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Three style icons come together to judge who is the truest of 10 beauties... inside and out.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Vanessa Minnillo
Carson Kressley
Beth Stern
Creator Tyra Banks & Ashton Kutcher
EP Denise Cramsey
Tyra Banks
Ashton Kutcher
Jason Goldberg
Karey Burke
Rod Aissa
Lauren Armstrong
Packager Bankable Productions & Katalyst Films for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Web abc.com/truebeauty
Airs 10p ET, ABC

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Grace Under Fire
June 14

Last time, the beauties made magic with Penn & Teller.... but it was breaking the magician's code that caused Michael to disappear. Now eight are in the running to be the Face of Vegas.

Once again, Regina feels a little bit vindicated on being sent back into the loft. She says that she'll never let herself be in the bottom two again. Pay attention, this is relevant.

Now there's five girls and three guys. "Does that mean a girl is going home next?" Again, relevant.

Meanwhile, Liz gets straight up balls-to-the-wall piss drunk. Not relevant... just sad-looking.

In the middle of the night, we have Craig walking in his sleep. Actually, it's 6:45a, and he's on the treadmill. Amy has never made coffee to wake herself up (another item in the long list of things Amy has never done for herself).

Challenge #3: Grace Under Fire.

The players will be playing reporter as they question men-and-women-on-the-street. Their videos will be shown to a focus group. We'll see if they can handle criticism gracefully? Even more important, will the players cheat given the opportunity? Because they will be given the questions in advance AND told NOT to open the questions until the interview.

And Amy has never heard of a focus group. Surprise surprise surprise.

So who peeks and who doesn't?

David: PASS
Michelle: FAIL
Taylor: PASS
Craig: PASS
Erika: FAIL

All the girls looked. All the guys didn't. So the ladies MAY be able to pronounce "ostensible" and "cacophony".

Craig's video is first. He's a bit of a showman, while Amy is a little "You're creepy, get away." Erika tries to make people warm up to her... but there's a difference between that and getting a little crazy. Taylor was stiffer than David's hair. And Liz is her usual charming self. Regina was a bit of a cannon. David... is being coached by the person he's interviewing.

And no one knows how to say "ostensibly".

Now to bring in the focus group, who are going to be frank with their critique. They're for real. They do NOT work for the show. Meanwhile, the players will be watching through a one-way mirror. So how were they?

Taylor: "Boring." "I liked him." "(His shirt) needs to be pressed or something." - FAIL
Erika: "I thought that was the Face of Vegas." "Talk about into yourself." "I thought she was an idiot." "She was the Face of Spring Break." - PASS
David: "I really really liked him." "Are you allowed to award negative points. He kinda looks like Vanilla Ice with a spray-tan." - PASS
Michelle: "Did you graduate from high school?" "She really tried to bring out the people she was talking to." - PASS
Craig: "He's my guy." "He was adorable." "I thought he was weird." - PASS
Regina: "She was very bubbly." "Not into people." "She's a DINGBAT!" "Put her back on her pole." - FAIL SO HARD...
Amy: "I sound really dumb." That's from Amy, by the way. "Most genuine." "Very smooth." "I thought she was the worst one yet." - PASS
Liz: "Horrible." "She looked like a Playboy model to me." "Needs to be a little more schooling." - PASS

And Liz brushes off the challenge the only way she can... By getting drunk. And annoying people. (C-Note: this is probably the most horrible thing I've ever said in 10 years of writing for this site... but I WISH she was watching herself right now being a total ass.)

And now the results of the challenge... The winner of the challenge... CRAIG! The bottom three: Liz, David, and Taylor. We can send one person back to safety... David... go back to the cast, you're safe. Liz and Taylor are heading to the Final Face-Off...

BUT FIRST, the house rallies behind Taylor as they tell him that he has ONE mission: rub out Liz. Liz meanwhile knows that she's a target. Craig, on the other hand, thinks that Liz will come back and come back stronger.

NOW let's think about this for a second... Liz would be too easy of an out here. She's annoying. She's catty. She's failed ALL of her challenges. She's basically on the doorstep of an elimination.

You've watched shows like these long enough to know that things are RARELY this easy. "Neither Taylor NOR Liz is going home tonight. But another contestant is."

The facts are these: the rules of the competition forbid the use of cell phones or other means of communicating with the outside world, because that way they can divine the true purpose of this competition. One of the players has... and did. So there's no Final Straw tonight, we're just going to let Liz and Taylor writhe for a moment before delivering the news that both of them have been given a bye.

Now for Regina, who cops to everything and BEGS for one last chance. They'd entertain it, however, that's not all that the cameras caught. And to tell you the truth, by cheating and giving into the temptation, she's proven probably more than the scope of this competition could that her true beauty is suspect.

Taylor and Liz are given another shot, but they've cashed in all of their chips. Can they avoid the bust out? Stay tuned.

To view this episode in its entirety, go to abc.com/truebeauty.