The Ultimate Fighter 2
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Sixteen men from across the Americas travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal – to become The Ultimate Fighter.

Determination. Discipline. Excellence.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN


Willa Ford
Coaches: Matt Hughes & Rich Franklin
Packager: Zuffa, LLC; Spike TV
Airs: Mondays at 11:05pm ET on Spike TV

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Styles Clash, Alliances Form, and Dream Shatter - September 12

Jorge recalls the guillotine choke and the bicep tear. We see Team Franklin celebrate Brad's win. Jorge said Rob complained too much and brought practice down. Team Hughes didn't care if Rob left, because he was the weakest link in the chain.

Coach Franklin says that he doesn't care about the challenges...he cares about training fighters. In the van going back, a "Mongo" chant starts up. They want to keep the momentum going with this victory.

Day 13-8:00PM. Joe is trying to get the Green Team to have a beer. Joe is drinking and has been sloshed for the last few nights. Sammy says he is annoying and slacking off. Joe jumps in a pool. Jorge says Joe is a kid and a loudmouth. We see Joe trying to horsearound with Jorge. Jorge says Joe doesn't let people have private time. Joe says he is bored easily and tries to liven it up and have a good time.

Jorge, Anthony and Marcus form an alliance to protect themselves. Jorge lets them know that Joe talks too much when he is drunk. And when we are down to the final fighters, we will cross the bridge when they come to it.

Day 14--9:00AM Jorge pulls a noodle through his nose and eats it, due to Jorge's pushing his buttons. Jorge: "Who is chicken now, bitch?" Jorge plays minds game with Joe. Jorge says, "The Honeymoon is over." There is strategizing all over the place. Jorge and Marcus are in a secondary alliance away from Anthony. They whisper plans--"The Alliance comes first."

Day 15--9:45AM--time for the "Right Guard Extreme Challenge" at Centennial Hills Park


It's for welterweights. 3 competitors for each team...There are outer rings and inner rings...last team with a member on the rungs win. This is a non-striking event. You can use legs and hands...but no striking. It's on...and a Hughes Team member goes down. Franklin goes down next. A Double sacrifice and Jorge is the last person standing! Team Franklin wins! Jorge is happy with the 1st challenge win! Jason, the new guy, thinks he will be picked. Marcus says there is momentum and since he is the elder he is going to pick who is he going to fight.

Team Franklin discusses who to pick and Dana joins in the discussion. He says this isn't like a regular UFC Fight, this is a game. He didn't get involved last year, but this year he sees a disturbing trend of the baddest guy going after the baddest guy. He would rather see more stylisticly matched fights that bad guy v. bad guy. In those type of fights, people dont come out unscathed.

Day 15: 12:00PM  Decision will be Marcus Davis for Team Franklin v. Joe Stevenson for Team Hughes. Joe was stunned. Dana said that having youbest grappler v. the best boxer was dumb. Matt says it was dumb also. He said Franklin should have said no. Jorge says that Matt is questioning character. Dana says that Matt plays a mental game. He says after the fight, I am going to hurt Jorge. Marcus puts on a "warrior kilt" which is part of his Irish heritage. It's not coming till I beat  Joe.

Jorge talks to Semare. He says Joe never gets mad....he is smart and cool. Jorge says Marcus and Joe are legit tough guys.

Training Session--Team Hughes. Joe says if he keeps fighting. If I can think, I can get all the way to the top. Mike says Joe knows boxing as well as jujitsu. Matt is also calling this fight at the end of round 1. Joe says a lot of people have seen me, and I am not letting them down.

Training Session--Team Franklin Day 16 10:00AM Team Franklin.

Marcus admits that he has grappling skills and have not shown it. He played dumb as a boxer turned MMA fighter. "I was smart as how I showed stuff...I have the best hands in MMA." Seth says he can't wait to see his skills.

Weigh In for the Welterweight fight(155-170 Pounds) Marcus says he is taking him care of himself, while Joe is not taking care of himself. Joe says he doesn't have to do it. Marcus says he is in for a war.

Joe comes in at 170. Dana says he is a freak of nature.
Marcus comes in at 167. Dana explains Marcus is a NE Golden Gloves champion. He explains that if Marcus can stop Joe. The fight interesting. Jorge says Marcus hits hard, and he could see Joe getting knocked out. He is geeking over fight. Mike says Joe can hang with Marcus on his feet, while Marcus can't hang with Joe off his feet. Marcus says he has been fighting for 18 years and 80 fights. This fight is do or die. "I have 3 kids...2 daughters and a son. I have to come in a winner."

Day 17 Fight Day--Joe consults with Marc Laumon, the grappling coach. Marcus and Jorge talk and Marcus says that both of us are going to the hospital. We say the taping of both fighters. Joe says he needs to take apart Marcus. Marcus says he has been a boxer since 1992. No one has ever knocked him out. Joe isn't going to be the first.

US Army Tale of the Tape

JOE STEVENSON           v.                      MARCUS DAVIS
Torrance, CA
                                             Harelton, ME

"Joe Daddy isn't going to over react"             "Irish Hand Grenade"

22                                     Age                     32
5'7"                                   HT                       5'10"
170                                   WT                      167
24-2                                  Record                 9-2

Dana explains that this is the 2nd Welterweight fight...3 rounds 5 minutes each...loser goes home. Our Referee is Steve Mazagatti.


There was a feeling out for the first 2 minutes. Marcus tried to use his boxing skills but Joe stayed back. Joe sees an opening at 3:12 and scoops up Marcus and slams him into the fence and down into the mat. Joe and Marcus grapple and Joe keeps elbowing Marcus in the back of the head. He is relentless and and at 4:00 of the first round. Marcus taps out.

Dana reviews the fight and says that when Marcus got slammed he hurt his shoulder. Franklin and Hughes review the fight as well. After the fight. Marcus cursed in the locker room. He ends with the fact that after 18 years, 80 fights, and 3's time to hang it up.

And with that, we hang up this edition of "The Ultimate Fighter 2"!

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