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Globetrotting and card-playing at its finest, as people from all walks of life come together on the greatest No-Limit Texas Hold'em tables on the planet for a chance at millions.

Time to shuffle up and deal!

Recaps by Johnny Orgovan, GSNN


Shana Hiatt, Mike Sexton, Vince van Patten
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Cruisin' Mexico PartyPoker Million - June 15

Welcome back to the World Poker Tour! We have six poker players vying for oodles of money, so let's see our first chip standings:

1. David Minto $2,5000,000
2. Richard Kain $1,530.000
3. Matthew Cherackel $1,440,000
4. Paul Darden $900,000
5. Michael Gracz $630.000
6. Adam Csallany $360,000

We are playing Limit Poker. Michael folds, Adam folds, Matt folds, David folds. Battle of the blinds. Paul has A♦ 9♠ and raises. Richard has J♠ 9 ♣ Paul; is out in front. Flop: 2♠ 5♣ 8 ♦ No help to either player, Darden still has the lead. Paul bets, Richard raises with nothing! turn 8♣ giving Richard a straight draw. Richard bets, and paul calls. River 10♥ Richard misses his straight. Paul checks, Richard bets, with four to the straight. Paul calls and wins the hand!

Richard has 9/10 ♦ and raises. Michael has two queens and calls. Paul has J ♦ 9&spades and calls. Flop is 7 ♥ 9♣ K&spades Michael still has top pair. Paul bets, Richard raises and Adam folds. Turn: J♠ Paul has two pair and checks. Richard bets with the straight draw. Paul reraises and Richard calls. River is 6♠ Paul bets, and Richard folds!

David folds, Paul folds, Richard has Q8♣ and raises. Michael has A♠ J♣ and reraises. Adam and Matt fold. Richard checks. Flop: Q♠ 3♥ K♣ Richard has a pair of queens. Both check. Turn is J♠ Michael has Jacks but Richard has the lead with Queens. Richard bets and Michael calls. River is J ♦ and Michael catches three jacks! Richard checks, Michael bets, and Richard pays it off!

Matt folds, David has A♦ J♠ and raises. Paul folds. Richard calls with 9/10♣ Michael folds. Adam has J♠ J♥ and just calls. Flop is Q♦ 4 ?♥ No help to anyone. Adam checks, David bets, Richard folds, and Adam calls. Turn is the 7♣ still no help. Adam checks, David bets, and Adam calls again! River: K♣ Adam checks his Jacks. David bets and Adam calls and wins the hand!

Richard has A3 ♦ and raises, Everyone folds over to Paul with 9, 5 ♥ and calls. Flop: A ♥ 5♦ 9♠ Paul has two pair. Richard has Aces. Both check. Turn 3♠ giving Richard the better two pair. Paul bets, Richard raises. Paul calls. River 6&spades. Richard can only lose if he folds. Paul bets, and Richard calls and wins the pot!

Everyone folds to Richard with K&clubs K♥ Michael has 8 7 ♣, and calls. Flop: 7&♦7♠ Q ♦giving Michael three sevens. Michael bets, Richard calls. Turn: 6♣ No help for Richard, Michael checks, Richard bets quickly, Michael raises, and Richard RE-raises with two pair! Michael calls. River is A♥ Michael has the best hand. Michael bets, Richard calls and takes a HUGE hit. Chip count time:

1. Michael Gracz $1,690,000
2. David Minto $1,640,000
3. Matthew Cherackall $1,340,000
4. Paul Darden $1,180,000
5. Adam Csallany $1,170,000
6.Richard Kain $340,000

Everyone folds to Adam, who raises with 10/2 ♦. David has AQ♥and
three bets it. Paul folds, Adam calls. flop is A♣ 6 ♥ 8♥

David has top pair and the Nut Flush draw. Adam has nothing. David bets and Adam just calls. Turm is 2♣. Adam now has a pair of Deuces. David bets, Adam raises, and David calls. River: 2♠ What a suckout! Adam has three twos! Adam bets, and David looks him up! What a suckout!

David has J♣ J♠ and raises. Matt is the lone caller with Q9♠ Flop: 10 ♦ 9 ♥Q♣ and Matt flops two pair while David has a straight draw. David bets. Quick call by Matt. Turn: 8♠ David has a STRAIGHT! Matt needs a Q or a 9. Matt bets, David raises, and Matt lays it down!

Richard has K9♣ and raises. Paul has Q♠ Q♣ and raises. Richard calls. Flop is 7 ♥K ♥ 3♠ Richard has the lead with kings. Richard is ALL IN and needs to dodge a queen. Turn is 2 ♦ No help! Richard is still in front. The river brings another 2 and Richard is still alive!

Adam has 2♠ 2♥ and raises. Matt lays down a pair of 5s. David folds, Paul folds, and Michael calls. Flop is Q♠ 2♦ K ♦ giving Adam three 2s! Michael bets and Adam raises. Michael RE-Raises with just a pair of threes. Adam calls. Turn is a 3♦ Michael has THREE THREES! Michael wins the pot with a check raise!

David folds, Paul folds, Richard raises with A ♦ 2♥ Adam just calls with 9 ♦ 9♠. Matt calls with 7♦ 6♣ Flop 3♦ 3♠ 2♣ Richard has the pair of Deuces. Adam bets, Matt folds, and Richard calls. Turn is ♥Adam bets, Richard raises, and Adam callls. River is a J ♦ both check and Adam wins!

Adam has 7♥ 7♣ and raises. Everyone folds to Richard with AQ♠ and raises. Adam calls. Flop: J♣ 4♠ 2♣ Richard bets. Adam calls. Turn 3♣ Richard bets and Adam calls. River: 6♥ Richard goes all in, and Adam takes him out!

Chip count time:

1. Michael Gracz $2,690,000
2. Matthew Cherackall $1,480,000
3. David Minto . $1,420,000
4. Adam Csallany $1,370,000
5. Paul Darden $400,000
6.Richard Kain OUT

Michael has Big slick and raises. Adam has a pair of 3's and re raises. Everyone else folds, Michael caps and Adam calls. Flop: 3♠ 5 ♦ 6♠. Adam has three Threes! Michael bets. Adam calls. Turn: 8♠ giving Michael the nut flush draw.. Michael bets and Adam just calls. River is Q♣ no help. Michael checks, Adam bets, and Michael pays it off!

Adam raises with K6♦ and Paul calls with Q5♦ Flop is 3♥ 8♠ 9&spades. No help to anyone. Paul checks and Adam bets. Paul folds!

Paul goes all in with the pair of 7s. Adam has K9 off suit and Michael has J/10 offsuit. Here's the flop. 9&spades 10♦ 7♠ Paul has three 7s,Michael hs a pair of tens, and both Adam and Michael have flush draws! Michael bets and Adam raises. Michael calls. Turn is 8♣ giving Michael a straight. Michael bets and Adam raises with nothing! Michael calls, a Queen comes up the river. Paul is out in 5th place! Michael wins the pot!

David folds, Michael raises with a pair of 9's. Adam has a pair of 3's and calls. Matt with J6 offsuit calls! Three way flop. A♦ 8♠ 3♠ Adam has three crabs and bets. Matt folds, Michael calls and needs a 9. Turn is 4&clubs: no help. Adam bets, and Michael calls. River: 2♠ Adam has the winning hand. Adam bets and Michael calls.

Michael raises with 8's, Adam three bets with 5's. everyone else folds. Flop is q;♦10♥ 9♠ Michael has a straight draw. Adam bets, Michael raises. Adam re-raises. Michael calls. A&clubs comes on the turn. Adam bets. Michael raises! Adam lays it down!

Matt raises with K♦ Q♣ Adam has crabs and calls, and it's a coin flip. Flop: 9♦ 9♥ Q ♦  Matthew takes the lead. Adam checks, Matt bets and Adam check raises!. Matt calls. Turn is 5♣ no help. Adam bets and Matt raises. Adam calls. River: 8♠ Matt bets, and Adam pays it off!

Adam is now the short stack. David folds, Michael calls with A♠ 3♣. Matt raises with AQ ♥ Michael calls. Flop is AQ9 Matthew has two pair. He bets and Michael calls. Turn is 10♣. No help. Matt bets and Michael raises. Matt calls. River is an 8♣! It goes check check and Michael wins with a FLUSH!

Adam has KJ offsuit and raise, David calls with another KJ Michael calls with wired 5s. Three players:

Flop: 10♠ 7♠ 7♦ Two pair for Michael. David checks, Michael bets, Adam calls, David folds, turn 8 ♦ Michael bets. Adam folds!

Adam is now the short stack. David raises, and Adam is all in. its KS offsuit for Adam vs two hearts for David. Flop: Q♣ J♣ 7♦ no help. Adam needs a K or a 5. Turn: A♠ Adam needs a ten! But the river is a 4! Adam is out!

Matt calls with A♥ 8♣ David calls with 8♦ J♥ Flop: K♠ 10♠ 9♦ David has a straight draw. Matt checks. David bets and Matt folds.

Matt is the short stack now. Michael raises with 9&clubs 8 ♦ Matt reraises with AQ♦ David folds. Michael sends Matt all in, and David folds. Matt goes all in. Flop: K♥5 ♥ 5♣ Michael needs a 9 8 or runner runner. Turn:4♥ No straight possibility now, Matt needs a 9 or 8. River .... 9♠! Matt has done it. WE ARE HEADS UP!

Mike has red 7/3, David has two Aces. Both call. Flop is 10 8 8 and David has 2 pair. Michael bets it, trying to bluff, but David raises and isn't going anywhere. turn is a 7, David bets and Michael folds

Michael raises with an A6 and David reraises with 10 high. Flop is A Q J David has a straight draw, Michael has Aces. David bets and Michael calls! the 4 of diamonds comes off and David now has a flush draw!. David bets. Michael calls. River is the A of diamonds. Michael has three aces, David has the flush and calls!

David has K7 suited and raises, Michael has KQ and calls. Flop is A J J Michael has a straight draw. David bets. Mike calls. 9♣ on the turn, no help. it goes check check, a 7 comes out the river, David has two sevens!. Michael bets, and David calls and wins the pot !

We're about even now. David has 98♦ Michael calls with J&clubs 8♥ Flop: J♠ 8♣ 6♠ and Michael flops two pair and checks. David bets with his pair. Michael check raises. David calls, turn is 2♦
David checks and Michael bets. river is K♥ Michael bets. David calls and Michael takes the chip lead. David has TWO ACES, Michael calls with a 7J flop is 9 Q 10 all different suits. David bets. Michael sets him all in with the straight draw. Michael needs an 8 or a king. Turn is a 6! River is a 3! David doubles up!

Miike has A9 hearts and raises, David has A6 and reraises and Michael calls. Flop: 10♣ 5♥ 8♣ No help to anyone, but David bets and Mike calls. Turn is 7♣ giving Michael a straight draw. David has a straight and nut flush draw. David bets and Mike calls. River: 8h! Michael bets and David calls. now we have a showdown because David is down to 20k. Michael has J2 ♦ David has 10♣ 5♥

Flop: JJ5 and David needs two 5s. the turn... 7♦! Michael wins!

Until next time this is Johnny Orgovan saying may your cards be live and your pots be huge!

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