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The Marquis de Lafayette - July 31

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After the Browns were eliminated in the last episode of the swamps, and Fort Pulaski...we start at the Magnolia Hall Bed & Breakfast in Savannah, Georgia. The teams prepared to embark on the next phase of their journey. An instruction from Laird told them to decode the correspondence from America's first spy, and the clues would be found in the catacombs beneath Paris, France.

There was confusion in the Paris metro system as Air Force, the Geniuses, and the Fogals got off the train at a specific stop while the Southie Boys, Miss USA, and Ex-CIA stayed behind, lost in the City of Lights. It turned out that the Southies and their group had the right information, and they headed straight into the catacombs after getting off the train. At the catacomb entrance, Laird told the teams to send one person down into the "Empire of the Dead" to look for remains dating from 1789, the year the man behind the death mask created the modern day French national flag. Down in the deep, dark depths of the dead, the three teams found the clue they were looking for, but deciphering it was another story.

It didn't take long for the Fogals, the Geniuses, and Ex-CIA to realize that they were helplessly lost in the streets of Paris. After walking aimlessly, they finally stumbled upon the tomb entrance and made their own descent, where they quickly found the clue. The Southie Boys and their group found their next location: a statue of the Marquis de LaFayette, a Frenchman who spied for America during the Revolutionary War and the man behind the mask. By cracking open their death masks, they found a medallion engraved with a ship and text pointing to Dover Castle in England.

While the Air Force team got themselves lost, the Geniuses decided to abandon the Fogals to try and put some distance between them. The strategy paid off for the Geniuses. They quickly found the medallion and were soon on their way to Dover, England. At last, the Fogals and Air Force found their medallions, but the lost time put them way behind the other teams. Under the cover of night, Ex-CIA, Miss USA, and the Southie Boys arrived at Dover Castle. The Geniuses arrived later on to join them in the hunt for an "arrow that leads the way." Later on, the Fogals and Air Force brought up the rear.

Southie Boys took first place when they discovered a canister containing a scroll with their next clue. A message from Laird told them that the parchment was from America's first spy: They had to discover his identity and find the location from where he created his secret messages. Some research led them to Ben Franklin, who once ran a printing press in the back of a London church. Kayte Fogal figured out where the scroll was and brought Air Force along for the ride, which left the Geniuses in last place. However, they weren't far behind and were soon off to London to chase down the spy.

Ben Franklin once worked at a printing press located in St. Bartholomew's Church, where he gathered intelligence about the British during the American Revolution. To keep his cover, he devised methods to encrypt his information. The teams had to discover one of these methods in order to find the next clue. There were six teams remaining, but only five artifacts hidden inside the church. After over three hours of searching, the Southie Boys, Miss USA, and Ex-CIA still hadn't figured out the clue. As sunlight started streaming in, they were still searching, but the other teams had yet to arrive. Ex-CIA's Todd got an idea to use a candle flame on the parchment to see if it revealed anything new. He was right: The heat revealed a hidden message directing them to the locations of a key, the fifth of the seven artifacts.

Fourth place Fogals and Air Force arrived at the church in the morning. The Geniuses got there soon after to find the others still looking. Soon, the Geniuses realized that heat revealed a message on the parchment. The other teams swooped in like hawks when they saw that the Geniuses where onto something, but the guys managed to evade these spies, becoming the fourth team to find the key. The Fogals and Air Force discovered the secret of the parchment at the same time, making it a race to the last artifact. The Air Force managed to find the key first, which meant that the hunt was over for the Fogal family. And a lot of people were happy the Fogals were leaving the hunt.

5 down, 5 to go. We are in the near home stretch to the big treasure. Who will find it? Find out on Treasure Hunters...


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