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Three style icons come together to judge who is the truest of 10 beauties... inside and out.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host/Head Judge:
Vanessa Minnillo
Nole Marin, Cheryl Tiegs
Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher
Denise Kramsey, Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke, Rod Aissa, Lauren Armstrong

Packager: Bankable Productions & Katalyst Films for Warner Horizon Television
Origin: The Production Group Studios, Los Angeles
Airs: Mondays at 10p ET on ABC

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Natural Beauty
February 2

Last time, the rivalry between CJ and Billy came to a head as the two competed to see who could take the best picture with... old people. In the end, they were both sent to the Hall of Beauty where, after three times, CJ's luck finally ran out. Now six beauties remain...

Billy returns to the house that night, grateful for another change. He needs to stop overthinking things. Meanwhile, Ray and Laura get an idea to welcome Billy back with... a goth party.

Billy returns and... well, no one's there to welcome him. Until he turns to the bathroom and gets duded up himself. At the party, Billy reveals himself to be a Chippendales dancer. He even shows off a couple of moves. Meanwhile, Chelsea keeps it secret that she's a hip-hop dancer... but not for long. Enter a dance-off.

The next day, Vanessa comes in with a new challenge...


Julia & Laura, Chelsea & Ray, and Billy & Joel will compete against each other. They'll have to grab one item for each person that they cannot live without. Ray tries to get away with a box of pencils while Billy tries to get away with his murse. The items...

Julia: straightening iron
Laura: bronzer

Chelsea: deodorant
Ray: drawing box

Joel: hair stick
Billy: murse...

Billy calls out Ray's drawing box to defend his use against a murse. In the end, both have to choose ONE thing.

Ray: brush

Billy: $100... and a smuggled Powerbar.

So what's the deal with that? Well, it all comes down to what their idea of natural beauty is. The beauties will shoot a 30-second clip on what natural beauty means to them for a new organic lifestyle company. To prepare, they're headed to the great outdoors.

Meanwhile, Billy and Ray come to blows over Billy throwing Ray under a bus.

Now they think that they're going to be judged on the video clip, but we know better. They'll be judged on their teamwork. Each team will go on a five-mile hike together, then they'll make the clip with no one to help them but their partners.

First, Chelsea & Ray do nothing but talk about Billy. Chelsea's nervous about the various wild animals that may come across. Ray vows to keep her together. Billy & Joel... make like man-partners. They make it to the beach with a tent and the sunset and... yeah. Julia & Laura get in touch with their inner Girl Scouts, which includes using a public Port-a-Potty which has thoroughly been used.

That beach is the finish line for today's proceedings, and that tent is where they are sleeping.

Meanwhile, Dave Matz, president of Organa-Kare, arrives and gives them the lowdown on their next challenge. Each one will do a 30-second clip on what natural beauty means to them. He'll determine who gets the bottom two.

Ray, meanwhile, needs to blow off some pressure. And he does it the only way he knows how... naked.

Next morning... WAKE UP! Dude... it's still dark outside.

Now here's the deal. The teammates are going to be shooting each other. And they have nothing but disposable plates to get ready with. Joel gets wise and uses his camera like a mirror.

First up is Julia & Laura. Julia, a self-proclaimed "camera whore", says natural beauty is about being the best person you could be, while Laura calls her bubblegumw alk very unnatural.

Chelsea... forgets to turn the camera on. FAIL. She works with a seal and exudes passion, confidence... and... patience? No, that's Ray's department.

Billy and Joel work well together. Joel says that natural beauty is the ability to communicate without saying a word.

Naked Laura says that beauty is inside and out.

Meanwhile, Billy makes it a lifestyle shoot... using a local lifeguard and his watch station... "Absolutely not." They decide to use it anyway. Lifeguard makes like hammer on the fanny. Joel's ready to exercise "dark justice". FAIL... Meanwhile, Billy goes with... something.

Going back to the house, we finally get to the videos... The judges weigh in... and Julia was very pageant-y and "a hot mess". Laura... was very sexy (albeit with fake boobies and a fake demeanor). Ray says natural beauty is a choice... but blew it when he realized that he's NOT the only one of the beach. Chelsea... was disappointing. Billy... makes a change for the better. Finally, Joel... his video sucked.

The winner... is Billy!

Now for the bottom two... Chelsea, for the second time, and Joel for the first. Joel... walks off in disgust. Ray says to Chelsea not to count herself out. She'll miss Ray if she has to go tonight.

And we all know why the two are where they are. Joel is handsome... but he's got a bad temper. Chelsea's beautiful... but she's a little scatterbrained and inconsistent. They've both come a long way... but it's about the journey.

Time for the FINAL STRAW... There is a gardener who will "accidentally on purpose" spray them with his hose. It's all about who takes it in stride and who ... well... doesn't.

First up is Joel... "No problem, bro." Brush it off, dude.

Now Chelsea... We'll see her reaction later.


Chelsea thinks she should stay because she doesn't have to be perfect. She's not afraid to be herself, and she admits to being a little quirky. Joel says he has what it takes, calling this the most positive experience he has have.

Nole doesn't believe a word of her delivery in the video, but he sees a beautiful person. Cheryl doesn't think Joel's video showed off his best.

So who's going home tonight?


But how will she react when she hears of the hidden twist of his competition? And what happens when we see the spray footage of her cussing? "Joel has no inner beauty. I'm not being a sore loser. I'm just saying I'm a better person than Joel."

Isn't that what being a sore loser is all about?

Next week, the girls get dolled up, while the guys get pumped up.