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Sixteen men from across the Americas travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal – to become The Ultimate Fighter.

Determination. Discipline. Excellence.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN


Willa Ford
Coaches: Matt Hughes & Rich Franklin
Packager: Zuffa, LLC; Spike TV
Airs: Mondays at 11:05pm ET on Spike TV

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Broken Arms & Broken Dreams - September 5

We recap Josh winning his fight. He said he did round by round by round exactly what was according to plan. Melvin surprised us, however. Rob Mcdonald, a heavyweight, agreed that Melvin was a surprise by getting two guillotine chokes in. He thought Josh was done. Josh comments on the fight. Seth said Josh grounded and pounded Melvin. Brad was disappointed that Melvin didn't take the action to Josh more. Jorge tried to help by saying, "Melvin move!" But he gave up mentally, Jorge said. Rob said Josh took a huge gamble by picking him first...but he took him out. Dana White, UFC owner, is in Burkman's locker room and agrees. Dana says that they could have picked an easier guy and had an easier victory. Now Josh has a broken hand. Josh goes to the hospital to see how bad it is.

Team Franklin said that after losing the first fight and challenge, team morale is low. Brad says that not having Melvin in the challenge is going to hurt us. The teams go back to the UFC house.

Team Hughes complains about the lack of cleanliness by Team Franklin. They find cockroaches in the pantry.

Luke has become the favorite of the house due to his weird habits of meditation, eating rice and beans and facing his bed north. His nickname is "Luke Skywalker--The Jedi". We see Luke pounding his hand into a rock. One guy calls him a lil weird. Josh comes back.

There is good news and bad news. He broke his arm. He took a risk and had bad luck. He doesn't know what to do and the team wonders whether he is staying or going.

Day 11--10:00AM

Rob tells that everyone is going to the gym. Josh wants to stay. Josh "I have changed my life to become the Ultimate Fighter." At the UFC Training Center, Dana White has a team meeting. He says, "We are here to find the next  UFC Star in the heavyweight and welterweight division. Josh possesses a lot of what we look for. Both teams asked me to let him stay. But his broken arm will take 6-8 weeks to heal. He cannot stay. He has to leave." Dana explains he is a tough kid. He says his goodbyes. Joe says Josh was holding back tears. "If I was in his place, I don't know if I could. Matt Hughes says he was one of the top 2 welterweights. Josh says he is going out 1-0. He will heal and beat up the winner of the competition.

We see Team Hughes training. We discover that Rob has a torn labrum in shoulder, and it hurts like hell. He complains about it and it was pissing Coach Hughes off, according to Dana. "You never let on about your injury." We see Rob talking and talking...and talking about it. We also see Marcus, Rashad and Sammy commenting on Rob is complaining and bitching.

It's time for the Right Guard Extreme Challenge. We are the Las Vegas YWCA with Challenge Coordinator Randy Couture. This week's Challenge is called:

"Keep Your Head Up"

As with all challenges, the winning team can choose which fighters fight each other in the Octagon. There are two Octagon shaped flags inside a Octagon shaped bar. You will dive into the pool and all team members will have one hand on the flag at all times. It must be above water. First team that either lets the flag drop into the water or lets go of the flag is out. Both teams dive into the pool and it's on. Rashad is having trouble treading water and Team Franklin loses the challenge. Tom Murphy says the Green Team is terrible. "If you can't tread water for 2 minutes...go home now!"

Rashad said it sickens him for losing the challenge. Team Hughes is on a high for winning 3 things in a row and the team has a meeting to discuss whether to go after Rashad for his low moral or another fighter. Coach Franklin said Rashad felt totally responsible for losing the fight. "We have to win this fight." Rashad: "I didn't come here to do challenges. I came here to fight. I want it to be me. I hope it's me."

Day 11--4:00PM. Teams come back. Dana White explains that Team Hughes won and the fight is this: Rob from Team Hughes fights Brad from Team Franklin. The fight is tomorrow. Brad isn't concerned about the injuries. They are both banged up. He is going to win any way he can.

Day 12--9:00AM and a new alternate selected by Dana White is introduced to the house. Due to Josh's injury they have alternates. And this one is Jason Van Flue from Chuck Liddell's camp. Joe says he is a good addition to the team. Dan calls him a little weird. Jorge meets him and wants him out. Jason says,"You will wither like me or hate me!" Jorge is planning a short stay for Jason.

We see a Team Hughes Training session. Matt introduces himself to Jason. Hughes needed to see what Jason was all about. Jason said that next to Liddell, Hughes is a superman. Jason goes through the same hellish workout the rest of the team has. Jason: "You can't break me!" Hughes said he worked them hard. Jason flipped off the treadmill, which angered Hughes. He sent him through the same workout and machines for a second time. He put him on the treadmill and worked him so hard, he yakked. His first impression: "He doesn't have the heart."

Team Franklin has a pep talk. And now we see Team Franklin train. Jorge says, "It's not about the challenges--it's about the fights!" Franklin reiterates the need to win the fight. Brad is training--"I am using my size to advantage. If I do what I do well, I can win." Franklin says he worked on guard positions and moving in that guard position. "He is a good Greco-Roman guy. Rob can't do damage. Brad has a good chance of winning. And even if we would have won the challenge..this is the fight we would have chosen. Brad: "I came here to fight. I plan on finishing it in Round 1."

Next is Team Hughes in Training. Rob--"I am really hurt. I can't even throw a left handed punch." He explains to Matt about his injury...and wants it to be between him and Matt. Matt tells him you have to suck it up.  Rob tells Matt that if he loses that there will be no excuse about the shoulder. He hopes he is good enough to finish. Matt explains his training technique to Rob. Rob thinks he matches up well with Brad. If he is on his feet he can win.

Weigh In Time. The heavyweight division is 205-265. They are both weighed in by Marc Ratner, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. rOb comes in at 229. Brad comes in at 262. Rob and Brad trash talk.

Day 13--Fight Day. In Rob's Locker Room. He is confident, but knows he can injure himself more. He is quizzed by Dr. Margaret Goodman, also of the NV State Athletic Commission, and says he is ok. Rob explains that if he were Brad, he would attack the shoulder. Brad says that is exactly what he is going to do. Rob says he is going to take him out. Brad is going to set a precedent. We see Team Hughes in Prayer...and last minute prep.

Ladies and's Fight Time:

Ontario, Canada
                   Springfield, MO

"My dad died 6 years ago.      "I was the last guy picked.
I need him to look down on     I am itching to get in there."
me one more time.

The US Army Tale of the Tape:

26                                  Age          28
6'3"                                HT           6'7"
229                                WT          262
4-0                                 Record    3-0

Dana announces this is an elimination fight...3 five-minute rounds...loser goes home. Herb Dean is our referee...


Rob takes down Brad and grounds him. He is still down and Brad finally gets some offense in, but Rob is choking Brad while he is on the ground. Rob has Brad in a choke, Brad tried to get up but wouldn't let go. Brad reverses the choke and grounds and pounds Rob. Rob rolls Brad over, but Brad locks in the triangle choke and Rob taps out at 4:04 in Round 1.

Brad says he got a quick victory and he is $5,000 richer. He gives Rob credit for going for it. Franklin says he worked the ground game like he planned. Rob explained he couldn't lock on the guillotine and when he tried to do so, his shoulder gave out. He knew he was in trouble. Coach Hughes says he should have been able to get out of the choke. It was weakly and slowly put on. His heart wasn't in the fight. Rob said he was disappointed but he will get it fixed. He needs shoulder surgery. He gives his goodbye speech. He is sad, but learned about himself. He has no shame, he knew he could hurt himself more. He has no regrets, and he left everything on the table.

Next week, the welterweights are back in the Octagon. Who will be next to leave?

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