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Three style icons come together to judge who is the truest of 10 beauties... inside and out.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Vanessa Minnillo
Carson Kressley
Beth Stern
Creator Tyra Banks & Ashton Kutcher
EP Denise Cramsey
Tyra Banks
Ashton Kutcher
Jason Goldberg
Karey Burke
Rod Aissa
Lauren Armstrong
Packager Bankable Productions & Katalyst Films for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Web abc.com/truebeauty
Airs 10p ET, ABC

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Bride in Trouble
July 5

Liz found out the hard way about the hidden twist of this show. She took it in stride and divined a lesson about bringing out a person's inner beauty through words, deeds, and actions.

.... Just kidding. She raised a hissy fit and left the stage, saying how ratings will be lower without her. Down to five.

Michelle returns to the loft... and the party begins. Except for Craig, who right now has no showmance buddy. No showmance for you.

The next day, Craig and Taylor spend... naked.

After getting sufficiently clothed, they join the ladies and head to the next challenge at the Little White Wedding Chapel...

Challenge #6: Bride in Trouble

... and Carson and Beth are dressed as groom and bride. Which is weird because Beth's already married to the King of All Media. And Carson can't legally marry... at least in North Carolina. But this is relevant. The players are going to compete to be bridesmaids and groomsmen. Because nothing says Vegas like a quickie wedding. The couples will choose TWO to stand next to them on their special day. And of course, Vanessa will be watching them as she unleashes a Momzilla upon the proceedings. She and her daughter are totally in on it.

The people who get to three weddings first win. The lowest wedding count heads to elimination.

Back to the Momzilla... Will the players stand up for what's good and true?

Michelle: FAIL
Craig: PASS
Taylor: FAIL

Erika wants to build a rapport with the bride... and she just ends up talking with her mouth hole. Amy was talking from the heart... and loving Las Vegas. Michelle... BSed her way through the proceedings. Taylor was just... there smiling... and Craig... he's from Canada.

No seriously, that was his only in, folks.

Taylor's the first to three. He wins the challenge! Michelle and Amy are in the bottom with 1 and zero respectively. But luck springs eternal, as Craig and Amy are chosen by two people named... Craig and Amy. That is Craig's safe route. Erika is safe at the end of round 6, which means that Michelle and Amy are going to the Final Face-Off. And Amy... is visibly upset. Taylor offers a tissue... and Craig just takes it. That's just wonderful. Meanwhile, Michelle... is picking her flowers. And Erika is the only one helping Amy out... Did anyone else notice that?

At the loft, Craig tells Amy like it is. "You can't let your insecurities get the best of you." And Erika? Well, no one thinks that she's annoying, but she does have an overwhelming personality. Craig... is annoyed by that.

Amy then decides to put eyelashes on Taylor. Because that would make her happy. Then they teach him how to walk... boobies and booty out. He ends up looking like a velociraptor.

Now let's talk about these two. Michelle and Amy BOTH failed the challenge this week. Michelle is so far 0-for-6 on the challenges. Amy has won her share. Michelle has been to the Final Face-Off twice, while Liz has only gone once. History does not favor Michelle at the moment, as anyone who has ever gone up to the Face-Off twice has left.

All I can say right now is enjoy Michelle's booty-pop while you can. But nothing is ever as certain as that, so...

THE LAST STRAW: Stack the Deck

While the two were getting dressed at the chapel, the florist mentioned that her friend was getting married today, in effect guaranteeing them a vote. Do they play fair or do they steal a vote? Amy... decides to play fair. And Michelle...  will have to wait to see her results.

At the Final Face-Off, Michelle is confident in herself, saying she deserves this. Amy says she has an all-American personality. She guarantees that she'll give 100% more. In the end...

... MICHELLE... is going home. As in BACK TO THE HOUSE.

But first, Michelle has some footage to watch. She denies that it was her... but the Final Straw was evidence enough.

And then there were four. Next week... Catching 21 the hard way. Stay tuned.

To view this episode in its entirety, go to abc.com/truebeauty.