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Today is

Lewis & Clark - June 18

The 9 remaining teams are resting at the South Dakota Blue Coyote B&B in Rapid City, South Dakota. The Air Force Team Trusts each other. Brooke tells us that the teams will get the clue within 6-24 hours. They are sleeping in the clothes they are going to wear tomorrow.  
At 2:20AM. They get a Motorola Message. They have to follow in the steps of Lewis and Clark. They buried information somewhere in the west, and sent the information in secret so that the mission they were sent on by Thomas Jefferson was not discovered. The first clue is in the Lexington Mine in Montana. Down in the foyer are 9 sets of keys to brand new Toyota Tundra Quad Cab trucks. However, the teams have to match the keys to the truck. Match the right key and you can drive off.
The teams all leave. Miss USA is 1st, Air Force is 2nd...and the Hanlons are Last....and they argue and curse about direction. Josh said his dad is stubborn. Ben, the brother says we "bitch but we love each other."
We see another "Genworth Financial" sign. "Look in the water for it is inspiration."

The Air Force Team is first to the mine. Miss USA is 2nd. They get their next video clue. "During the Gold Rush, thousands of people perished in the mines just like this one. 10,000 ft inside is a secret chamber to the next clue. You have a choice to keep one team member outside if you wish."
The Air Force Team is confident. And the Air Force/Fogals/Miss USA teams are the first to enter the mine.
The Air Force Teams take a bucket and nothing seems to make sense. We also see a pool of running water. The Miss USA/Fogals find the secret chamber---which contains a bucket surrounded by a lot of snakes. The bucket has the words "BEND THE LIGHT" around it. The Air Force are first to figure out that they have to pour water into the bucket and BEND the light by refracting it. On the bottom of the bucket are the words: "WOOD BOTTOM, MISSOURI RIVER, MONTANA." They are gone.
The next video clue has Laird telling them they have to drive 150 miles to the Wood Bottom campsute. If they do not get there by dusk, they will have to start out the next morning. The Air Force Team leaves, using for directions.
The Grad Students are 4th, Geniuses are 5th and Ex-CIA are 6th. The Fogals are 2nd to leave the mine and leave the Miss USA team in the dust. "Hope they get out ok." Miss USA leave 3rd.
At 3:20 The Geniuses/ Grad Students/CIA are tied for 4th.
The Southie Boys/Brown Family/and Hanlons are the last teams to enter.
The Hanlons get lost in the mine. The Browns find the bucket and the clue. The Southies and Browns ally. And the Hanlons are still lost.
The Air Force Team gets to the camp at 5:40PM. They had to get to the camp before they realize that all the teams will catch up and get even with everyone. Fogals get to the campsite 2nd at 7:30. Miss USA is 3rd, Geniuses 5th, EX CIA 6th, Southie 7th, and Brown 8th. They grill and hangout and go to sleep in REI tents.
The Hanlons are in the mine for 11 hours. They finally figure out the clue and have a group hug. They arrive at the campsite at 3:30AM. Everyone gets up at 6:00AM and gets another message. Laird tells us and the teams that Lewis and Clark were sent out by Jefferson to find a path to the Pacific Ocean. They have to canoe 20 miles down the Missouri River. They have to follow 14 stars and 40 paces behind the 14th star is where you find the next clue.
This is the order as they leave:
Air Force, EX CIA, Fogals, Southie Boys, Geniuses, Miss USA, Grad Students and the Browns...whose canoe tips in the River and they have trouble again in the water. The Hanlons get into the water 4 hours behind the 1st team. The Air Force Team realizes that after half the stars are down...the river stops and they have to drag themselves and the canoe for 3 a portage...(which is defined as the carrying of boats or goods overland from one body of water to another or around an obstacle (as a rapids) b : the route followed in making such a transfer) to get to the next part of the river.
The Miss USA team are 2 hours behind in 7th place and talk about what they wish for. The EX CIA, Fogals and Southies begin the portage. Southies help the Fogals with the Canoe. "Just Remember It Later" the Southies tell them.
The Browns argue about getting back in the boat...and are going to try it one more time..."Pretend You are Huckleberry Finn." The Hanlons pass the Browns..."Never Underestimate the Hanlons."
Geniuses are 5th, and the Grad Students are 6th and Jessica blows out her leg as she steps into a hole. Her leg is swelling up. The Grads are not going to quit and they move her piece by piece.
The Air Force are 1st back in the River and are first to arrive at the 14th Star location. They start digging. The Fogals/Southie/EX CIA make a plan that they would stop at the 13th star and then the 14th. As the Southies and EX CIA dock at the 13th star...the Fogals blow by them and take off. The Southies are pissed off that the Fogels did that. They coin the term "Fogaled" as in "we have been Fogaled."
The Air Force Team notice the boats approaching and find a box under the firepit. They open the box and get a message from Laird. In the box are pages from Lewis and Clark's journal, their double secret cypher with the password of "artichoke" and the next location which is Tower Rock National Park in Montana.
The Grad Students are now in 7th. The Lead Medic comes out and treats Jessica's leg. He advises that Jessica not to do any more physical activity. But they don't want to quit. Laird tells the Air Force Team that 2nd Artifact is on the mountain. There are 8 Artifacts and 9 teams. They find a code on a sign on the rocks, which after decoding says, "Follow Close and to the right, look 'neath a rock as dark as night."
The Fogals are 2nd, Southies 3rd, EX CIA 4th, Miss USA 5th. The Air Force Team are the first team to find the 2nd Artifact...a compass in a pouch. Laird calls to congratulate them and tells them they have 5 more artifacts to find. They now need to rest at camp. And here's the order so far:
Fogals find it 2nd, Southies 3rd, EX CIA 4th...Miss USA 5th Geniuses 6th...
The Hanlons are 7th, Brown 8th and Grad Last to the map.
Hanlons arrive at the National Park and argue again with the code and( in an amazing decision) go to get something to eat. Josh can't believe it. The Browns are 40 miles away, Grad Students are 55 miles away...The Hanlons get a meal at Burger King.

Back at the site, Josh figures it out. The Grad Students are 7th and the Hanlons find the last compass. The Brown's hunt ends here. They found it exciting, but disappointing.
Where will the map and the compass lead the 8 remaining teams? Find out on the next episode of "Treasure Hunters".

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