Without Prejudice?
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Today is

Martin/Heidi/Mike/Diane/Ricky - August 21

Another five people will be judged to see who is worthy of $25,000 on another episode of "Without Prejudice?". But this promises to be anything but easy as the factors that divide us - and the jury - are put to the test. Another important thing to remember is that it is not about who needs the money the most. In fact, the one question that is taboo is "What are you going to use the money for?"


Tonight's players...

Martin Vogel; 42; Pasadena, CA
Heidi Foster; 35; Salt Lake City, UT
Mike Hennessey; 41; Van Nuys, CA
Diane Bennett; 66; Los Angeles
Ricky Wright; 19; Fort Worth, TX

The panel judging them: Dylan Gwinn, David Lipkin, Robin Baker, Timeka Drew, and Mark Berger.

Dylan thinks that Ricky's a little too young, an idea that is dispute by the rest of the panel. Robin would cut Diane out based on her appearance. "It's very artificial, a little over the top." Dr. L brings up transference after David agrees that she reminds him of someone that hit him with a car. Timeka calls out Martin and Mike as the MAWGs, as we at the net call'em.

The first vote...

Dylan: RICKY
Mark: MIKE
Timeka: MARTIN
Robin: DIANE
David: DIANE

So based on first impressions, Diane is the first person to be eliminated, 2-1-1-1. "I think I have the most extreme personality. More edgy in a comedic sense." She wanted to invest more in real estate. And contrary to what Robin thought, she's not a smoker.


Martin grew up in SoCal. His parents were divorced when he was eight. He didn't answer to his mother. He kept getting in trouble, but motorcycle racing made him into the man he was today.

Heidi was born in SLC. She is one of eleven kids. Growing up, she was a devout "Christian Mormon". Parents were not polygamists.

Michael grew up in the projects outside Boston. Mom was pregnant with her when she was 18. When he was 4 and a half, grandparents got legal custody, because mother was unfit. He went from top of the class to near bottom due to marijuana use. At 14, he became a born-again Christian, having converted over 200 people by the end of his senior year to Jesus. His mantra: Lord will provide.

Ricky was born in Fort Worth. Dad worked at a dairy plant. Mom was a bank manager. Ricky is an only child, spoiled. He comes from a very Christian family. He met a girl when he was 14. They started dating. He now attends the University of North Texas.

Robin likes Mike because of his conversion to Christianity. Dylan agrees. David says Mike "has to go very far away", citing "canned spirituality." Timeka compares Mike to the Spanish Inquisition. David likes Martin for doing what he does on his own. He also likes Ricky. Timeka likes Heidi. Her beliefs don't bother her. David sees a sadness in her.


Martin got into an accident, going into a near-death experience. The accident left him paralyzed. In 1992, he was a world champion wheelchair racing. He retired to go into art. He saw a couple of DUIs, it was a wakeup call. He's been clean 10 years as an inventory taker, working for $500 to $5000

Heidi doesn't know why people think that polygamy is bad. She got married at 16 and had 11 children. Protective order in the state of Utah unto her family stated that they were in a polygamist household and that that was seen as "abusive". The kids were all placed in foster homes. She makes $25,000 as a photographer.

Michael says he loves God and he loves men. He always had issues with being a gay Christian. He met his first love and contracted HIV from him. He's had full-blown AIDS eight times now. He now works as an interactive educator, making anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000.

Ricky is currently a student at UNT in Denton. Parents provide, but he works at FedEx/Kinko's, making $10,000 a year. He's still dating Lindsay, his girlfriend. People would probably see the differences in race as a problem (she's white, he's black). He doesn't.

Robin takes a 180 on Mike. She can't reconcile his lifestyle with his faith. Mark calls Robin on it. Dylan doesn't disapprove of gay people as people. Heidi's situation, though, scares the panel. They say that Martin has overcome a lot. He's their favorite.

Time to vote.

Dylan: HEIDI
Timeka: HEIDI
Robin: MIKE
David: MIKE

So 3-2, Heidi is gone. About her "brainwashing": "It's not true." Money would've probably went to her kids' college funds.

Round 4: BELIEFS. All three are quizzed on three subjects.

  Legalization of cannabis Legalization of prostitution Gay marriage
Martin For, helps a lot of people "In Vegas, yes." For
Mike Better to have it controlled For For
Ricky For Against Against

Robin and Dylan react strongly. Robin disagrees with Mike's views with everything. She agrees with Ricky on prostitution and gay marriage. Mark thinks that Ricky's logic across the board is flawed. Ricky lost David on "generic cliches". Dylan's stock on Martin's gone down a scoch. Timeka says he has a "live and let live attitude."

Round 5: BEHAVIOR. This round is aided and abetted by secret footage filmed in a taxi with a phone that won't stop ringing.

Mike tries to get a hold of the owner.

Ricky .. doesn't know what to do. He tries to get the taxi number, but in the end, Ricky left the phone in the back of the cab.

Martin took the (^_^)ing phone and didn't even (^_^)ing bother to (^_^)ing answer it. He later told the producers that he took it because he didn't want the driver to steal it. He thought it looked like a girl's phone and wanted to meet up with the owner to return it.

Surprised about Martin? Robin wasn't. She thinks he kept the phone. Timeka thinks he's sketchy about the details mentioned above. "There was definitely a bad motive." David agrees.

Time for another vote.

Timeka: MARTIN
David: RICKY

So Martin is out, 3-2. He's not surprised. He tried to defend his actions with the cell phone. He would've used the money for an art and abilities tour. The panel shows no qualms about showing him the door.

Final Round: THE INTERVIEW. Again, any question is fair game save for the question of what the money is going toward.

Mike is first. He is still evangelical. He doesn't believe all of evangelism. He was wrapped with a church that was astonished with his conversion. How does he reconcile his life with scripture? "The six clobber passages in the Bible were taken completely out of context," he says, citing that he studied Greek, Hebrew, and Hermeneutics version. They have nothing to do with homosexuality. It's all about the love.

Next is Ricky. He says life is about experiences. If he doesn't win, it's cool. Mark asks about prostitution and marijuana belief. "People uses marijuana for medicinal purposes." You can't use a hooker for anything other than desperation? Has he used? "Next question." He thinks regulating marijuana use is okay.

Mark says that this game is about putting your life on trial to see if you were worthy of the money. Ricky is a hypocrite in his eyes. Mike has been honest. He wants to win the game. Ricky doesn't care if he wins. Dylan refutes, saying he did give some insight. Dylan isn't going to give the money to someone who's just "playing the game". Robin sees opportunity.

Now the final decision. Remember, the panel is now voting for a winner. The verdict...

Dylan: RICKY
Mark: MIKE
Timeka: RICKY
Robin: RICKY
David: MIKE

By a 3-2 vote, Ricky wins $25,000... But first, let's bring Mike back. Mike would've used the money to help with his charity, Recycle Life.

Ricky is told that he's $25,000 richer. "Sweet." As for the money... "Somebody's getting an engagement ring, probably."

So in the end, it was Ricky Wright, a 19-year-old student from Fort Worth, TX, who got the cash. That was "Without Prejudice." Next time, five more people compete for $25,000 just for being themselves.


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