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Sixteen men from across the Americas travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal – to become The Ultimate Fighter.

Determination. Discipline. Excellence.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN


Willa Ford
Coaches: Matt Hughes & Rich Franklin
Packager: Zuffa, LLC; Spike TV
Airs: Mondays at 11:05pm ET on Spike TV

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I Tell You, I Get No Respect... No Respect At All! - October 3

Again, thanks to for their assistance in their preparation
of this recap.

Quoting Rodney Dangerfield for this show is part of what happened. All the fighters describe the battle between Jason and Jorge as ‘One hell of a fight,’ in which Jason’s heart really showed. Even Dana White, president of the UFC, was finally impressed.

Jorge is disappointed and his pride is hurt. He just can’t believe he lost. (Well, I would if you talked a good game and backed it up. In this game, you have to back the trash you talk) Even Rich Franklin is surprised that Jorge lost the fight. He says the option never even crossed his mind. Jason comes into Jorge’s room to pay his respects for a great fight. Thats's class.

Meanwhile in Jason’s dressing room, Matt is playing a game of solitaire instead of congratulating Jason on his win. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Sammy notices and says that it seems like Matt doesn’t even care. Matt says he’s glad Jason won but that he could have lost him and he wouldn’t have been too upset about it. Ok, now we know it's not a ringing endorsement.

Jorge did quite a number on Jason’s face and his cuts are going to require stitches. Jason is a little freaked because he’s never had to get stitches before. Well, he got 40 of them.

Later that evening, Jason comes home from the doctor expecting to find a house full of guys ready to congratulate him but finds quite the opposite. Much to Jason’s disappointment, everyone has gone to sleep. Jason thought beating Jorge would have finally gained him some respect from his teammates.

The Fighters arrive at the New Orleans Arena to find a large mud pit. Challenge Coach Randy Couture explains this week’s Right Guard Xtreme heavyweight challenge is called Last Man Standing. The objective is to eliminate the opposing team members from the mud pit. It’s Dan and Mike from Team Hughes against Rashad and Brad from Team Franklin. It’s a slippery struggle but Brad forces Dan out and then he and Rashad gang up on Mike and push him out for a Team Franklin victory. For Rashad, it’s sweet revenge pushing Mike out and beating Matt’s team.

At the gym, Rich meets with his team and the decision is made who will fight. It will be Keith vs. Mike.

As the fighters gather in the house for Dana’s announcement, Rich explains that on the way back he had some second thoughts about having Keith fight Mike. He thinks that Keith will come out of a fight with Mike too banged up, too close to the semi-finals. He doesn’t want him to take that risk so he changes his mind and the new fight will be Seth vs. Dan.

Dana also makes a surprise announcement that Matt Hughes must send one of his welterweights over to Team Franklin, which Matt is not happy
about. Without a second thought he gives up Jason. (Recapper's note--if you didn't think Jason had no respect until then...that cinches it.) Though Jason beat Jorge, Matt still thinks he’s the worst fighter he has as far as technique goes. Team Franklin welcomes their new teammate with open arms. Jason is offended that Matt thinks he just got rid of his weakest link. He believes his fight with Jorge says differently. I think it does...and personally, I hope my namesake kicks some serious ass.

The fighters head to the gym for more training. Matt lectures his team for losing the heavyweight challenge – he’s pissed they didn’t give it their all.

Even though Jason beat Rich’s first Welter Weight pick, Rich is impressed by Jason’s tenacity – the way he leaves it all on the mat even when training. Finally, in Team Franklin, Jason finds the respect he’s been looking for. Good job, Jason.

A blood-curdling scream is heard throughout the household. Joe is getting his hair bleached by Mike who has just accidentally put some bleach on a cut behind Joe’s ear. Sammy joins in on the fun as well. OUCH!

Fight Day. Seth and Dan arrive at the gym to prepare for the fight. Round 1 starts with Seth throwing some high kicks. Then Dan’s nose starts bleeding from a punch to the face. They trade as many kicks as they do punches. Then, with a minute left in the round, Dan kicks Seth in the groin who takes a moment to recover. After a few more moments, Seth suffers another kick to the groin. His genitals are taking quite a beating. I guess the fight bell isn't the only one that is being rung.

As Round 2 begins, Seth goes for some more high kicks. It’s kick and punch, kick and punch. A much different style than what the other fighters have displayed in previous fights. Dan continues to attempt his strikes. Finally a high kick makes significant contact – but it’s from Dan and he puts Seth on his back. But from his back, Seth fights back and strikes Dan on the back of his head. Dan makes little progress and the referee breaks up the Heavyweights, standing them back on their feet. Then Seth nails Dan with a stunning spinning back kick and drops him to the canvas.

Round 3. The kicks continue. Seth gets Dan on the ground. They trade as many punches on the ground as they did kicks while standing. The referee separates them again. Then just as the round is about to end, Dan makes a failed attempt at a takedown.

The fight goes the distance and the winner, by unanimous decision, is Seth Petruzelli...damaged groin and all.

As he leaves the competition, Dan says this is the first time he ever fought a friend. He just wasn’t himself in the octagon and admits he couldn’t let his hands go during the fight. Next week, the welterweights are back...

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