Without Prejudice?
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Today is

Antonia/Gordon/Stephanie/Jamie/Brenda - August 7

Another five people will be judged to see who is worthy of $25,000 on another episode of "Without Prejudice?". But this promises to be anything but easy as the factors that divide us - and the jury - are put to the test. Another important thing to remember is that it is not about who needs the money the most. In fact, the one question that is taboo is "What are you going to use the money for?"


Tonight's players...

Antonia Crane; 36; Los Angeles
Gordon Larsen; "54 years young"; Austin, MN
Stephanie Redwell; 43; Houston
Jamie Meistrell; 23; Torrance Beach, CA
Brenda Agitura; 42; Hickory Hills, IL

The panel judging them: Matthew Fashion, Bill Ross, Lisa Lange, Heather Cox, Michael Dacey

Matthew wants to know why Antonia looks like "White trash". Bill likes her. Lisa wants to know more about Antonia and Stephanie. Heather likes Jamie because he's attractive and thinks Gordon has a speech impediment. Michael would also go with Gordon. There was no "MAG". 

The first vote...

Michael: GORDON
Heather: GORDON
Matthew: GORDON

So based on first impressions, Gordon is the first person to be eliminated, 3-2. "I'm disappointed. You know pastors kinda learn how to aim for the middle of the road." So I'm guessing Michael, Heather, or Matthew feel like they're going to special Hell now. Or not. He would've given it to his wife.


Antonia was born in Eureka, CA. Dad was an attorney. Mom was a paralegal. She would say she was middle class. She went to Bombay as an exchange student at 16.

Jamie was born in southern California. He started surfing at 4 or 5. High school was a breeze. He graduated with a 3.7. His grandfather started the Body Glove company.

Brenda was born and raised in Chicago. Mom was a homemaker. Dad was a printer. Parents had three children. She met her first boyfriend in high school. She dropped out when she was pregnant, and baby was a month old when she got married.

Stephanie was born in LA, one of 8 kids. She was born a hermaphrodite. Mom opted to have her surgery. She regrets it looking back on her childhood.

Lisa liked Antonia (and her tattoos). Matthew... of Stephanie: "Shed me a tear, cry me a river."  Bill thinks the opposite. Michael cites that she couldn't decide to be a hermaphrodite and as a result is very angry at the world. Michael thinks Brenda is awesome for sticking with her family. Heather begs to differ.


Antonia got into college at 17 for two years, then dated a married man who got her into meth. That's when she began her downward spiral. She lost contact, but currently she's 12 years clean. She makes $50,000 as a physical trainer and a pole-dance instructor.

Stephanie was MVP for Santa Monica City College's girls' basketball team. She became homeless after her mother found out about her first "experience" with a woman. She got into a gang as an enforcer. She went to jail for it, but is now dating "an attractive young lady." Stephanie makes no income.

Jamie "lives right by the beach and is not planning to leave any time soon." Surfing is his life. He manages pro and amateur surfers, making $30,000 a year. "I'm currently single.. ready to mingle (wink and the gun)."

Brenda was married for three years before she divorced him. Said husband passed away after an accident. She married her second husband for eight years. She got pregnant by a third man, but that didn't work out. Currently, she makes $20,000 as a bartender.

Brenda: "Men, men, men, sex, sex, sex". Matthew wants her gone now. Heather doesn't get her either. Who's taking care of that kid of hers? As for Stephanie, the place she's living is nice for someone who's making zero. Antonia is hard for Bill to analyze.

Time to vote.

Heather: ANTONIA

So 2-1-1-1, Stephanie is gone. "I just wanted to make America aware of my story." Stephanie wanted to get her teeth fixed.

Round 4: BELIEFS. All three are quizzed on three subjects.

  Legalization of cannabis Legalization of prostitution Death penalty
Antonia Not necessarily against, but realizes that it's helpful for ill people Against For in cases of murder and molestation
Jamie Against Against For
Brenda No problem with it Against For in cases of positive proof

Heather talks about Brenda's prostitution spiel. And the Mary Jane? "She's probably a user." Lisa doesn't agree with ANY of them. She wants Jamie to go next, thinking his viewpoint is appalling. Then they talk about selling image and talent vs. selling bodies. And what about marijuana being "a gateway drug"?

Round 5: BEHAVIOR. This round is aided and abetted by secret footage filmed in the holding room with a fake contestant and too much money.

Antonia: "See you sorta already won." She asks if the faker's going to tell them, then says, "You should, because it's probably a test." Someone's been doing their homework...

Jamie... "Right on." But he dimes her out to the PA.

Brenda...  has no idea what's going on re: the money.

They all acted appropriately in telling the PA, but Antonia was the best at it.

Time for another vote.

Michael: BRENDA
Heather: ANTONIA
Matthew: BRENDA

We have a tie between Jamie and Brenda. Heather, you are the tiebreaker...

Heather: BRENDA

So Brenda is out, 3-2. She would've paid bills with the money AND taken some to take care of her ailing parents.

Final Round: THE INTERVIEW. Again, any question is fair game save for the question of what the money is going toward.

Antonia is first. She says that she is responsible for her addiction AND her recovery. Her tattoos are ornamental. She says that she wasn't hiding anything. Animal rights? She's for them. They and children are the most defenseless. She does however have vintage furs in her closet while she was a vegetarian for 14 years. Why did she start on drugs? She's not sure. She was in a lot of pain and that she had an addictive personality.

Next is Jamie. Jamie went to community college, but he figured that he'd jump the gun to travel the world. Jamie has smoked pot, although he is against legalizing it. Jamie has had sex, although he is against prostitution. Jamie, if he wasn't surfing, he'd be a photographer of the ocean. Traveling is very important. Jamie's favorite place was Bali. He wants to involve himself with aid from malaria in Indonesia.

Bill likes Jamie more than he did before.

Now the final decision. Remember, the panel is now voting for a winner. The verdict...

Michael: JAMIE
Heather: JAMIE
Matthew: JAMIE

By a 4-1 vote, Jamie wins $25,000... But first, let's bring Antonia back. Antonia would've used the money to help her mother with medical bills.

Jamie is told that he's $25,000 richer. "Shut up! I can't even explain how excited I am." Jamie wants to stay centered and put some of the money for a new car. The rest goes to his dad.

So in the end, it was Jamie Meistrell, a 23-year-old pro surfer from Torrance Beach, CA, who got the cash. That was "Without Prejudice." Next time, five more people compete for $25,000 just for being themselves.


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