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Three style icons come together to judge who is the truest of 10 beauties... inside and out.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host/Head Judge:
Vanessa Minnillo
Nole Marin, Cheryl Tiegs
Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher
Denise Kramsey, Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke, Rod Aissa, Lauren Armstrong

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Origin: The Production Group Studios, Los Angeles
Airs: Mondays at 10p ET on ABC

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Timeless Beauty
January 27

The hidden challenge brought out the best in CJ and the worst in Monique. The two were sent to the Hall of Beauty, and Monique was sent packing. Now seven remain.

Seems like everyone's fired up to see CJ come back. Billy and Laura on the other hand... torn and bleeding smiling hearts. Ray thinks he's more of a threat than Monique.

But tomorrow's another day, and another chance to take up another couple of hours in the bathroom... Billy, who calls using "five or six items" "basic". Billy wonders where CJ is as the rest of the group is in the hot tub, leaving him to tell CJ, "Why don't you come and hang out with your family, boy?" Wrong thning to say.

Ray notes that there's a lot of tension between the two, so he lightens the mood... by lightening himself of his pants.

Next day, the Beauty Bus takes the beauties to the site of the next challenge... a "white room". She says that true beauty should be timeless beauty. To that end, they were to create a style and a slogan that illustrates that. What they did... was age the photos. ALL of the photos.


Next up, Vanessa adds partners to the mix. The partners... the elderly amongst us, including 101-year-old Sadie. The beauties will choose a senior to pair with. Each team will come up with a concept and a slogan for their photo shoot. What they don't know is that they're also being tested on respect for their elders. And here's how. There's only one free chair in the makeup room. Will the beauties be courteous enough to offer it to their partners? And will they treat their partner with respect?

First up, Laura and Sadie... PASS! Chelsea and Joi... PASS! CJ... and Billy... FAIL!  Ouch. Rare miss. Ray and Big Jack PASS. Joel and Other Jack... FAIL. That's part one. What about part two? Billy shows no chemistry with his partner. Lots of chemistry with CJ, though.

Now for part three... the photo shoot.

CJ/Irene: "Timeless beauty transcends all... it is."
Ray/Big Jack: "Beauty and love transcends our generation."
Julia/Cherry: "Recognize the timeless beauty and everyone."
Joel/Jack: "Continually speak wisdom."
Chelsea/Joi: "America the Beautiful. Enchanting, Enticing, Everlasting." (and Joi wants to be spanked)
Laura/Sadie: "Forever Fabulous."
Billy/Robert: "Timeless beauty is all about attitude." (Billy's self-absorbed)

Next up, a barbecue and, hopefully, a break. Again, Billy and CJ are at an impasse. He knows something's not genuine about Billy.

And Vanessa has the result of the challenge. BUT FIRST! She wants to play a game of "What do you really think of each other?" The object? Pull a name out of a hat and act like that person. And they have to guess what who they're acting like that.

And the beauties pick Joel as the winner. Joel gives his opinion. And CJ is not too pleased with what the photographer picked. He wanted to send a message. The photographer didn't see it that way, and now the bottom two is reflective of HIM. And if he's in the bottom two this week, he's OUT. DONE. SEE YA.

The next day, the beauties were stressed out. Billy stresses about everything.

Now, to the verdict. And Joel's assessment comes to pass... Billy's photo is as corny as hell. As a result, it comes out fake. CJ makes his case about his choice of pose not being conveyed.

But Joel does win the challenge and is safe. On the other hand, CJ and Billy are headed to the Hall of Beauty.

Next day, Billy borrows a shirt, because he's convinced that he's going home this week.

As for their assessment, both failed the hidden challenge. Billy is too concerned with himself. CJ finds it hard to get his head in the game. This is going to be very difficult indeed... so it's time for THE FINAL STRAW.

Or is it? Billy calls this embarrassing, but still, he has to stand his ground and plead his case. He... needs a flash card. CJ calls him on it. Sometimes you need to exude confidence from within.

Okay, NOW it's time for THE FINAL STRAW. An actress will be posing as a child looking for her lost mom, water works and all. The question now... who's going to go that extra step to help her out?

Billy stops and helps out, finding another actress who poses as her mom. Good for him. CJ... we'll have to wait for his result.


CJ says that this challenge was the first challenge he put all of himself into it. "If you gave your best and it wasn't enough, then that's all you can do. I am enough." Billy... says that he's too perfect. Instead, he shoots from the hip.

Both have done well so long. CJ was tensed, and Billy lacked feeling.

The person going home tonight...

... is CJ. Three strikes.

So what happens when CJ learns of the twist in this competition? "I think I'm a good person, but I realize that I'm a work in progress." Gracious in defeat.

Next time, the beauties go wild...