Without Prejudice?
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Today is

Bill/Naya/Heath/Sheila/Jim - August 7

Another five people will be judged to see who is worthy of $25,000 on another episode of "Without Prejudice?". But this promises to be anything but easy as the factors that divide us - and the jury - are put to the test. Another important thing to remember is that it is not about who needs the money the most. In fact, the one question that is taboo is "What are you going to use the money for?"


Tonight's players...

Bill Clark; 49; Midland, MI
Naya Clausen; 24; Bremerton, WA
Heath Browning; 33; Luther, OK
Sheila Kalaher; 43; Quartz Hill, CA
Jim Smith; 39; Toluca Lake, CA

The panel judging them: Ikona Starr, Michael Bisogno, Michelle Rouhani, Ralph Umana, Patrick C. Dew.

Ikona thinks Heath isn't smart, and Michael says that Bill looks like a child molester. Ralph thinks Shiela looks phony. Patrick thinks that Jim is a little creepy. Michael thinks that Naya looks smart with a good head on her shoulder.

The first vote...

Ikona: HEATH
Michael: HEATH
Michelle: SHEILA
Patrick: NAYA

In the event of a tie, the person that voted for neither Sheila nor Heath (Patrick) will break it.

Patrick: SHEILA.

So based on first impressions, Sheila is the first person to be eliminated, 3-2. "Maybe because my voice is deep." The panel will miss her being a firefighter (among other things). She would've used the money to do something with her backyard.


Bill was born in Detroit, moved to Ann Arbor. Father was a copier salesman. Mother was a teacher. He was a piano player in a band. He graduated with two years and was a lance corporal in the Marines.

Naya was born in Muskegan, MI. Mother was a bartender. Dad was absent. Naya and mom were like "sisters". Mom was in various relationships. They moved around a lot. Schooling was "crappy". She faded into the background. She moved out at 15, dropped out at 16, and got her GED in Pennsylvania.

Heath was born an AFB in Germany. Since dad was in the military, he moved around a lot. Dad retired in Oklahoma. He did "enough" in high school, going to college at a football junior college. He didn't pass muster in second semester, and was kicked out.

Jim was born near Detroit. Dad was an architect, mom was a buyer. He described being an only child to elder parents like "living with grandparents." He went to boarding school in Toronto. He was a jock, a hard worker, and a bit of a geek. When he was 10, he realized that he would never be sexually interested in women.

"Wrong hookup," says Ikona of Jim. Michael, speaking for the gay community, differs. Ralph states that people are not born gay. Michael debates his sexuality with Ralph. Ikona says probably the dumbest thing one person can say... "I know that most gay people ... somewhere when they were little... they were raped." Michael... "Absolutely insane." Everyone thinks that guns in Heath's living room is a bit disturbing. Michelle respects Naya and Bill. Ralph likes Bill a lot. Patrick thinks that Bill needs to be recognized.


Bill got married in Chicago. He has two girls and a boy. They stayed married for eight years, then divorced. Right now, he creates and maintains a website that sells candy. Income: $36,000 a year. He has since remarried a woman from the Philippines that he met online.

Naya got married at 16, and divorced at 20. She married again to a Navy guy. Another divorce. A third marriage later, she believes that she finally met Mr. Right. She makes $18,000 a year as a photographer. She loves her life and her two kids.

Heath got into a ma-and-pa grocery store. He makes $60,000 to $70,000. He was married for 12 years. He and his wife finally got a girl after two boys. He says that he's lazy and likes to spend time with his kids.

Jim went to college in McGill and grad school in Ithaca. He worked in manufacturing logistics. Jim met Frank there. They were married in February in 2004, but since received notification that their marriage was annulled. Their surrogate parent is pregnant with kids. Income: $100,000 a year.

Ralph wants to know how Jim plans on explaining the surrogate mom. Michael refutes that, saying that it's better to have two people who love each other rather than one of them being miserable. He compares that to black/white relationships. Ralph thinks that being gay is enough to warrant a vote-off. Michael thinks that there's something off about Bill. Ikona says dumb thing #2... "He's into pornography, being on the internet for that long. Guys like that normally are."


No one cares for Naya because "she goes through men like toilet paper." Ralph respects her because she's "starting to take life more seriously."

Time to vote.

Ralph: JIM
Ikona: HEATH
Michael: HEATH
Michelle: NAYA
Patrick: BILL

So 2-1-1-1, Heath is gone. "I think everybody has the right to bear arms." Heath would've paid off some doctor bills.

Round 4: BELIEFS. All three are quizzed on three subjects.

  Gay/lesbian adoption The death penalty Corporal punishment
Bill All a child needs is a loving, caring family. He doesn't see a problem. It's only confusing if the child isn't told what's going on Agree in some cases. A useful tool that doesn't happen too often.
Naya For, if a couple has a loving home and the necessary assets to bring a child into the world An eye for an eye. Discipline is key to  good parenting. Spanking their butt won't kill them
Jim Not detrimental to a child at all. Opponents are not thinking of kids. It's better for kids to have two parents who love them Against. It gives the worst element of society an easy way out. Crazy to try stopping parents from spanking children while nothing is done about parents smoking near children

Ralph says that there are qualities a mother AND a father can provide. This is an issue about children. Patrick thinks that it's morally wrong to get married... and then divorced. 14 marriages is not correct... So says Ralph, who believes that if it were up to him, no one would get the money.

Round 5: BEHAVIOR. This round is aided and abetted by secret footage filmed in a taxi with a lost cell phone.

Bill... is looking for the cell phone. Once he finds it, he tries to give it to the driver, but ends up answering it. They agree to rendezvous in order for the caller to get the phone back.

Naya finds the phone and answers it. She has no idea what to do. She takes the phone just in case something happens.

Jim finds the phone and get down the contact.

Jim seemed the most sincere. Ralph says that "hell is full of good people." Bill thought his camera was ringing. Michelle goes back to the subject of older women dating younger men. Ralph has no problem with men meeting women in chat rooms. Patrick dates someone he met online. And the subject goes back to porn. Ralph thinks that we're mixing apples and oranges. Pornography is not an issue.

Time for another vote.

Ralph: NAYA
Ikona: JIM
Michael: BILL
Michelle: BILL
Patrick: NAYA

Another tie... Ikona, God help her, has the deciding vote...

Ikona: BILL.

So Bill is out, 3-2. "Well, I don't like them. I love my wife." And about the internet-pornography connection? "I'm not going to go there; these people sound pretty ignorant to me." Bill wanted to buy his father-in-law a motorcycle.

Final Round: THE INTERVIEW. Again, any question is fair game save for the question of what the money is going toward.

Jim is first. He plans on telling his kids about his relationship with his partner, comparing it to steps. "They have two dads that love them very much." He thinks that 34% of all nuclear families are not normal. Ralph wants to see where he got his untraditional views if he was brought up from a traditional family. "What it takes to make a family is love." He's not going to trade his partner in because society tells him to. Michael loves him and likes him. To keep their relationship alive, Jim celebrates his anniversary every month. They both want the same thing, to have a family. Jim believes there is no one way to pinpoint when he was attracted to men.

Patrick is concerned that Naya rushes into decisions too much. Naya agrees, but states that she was trying to get out of a bad situation at first. The second time, she wasn't ready for the military wife thing. The third husband she knew for a year. Naya says that Jim deserves the money as much as she does. She doesn't want to be in the panel's decision.

The panel has a tough decision ahead of him. Ralph says that Jim was avoiding answering questions. Michael defends him, saying that he was doing the best that he can given the ignorant questioning. Patrick says that "him being gay is not hurting you." Ikona says that Naya did more with what she had than Jim did.

Now the final decision. Remember, the panel is now voting for a winner. The verdict...

Ralph: NAYA
Ikona: NAYA
Michael: JIM
Michelle: NAYA
Patrick: JIM

By a 3-2 vote, Naya wins $25,000... But first, let's bring Jim back. Jim would've used the money to bring gay marriage to this state and country. His words.

Naya is told that she's got the money. "Me and my husband were taking bets. He said I'm not cool enough." She is going to use the money to pay off some repairs for her new house.

Regrets? None.

So in the end, it was Naya Clausen, a 24-year-old photographer from Bremerton, WA, who got the cash. That was "Without Prejudice." Next time, five more people compete for $25,000 just for being themselves.


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