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May 31


Three style icons come together to judge who is the truest of 10 beauties... inside and out.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Vanessa Minnillo
Carson Kressley
Beth Stern
Creator Tyra Banks & Ashton Kutcher
EP Denise Cramsey
Tyra Banks
Ashton Kutcher
Jason Goldberg
Karey Burke
Rod Aissa
Lauren Armstrong
Packager Bankable Productions & Katalyst Films for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Web abc.com/truebeauty
Airs 10p ET, ABC

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The Secret
June 6

Ten people have a shot at being the "Face of Vegas", but before they are awarded the title, they have to be put through the watchful eyes of our panel of esteemed beauticians. What they don't know is that their every move is watched and tested, as JD found out the hard way last time. Now nine bimbos and himbos remain in the spotlight, but for how long?

Everyone's hair is fake, by the way. Speaking of... David returns to the house, and everyone is in shock.

The next day, Amy learns how to use an iron for the first time, thinking that the steam rising out of it is smoke. No, that's steam. Meanwhile, Regina talks to everyone about everything, while Liz bows out of happy group time at the pool. No one thinks that she's a likable person. Is the plan on to get Liz out of the house?

More on that later, right now, it's to the war room, where Vanessa briefs Carson and Beth on the happenings of the week: learning tricks for a magic show. They think they're competing to be an assistant, but they're about to be judged on their ability to keep a secret.

Challenge #1: The Secret.

Penn & Teller will work with the beauties, then head to a press conference to talk about their experiences. Penn & Teller will teach a magic trick, and they'll have to perform it. It's the old "disappearing hanky" trick, if you're taking score at home. The winner will perform in front of a sold-out crowd tonight AND will be safe from the bottom two. Penn & Teller will only judge the ability to pull off the trick. The hidden challenge aspect will come later.

Also a part of the act: a fake thumb (where the hanky goes) and a trance. The same effect could be gained by watching this show. Best trick: Amy. Worst: Michael.

NOW to meet the reporters. They think that this is a regular People magazine interview with a regular People magazine reporter. It's actually a set up... with a regular People magazine reporter... who's in on the joke. Remember: Penn asked the contestants to keep the trick strictly under wraps.

Michael: PASS
Michelle: FAIL
David: PASS
Regina: PASS
Craig: FAIL
Erika: PASS
Taylor: PASS

Penn & Teller return with the win from the challenge... Taylor did not have the set-up. David wouldn't have fooled an audience. Michael wasn't that deceptive. Regina had the fake thumb laying on the table as Penn & Teller walked in. Erika was great, Craig was great, Michelle was great, Liz was good... Amy was the BEST of the lot. SHE wins.

In the bottom two... Regina, who fell right on the landmine for all to see, and Michael. Both are headed to the Final Face-Off.

Michael thinks that Regina is spoiled. "DADDY, COME AND GET ME, BLAH BLAH." Regina says that she deserves to be here. David wants Michael to go home, while Regina... just keeps going and going and going...

Enough of that, let's watch a show. The trick involves levitation. How it's done? I'll never tell. Heh.

In the Spy Room, the judges deliberate. They passed this week's hidden challenges, so they'll have to go based on how each player performed when NOT in game mode. The worst thing about Michael: he stole an item last week. Regina, on the other hand, is very very catty. This helps absolutely not one bit.

THE LAST STRAW: Friends Don't Let Friends...

In the lobby of the hotel, we've planted an actor who will act visibly drunk with a fiver of beer. He'll try to drive off with the keys from the valet (also in on the joke)... Regina's the first to point out the beer in his hand. Michael... we'll get to that.

Back to the Hall of Beauty 2.0, we have the Final Face-Off. Michael says he's not here for 15 minutes. Regina says... oh, what DOESN'T she say at this point. The judges have made a decision...

Regina... is SAFE. Michael must now face the music, own up to his actions - whatever they may be - and accept the consequences. And at the end of the day, Michael let the drunkard drive, and now Michael's left to take the walk of shame on home.

And then there were eight still riding the high of a lifetime. Who'll bust out next week? Stay tuned.

To view this episode in its entirety, go to abc.com/truebeauty.