Without Prejudice?
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Today is

Kevin/Kristine/Shane/Helen/Henry - July 24

Another five people will be judged to see who is worthy of $25,000 on another episode of "Without Prejudice?". But this promises to be anything but easy as the factors that divide us - and the jury - are put to the test. Another important thing to remember is that it is not about who needs the money the most. In fact, the one question that is taboo is "What are you going to use the money for?"


Tonight's players...

Kevin Patrick; 26; Hollywood, CA
Kristine Perchetti; 43; Las Vegas
Shane Hale; 28; Austin, TX
Helen Wong; 33; Los Angeles
Henry Tarlow; 61; North Hollywood, CA

The panel judging them: Rita McKenzie, Ryan Fox, Tiffany Dunn, Randy Mayberry, Bill Weiner

Rita's first to point out Kevin's dye-jobs, braids, and piercings, thinking that he's looking for a sex change. Bill adds that he's presently employed as a pincushion. Ryan doesn't like Shane for the fact that he's a Texan. "[Texans] seem to be uneducated, ignorant, and sometimes hateful." Tiffany feels the same about Shane. "He kinda reminds me of a serious killer." Randy likes Helen who seems sweet, though Tiffany says that Asians tend to be sweet one moment and not so sweet the next. Randy isn't basing his judgment on attraction because he doesn't find her sexually appealing.  Bill likes Helen, and is concerned by Christina and Henry. Rita hates to see the money wasted.

The first vote...

Tiffany: SHANE
Randy: HENRY

So based on first impressions, Shane is the first person to be eliminated, 3-2. "Is it the color of shirt?" No, it was the whole Texas thing. "Well, I fly airplanes, so I can't be that stupid." Shane is also a gay trucker who would've paid off student loans and continue in his career as a corporate pilot.


Kevin was born in Birmingham, AL, and brought up not to be the thug. He started getting into trouble when he was in high school before dropping out. He got his GED shortly before he was due to graduate.

Kristine was born in Tonopah, NV. Her parents divorced early. She sees herself as lower-middle class. She was a very involved high school student, but dropped out after three years of college for criminal justice, because that's not what she wanted to do.

Henry was born in LA. Mother was born in England. She was stay-at-home. Henry learned about the same time the term became known that he was dyslexic. He graduated high school in 2.5 years rather than three. He went to college at 17.

Helen was born in Hong Kong... as a boy. Her family was very traditional and middle class. She was called a sissy boy, sucking at sports and identifying with women. She moved at 17 to the USA.

Tiffany still loves Helen, saying that she had the balls (literally) to live the life she did. Bill says that she's going through hell, thinking that waking up one morning and realizing that you're the wrong sex must've been damning on her. Randy is irritated because no one is saying what he thinks is the truth. "She had me fooled. She was a man, and now she's a woman... I'm not cool with that, you know? If you were born a man, then f(^_^)ing stay a man." Rita thinks that Kevin is punishing himself with the piercing.


Kevin moved to LA to start his own band. He's an ordained minister. He's also a firebreather who is seeing a girl named Paige. Kevin wants to change his name legally to Penny Arcade, "because it's the only thing anyone ever calls him." Philosophy: you can go anywhere you want to in life as long as you're willing to ask yourself the right questions. Income: $25,000 a year.

Kristine didn't know what she wanted to do with her life, so she moved to Vegas, where she started as a showgirl. Income: $38,000 a year. She has one son who couldn't really understand anything of what she was saying. Turns out that he was autistic. Two and a half years ago, she and her husband divorced. Recently, she retired from the showgirling to become a blackjack dealer.

Helen started dressing up as a woman in performances. She's had several operations and hormone therapy to become a woman. She is thinking about gender reassignment surgery in the future. She's currently seeing a guy. She's currently pursuing a career in acting or dance. Income: $30,000.

Henry joined the Army in the chemical corps. He met his wife as a recruiter. She lived with acute cancer for six years before she died. He married again. He's currently "Mr. Mom", seeking to sell insurance on the side. Income: $1300 in commissions.

Kevin is a smoker, as Rita points out. He's also an interracial relationship. Nothing is wrong with it, but Rita doesn't find that sort of thing easy. Bill says that he has a very strong belief, and he's fighting the good fight. Ryan thought he was gay. Randy thinks that Kevin's too all over the place for him. Rita is less interested in Helen, who she sees as being self absorbed. Bill: "Just what the world needs, another actress." Everyone likes Henry.

Now to vote again...

Tiffany: HELEN
Randy: KEVIN

Well, being a she-male didn't hurt, but being self-absorbed did. She was kind of surprised. She says she had to block things out to be an actress. She says that appearances depend on what your personal definition of male and female is, biological definition be damned. She wanted to continue with her surgeries.

Round 4: BELIEFS. All three are quizzed on three subjects.

  Gay/lesbian marriage Legalizing prostitution Parent's right to corporal punishment
Kevin Marriage should be about you and your relationship to another person, and government should not intrude with it. No strong opinion either way He wants to come up with more creative punishment
Kristine If two people love each other and they want to be married, let them be married. She grew up around it, and so far as she knows, she sees no issue with it. Thinks it's difficult to hit a child and then tell them that it's not okay to do it.
Henry Any marriage done outside of a church should be considered a covenant or a contract, straight or gay. STDs are on the rise. The only way to regulate such rates is to legalize prostitution. Grew up with it; certain instances require it.

Rita doesn't believe spankings in order. Randy disagrees. Tiffany spanked her kids. "There's a problem with going to a store any more and spank your kid without someone saying 'How dare you'." Bill would be that person saying that. He can see a whack on the bum just to make a point.

Round 5: BEHAVIOR. This round is aided and abetted by secret footage filmed with actors they thought were other contestants. The players this week meet with a person of diminutive stature who makes a short joke about them paying him "half the money".

Kevin thought that the joke was pretty funny. He would make the same joke if he was in the same person.

Kristine doesn't think being black is as hard as being physically disabled.

Henry immediately plays the sympathy card. "He only needs half the car."

Henry was perfect until the little jokes, says Rita, who thinks that he's a bit two-faced. Bill thinks that he was being human. Kristine thought she was being two-faced herself, thinking about her wanting the money being six foot and the actor wanting the money being little. Kevin was thought as respectful and diplomatic.

Time for another vote.

Rita: KEVIN, because Kristine has an autistic child

So Kristine is the third person denied the cash. She would've opened her own business so she would have more time with her son. The panel... starts being a little bit resentful. If that was what we wanted, she should've shown it, says Rita.

Final Round: THE INTERVIEW. Again, any question is fair game save for the question of what the money is going toward.

Henry is first. Bill asks if he was bar mitzvahed. He was. And further on down, he's asked on having adopted the child he has right now. He also has problems with the current President as a Vietnam vet. He doesn't drink or smoke, but tried marijuana first. His hero is his father, an older parent with a work ethic and sense of responsibility.

Kevin is next. He thinks God is the collective energy of all the people in the universe, the epitome of what everything is. He doesn't support the death penalty, but isn't taking one side either way. Most of his life is spent being grateful. He does not have any children, nor is he prepared for children. He wants to change his name to Penny Arcade due to his whole personality matching that. "You are the sum of your actions." He also has a church to help artists develop and hone their own craft. And he is clean and sober.

Rita likes both players, but Henry's a kind soul. Bill thinks that being young, Kevin can use the money to his own. "He's an old soul in a young body. He's going to touch more and more people." Tiffany thinks he'll be fine with or without money.

Now the final decision. Remember, the panel is now voting for a winner. The verdict...

Tiffany: HENRY
Randy: HENRY

By a 4-1 vote, Henry wins $25,000... But first, let's bring Kevin back. He's doing well and will go on to greatness... but he's still disappointed. He would've added some studio time and started laying down for the sanctuary.

Henry is told of his newfound wealth. He thanks the panel... he's a little speechless and numb. He wants to pay back some tuition for his daughter and some medical bills for himself.

The panel... is very pleased with the decision, and equally as disappointed with Kevin's decision to use some money for "studio time". Medical bill and tuition trumps that.

So in the end, it was Henry Tarlow, a 61-year-old insurance salesman from North Hollywood, CA, who got the cash. That was "Without Prejudice." Next time, five more people compete for $25,000 just for being themselves.


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