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January 5

Three style icons come together to judge who is the truest of 10 beauties... inside and out.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host/Head Judge:
Vanessa Minnillo
Nole Marin, Cheryl Tiegs
Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher
Denise Kramsey, Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke, Rod Aissa, Lauren Armstrong

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Airs: Mondays at 10p ET on ABC

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Charity Begins at Home
January 12

Last week, 10 Americans who thought they were the most beautiful people in the world came together in a contest to prove it, not knowing that they would be judged on their inner beauty as well. Only upon their demise would they be informed of the little twist to this competition, a lesson that Hadiyyah-lah learned the hard way. Nine beauties remain.

Chelsea emerges from the Hall of Beauty never wanting to go back there again. The other contestants will be surprised to see her come back. Actually, they'll be smiling through torn and bleeding hearts. No one... NO ONE... likes her.

Meanwhile, we have a case in the house. Julia is missing a pair of jeans. Julia manages to find them in Chelsea's bag, an allegation that Chelsea denies. Chelsea... just lets her have the jeans. Not worth getting into a tussle over.

Billy gets his vitamin smoothie on, and tries to get the house in on it as well. Success. This is what happens when you're the manager of a Vitamin World.

TODAY'S CHALLENGE: The Million Dollar Look

The nine remaining contestants are sent shopping on Melrose. They think they're going to be judged on their fashion sense... but we know better. We're testing on charity, honesty, and concern for others.

Teams are...

Team #1: Laura, Billy, Julia
Team #2: Ashley, CJ, Chelsea
Team #3: Joel, Ray, Monique (with a wig on)

For three people, each team will get $100 to spend on three outfits. The bottom two will be sent to the Hall of Beauty, where one person will be sent home.

Team #1 decide to head to a smaller boutique. Team #3 decides to go with charm. Team #2 says "Shop as if you're ugly." That... and faking its own charity... may stretch that money. Chelsea says that she would not go with that plan.

Meanwhile, the judges are in the Spy Room monitoring their actions when faced with a hired actor representing a fake charity, A Lifted Spirit Children's Cancer Foundation. Not only that, what lengths are they willing to go to to get what they need? All of this will be considered as the teams make their way from store to store.

Team 1 lets Billy do all the talking, saying that they need clothes... for free. He says that they just want to BORROW these clothes. The store manager agrees. But Laura needs shoes, and she's willing to whore herself out for money... Not in THAT way, but to flash the moneymakers as she call it. They approach the plant... and empty their pockets. PASS!

Meanwhile, Team 2 represents a fake charity. Chelsea thought it was wrong and wants none of it. Ashley and CJ manage to bilk some cash out of passing strangers. The judges say that Ashley's not as cute for it inside. CJ says that he might stop once he realizes that he's doing something that he knows in his heart is wrong. Ashley, on the other hand... not so much. As for the plant, CJ is the only one from this group to PASS.

Team 3... uses their beauty to further their own cause, both inside the store and out. Meanwhile, Ray & Monique give nothing to the plant outside. Joel PASSES this one.

Okay, time to go to a party. BUT FIRST... Ashley turns an ugly dress that Chelsea bought into a balloon dress. Billy goes with the whole "simple is best" approach, considering what Nole might think about the outfit. 1) Sport coat. 2) Collared shirt. 3) Tuck in. The tuck is back.

One by one, the hotties are brought out for display and judgment. CJ decides to forego the metal stairs that everyone else uses for something that helps out bare feet a little more.

So who has the million dollar look? The winner of this challenge will take a $5000 shopping spree. The two losers will head to the Hall of Beauty, where one of them will have go home.

Julia... $500,000
Laura... $100,000
Joel... $750,000
Billy... The Million Dollar Look! (WINNER)
Monique... $10,000
Ray... $1000

That leaves three... Two of them have $10 looks and will head to the Hall of Beauty...

CJ... $10 (LOSER)
Chelsea... $75
Ashley... $10 (LOSER)

So CJ and Ashley are headed to the Hall of Beauty. Though Ashley, who helped Chelsea out with her look, gets a hard lesson: no good deed goes unpunished. Ironic, isn't it? Chelsea says she created the look, but Ashley only helped "a little bit".

CJ, on the other hand, packs nothing. That'll be rather awkward if he's eliminated.

Back in the Spy Room, the judges are disappointed by BOTH condemned players' actions. They're both beautiful, but they're both morally lacking. Ashley, more so, because CJ stopped. And she took an AIDS bracelet from someone else.

But there is one more chance ahead... A stunt biker posing as a messenger is going to take a spill. Which one of them will be the first to help? Will either of them help? Welcome to... THE FINAL STRAW.

CJ looks average... but at least he asks if he can help... and does... PASS.

Ashley looks like a Grecian goddess... but does she stop and help out? We'll find out soon enough.


Ashley says she has the whole package. CJ says that a beautiful person can only be felt on the inside. A person shouldn't live from the outside in. Nole mentions that in the Hall of Beauty, he really should've thought about how he was going to present himself.

But the player leaving tonight is... ASHLEY. CJ will return to the house.

But what happens when Ashley is given the news of the twist and the evidence of Ashley's lack of true beauty, including the failure with the bike messenger? Ashley... defend your actions... "They didn't see my overall package." Sure, they didn't.

Okay, let's get her picture out of here, as we prepare for our next challenge.