of 4's. If Surinder calls, then this match is over...but Surinder, with only a pair of 9's, folds, which gives Tony G a 680,000 win. After the match, Tony G shows him his bluff and gives Surinder an earful.

Tony G is up to 1,454,000 while Surinder only has 600,000 as we go to Hand #17. Surinder, with a 6?/ 6♦, goes all in, and Tony G, with a J?/ 8♦, calls. Huh? Why would you call with that? Mike and Vince berate him, and the flop (3♦, q♦, 9?), turn (2?) and river (3?) agree with Mike and Vince, as Surinder takes the lead back.

Hand 18 - Tony goes all in with a 10?/ 8?. Surinder, with an A♦, J?, calls. It's now Surinder who can win the tournament, but a 7?, 10♦and 5♦on the flop is disastrous as Tony pairs his 10's. The flop (6♦) gives Surinder a chance at a flush, and the river is.... a 9?. That gives Tony a straight as he now has a huge lead on Surinder. Tony promises to attack Surinder right out of the tournament as the audience is looking very disgusted.

Tony G is up 1,706,000 to 348,000, which means that Surinder has to win a pair of all ins just to get the lead. He's looking good to win one of them in hand 19, as his j?/ j♦convinces him all in. Tony's cards? A j?/ 4♦. Wha? Sure, Tony is up by a lot, but you won't be if you keep betting on a jack/4 off-suit. The flop is a k♦, 5?, and a A?, but with a flop being a 2♦, Tony can win the tournament with a 3. The river..... k?. Surrender moves up to 602,000 Vs. Tony's 1,452,000.

Can Surinder do it again? We go to hand 20 to find out as Surinder sees a k♦/ 6♦. This time, Tony G has a 10♦/ 10?and for once, he is the favorite. The flop is...6?, 6?, 9♦! That gives Surinder trip 6's, and Tony looks ill. The turn is a 9?, which gives Tony an out of a 9 or 10. The river is...5?, and Surinder now takes the lead.

Hand 21 - Tony G now goes all in with a k♦/ 3?. Surinder only sees one card - but calls. The card that he saw is an A♦, and his accompanying card is a 7?. The flop is a 6?, 10♦, q?, and that helps on one. The turn is a j♦- and that gives Tony an open ended straight. Tony needs an Ace, 9 or 3, and the river is...6?!!! Surinder smacks the table in jubilation as he wins the competition. He shakes Tony G's hand, as he quickly shuts up, puts on his coat and looks like he's running out of dodge.

The final results - 6th - Dave - 84,890. 5th - Ben - 101,980. 4th - Peter - 135,970. 3rd - Jim - 203,960. 2nd - Tony - 339,930. 1st - Surinder - 679,860.

Thanks for reading the first recap. On the next one, we see 5 women and one guy compete to go up against a bunch of bad boys. Join us in 5 days to see who they are.

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