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Sixteen men from across the Americas travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal – to become The Ultimate Fighter.

Determination. Discipline. Excellence.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN


Willa Ford
Coaches: Matt Hughes & Rich Franklin
Packager: Zuffa, LLC; Spike TV
Airs: Mondays at 11:05pm ET on Spike TV

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Best Episode Ever - September 26

A big thank you goes to for their assistance in their preparation of this episode's recap.

After winning the unanimous decision over Tom Murphy, heavyweight Rashad Evans visits Team Hughes’ dressing room to pay his respects. Coach Matt Hughes tells Rashad he hated watching him “showboat” in the Octagon. He’s glad Rashad’s not on his team and will use him as an example of what not to do in a fight. Rashad offers no apologies and defends his right to fight the way he wants to fight. He should have been humble after that horrible performance.

The showdown over showboating continues back at the house. Mike Whitehead is pissed and tells anyone who will listen that what Rashad did in the Octagon today was definitely showboating. Mike and Rashad refuse to talk to each other and there’s a tension in the house that wasn’t there before.

At the Team Hughes training session Matt is still furious that Tom didn’t follow the game plan in his fight. He says the rest of them are going to pay for Tom’s lack of effort today and proceeds to punish them through a brutal workout. In contrast, coach Franklin decides to give his team a rest after Rashad’s victory. They spend the afternoon swimming at the YMCA.

Randy Couture welcomes the fighters to the “Scarecrow” Right Guard Extreme challenge at the UFC Training Center. Each team pairs up a welterweight with a heavyweight in a test of endurance based on a traditional jujitsu exercise. The heavyweight will stand with his hands above his head while a welterweight rotates around his upper body. The team that accumulates the most revolutions wins the challenge. First up are Joe and Mike from Team Hughes. As Joe racks up some big numbers he won’t shut up, talking trash and telling jokes much to the disgust of his opponents. Rashad can’t believe Matt is tolerating Joe’s behavior after accusing him of “showboating.” Uh, pot calling kettle here. Joe and Mike complete a stunning 204 revolutions then collapse on the floor in pain. Coach Franklin decides to forfeit the challenge so he can keep his guys fresh for the fight ahead. Jorge storms off, angry that he won’t be given a chance to beat Team Hughes.

The teams gather at the house for the welterweight fight announcement. Team Hughes has selected Jason to fight Jorge. Matt says he knew Jorge wouldn’t pick anybody so they had to pick him.

At they gym, Matt prepares Jason for his first fight of the competition. Matt has Jason work on a boxing technique that will maximize his reach but it doesn’t seem to work for him so Matt decides to let Jason go with the freestyle approach he has used before. Matt has some serious doubts about Jason’s capabilities as a fighter.

Jason sees Jorge as the most dangerous fighter on Team Franklin but he also knows he’s got some vulnerabilities. He will attack Jorge’s injured knee, break his leg, whatever it takes to end the fight.

Jorge and Jason face off for a dramatic slugfest in the Octagon. Jorge launches a volley of punches that open up a cut over Jason’s eye. As Jason backs off Jorge gets his back, takes him to the ground and gets him in a rear naked choke. Jorge gets his legs hooked in but struggles to get his arm under Jason’s chin. Jason twists out of the hold in the final seconds of the round.

Round 2:

At the beginning of the second round Jorge manages to do more damage to Jason’s face and the blood is starting to flow. Jorge tries to kick him in the face but pops his bad knee and takes a fall. Jason lands a solid inside kick to Jorge’s bad leg. At the end of round two the fight is looking even.

Round 3:

In the final round, the two fighters keep their energy up but Jorge takes a beating. He’s favoring his bad knee and doesn’t go for any kicks. Jason gets him in the clinch and hits him with a knee to the chin. He takes Jorge down and pounds him with elbows to the face. Jorge gets back on his feet but he can’t get his bloodied opponent back on the ground. This fight was the best fight by far this season.

Jason is declared the winner by unanimous decision. Team Franklin walks their defeated star welterweight to the locker room in stunned silence.

Tune in next week for the 7th episode of TUF2...and "Ultimate Fight Night Live" on October 3! The heavyweights are up next!

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