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Three style icons come together to judge who is the truest of 10 beauties... inside and out.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Vanessa Minnillo
Carson Kressley
Beth Stern
Creator Tyra Banks & Ashton Kutcher
EP Denise Cramsey
Tyra Banks
Ashton Kutcher
Jason Goldberg
Karey Burke
Rod Aissa
Lauren Armstrong
Packager Bankable Productions & Katalyst Films for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Web abc.com/truebeauty
Airs 10p ET, ABC

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The Stealing Challenge
May 31

"Character is how you act when you think that no one is looking." -unknown

Remember that show last summer about taking the superficial and testing their inner scruples to see who is the most beautiful person inside and out? Well... it's back, and this season... It's VEGAS, baby!

Ten people from all walks of life have one thing in common. They think they're hot enough to be "The Face of Vegas". But what they don't know is that they're being judged on their inner beauty. And helping returning host Vanessa Minnillo out in that aspect are new judge/hosts Carson Kressley ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", "How To Look Good Naked") and Beth Ostrowsky Stern (Howard's wife and certifiable hottie).

Oh and the winner gets a People spread and $100,000.

And let's meet this season's batch of animate-a-quins...

- Michael Allen (Miami) - Actor/model... "and not the other way around"
- Taylor Bills (Irvine, CA) - Former pro athlete
- Craig Francyzk (Winnipeg) - Retail manager
- Michelle Mozek (Dallas)- Aspiring dancer
- Erika Othen (Long Island, NY) - Cocktail waitress/singer/stereotypical "Glamazon"
- David Palmer (Huntington Beach, CA)- Astrologer/deejay
- Liz Parada (Hollywood, FL) - Model
- Amy Schmoldt (New Brunswick, NJ)- Bartender
- JD Scott (Los Angeles)- Real-estate agent
- Regina Villano (Tabernacle, NJ) - Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2005

For the next eight weeks, they'll be staying at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino in a luxury penthouse suite. Only the best for ABC. And this is what happens when you have 10 people and two rooms of five beds a piece... Bed wars. Liz ends up winning this. Regina and Amy strike up a "Jersey Girl Alliance" to take down the rest of the suite, while Liz stands and gives a dirty look.

The question: who takes longer on their hair... David or every other lady in the house? Answer... irrelevant. Here's Carson with the first challenge...

Go out and create a Las Vegas alter ego. You will have 20 minutes and $200 to pick your new look. The two people with the least number of votes will be judged as the least popular and will head to the Final Face-Off, where one of them will be eliminated.

Now you're probably expecting some sort of header on this page telling us what the first challenge is and making it look all neat and stuff. No, I didn't forget it.

Challenge #1: The Stealing Challenge.

In order to decide who is the true beauty, the contestants will meet with Paige, a stylist who'll help them out with their Vegas look. Paige is not really a stylist. She's an actress hired to test the beauties' true morals by offering to sweep the cost of an outfit under a rug. Hidden cameras are in play. Will they cheat and take an item or do the right thing?

Michelle: 50s pinup. (PASS)
Amy: Vegas bride. (PASS)
Craig: Vegas cowboy (FAIL)
Taylor: Stripper? OH He's a crotch-facing rock star. (PASS)
Regina: Money girl/Lady Luck (PASS)
Erika: Marilyn (PASS)
Michael: Vegas pimp (FAIL)
David: Elvis. Uh huh... (PASS)
JD: Drag queen? WHA?! (FAIL... in more ways than one)
Liz: ... lady of the night, apparently (BIG TIME FAIL)

Now let's take a walk down the strip. We're voting on who wears their persona best... using chips. Because this is Vegas, and that's the currency.

After the votes come in, the winner of the challenge is... LIZ! With all her boobs and... stuff.

In the bottom three: Michael, David, and JD. Who's safe? That would be... with $26, Michael. JD and David are on their way to the Final Face-Off. JD's not worried. He's got the money outfit. David has lucky Leo cuffs. Because he's an astrologer.

But should Liz join the bottom two? After all, she did steal her ENTIRE outfit. She's someone to keep an eye out for. David, meanwhile, lost most of his energy and doesn't seem like he wants to be here. JD on the other hand, direct opposite. Wants to be here. Stole. Hard choice to make. This one's going to come down to...

THE LAST STRAW: In the Dog House

This is Charlie. *woof* This is Charlie's "owner". She needs help. Will JD or David oblige to help Charlie come untangled from the sign outside the store where the first challenge took place? JD did. David... didn't. All over the place. And he was smug.

In the Hall of Beauty 2.0, we have the Final Face-Off. JD gets credit for being a drag queen, but he didn't execute. David had the look (however Vegas it might be), but not the energy. 

The judges have made a decision...

David.... is SAFE. JD is going home, BUT FIRST... Here's Vanessa with the twist and evidence that JD is not necessarily a True Beauty. D'oh.

Nine people remain in the hunt for the title of True Beauty. This is going to get ugly really fast. Until next week... the janitors are right on time...