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Tonight, one person in one night could win a million dollars if they know when... the Price is Right!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Drew Carey
Models: Lanisha Cole, Phire Dawson, Amber Lancaster, Tamiko Nash, Rachel Reynolds, Brandi Sherwood, Gabrielle Tuite
Announcer: Rich Fields
Creator: Bob Stewart (based upon "The Price Is Right")
EP: Syd Vinnedge
Packagers: Price Is Right Productions for FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Fridays at 8p ET on CBS
Origin: Bob Barker Studio, CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA

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Episode 2-9
May 14

Seems like we can't give this million away. Will we do it tonight? Let's find out.

First four are Aja Matos, Jimmy Schultz, Deleshia Horne, and Robert Marshall. They get to bid on a Catalina Expo sailboat.

Deleshia Robert Jimmy Aja
$3 $3650 $1000 $2700

Price is $4827! Robert gets to take a walk down the Golden Road. At bend #1, a pair of Daisy Rock guitars. At bend #2, a Prospot home gym (with a TV). At the end of the Golden Road... a $100,000-plus Fleetwood Icon 24D motorhome!

In Robert's hands... a 61c can of Market Pantry green beans from Target. The guitars... $_28. Robert goes with a 6... Got it for $628. Next, the home gym... $5_94. He goes with the 2... Winner of a $5294 home gym. Now to the motorhome.... $102,_78. He goes with the 9... The price: $102,478. Ouch.

Next up to bid is Lacretia Smith. Next prize to big on is a pair of mountain bikes...

Deleshia Lacretia Jimmy Aja
$1000 $600 $800 $601

Price: $3500. Deleshia gets a shot at $50,000 on the Punchboard. Here's the deal... there is ONE $50,000 ticket, three $25,000, 10 $5000, and 12 each of $1000, $500, and $100. Also, there are 4 second chances.

BUT... if she hits $50,000 on the first punch, Deleshia's going to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Punch-a-Bunch is the Million Dollar Game.

First, an RC dune buggy marked $95. She goes lower... $50! Next, a CD cleaner marked $20. She goes higher... $40! Next, an air compressor marked $15. She goes higher... $30! Finally, she goes lower on a $12 toiletry bag... Nope. It's $25. Three punches. Punch 1... $5000. No million there... and no $5000 either. She gives it back... for $1000. And she gives THAT back for... $100 AND a second chance. The second chance adds $500 more, giving her $600.

Next comes Benjamin Fontlin and a stainless range...

Benjamin Lacretia Jimmy Aja
$3900 $4000 $3300 $4001

The price here... $5200. Aja gets to do a happy dance and play for a Great Northwestern national parks train adventure in Cliff Hangers.

The prizes she has to deal with are a Space Bag, a car care kit, and a garage key system. Aja goes $20 on the Space Bag... it's $11 for nine steps. She goes $17 on the car kit.... $20 for three more. Finally, she goes $40 on the garage key system... $38! Two means a win!

Robert takes the Wheel for a win to round out the first half. Next up comes another Robert, Robert Howard, who begins action on a home theatre system... that won't work.

Benjamin Lacretia Jimmy Robert
$1900 $1000 $1901 $1500

Price: $4950. I assure you that Jimmy will get a working model. Meanwhile, he gets a shot at a Porsche Cayman in Lucky Seven. The first number: 5. First guess: 6... 2. That's $4. Second guess: 5... 8. That's the rest of his stash. Price: $52,849.

Now we have Crystal Gage. Now we have skis & snowboards for him AND her...

Benjamin Lacretia Crystal Robert
$3100 $1 $4100 $4300

The price... $4238! Crystal gets to come up and play for.... a whole HOUSE! No, not really, but she gets a living room group, a dining room group, and a bedroom group which can be hers in the Grocery Game. The products...

Spike Santa Fe Chunky Salsa
Midol caplets
Alka Seltzer
CLR bath/kitchen cleaner
Uncle Ben's instant brown rice

First up, two Midol caplets... 99c each. $1.98. Next, 6 bottles of salsa... each one is $2.99. toital is $17.94. That brings her to $19.92. How about one rice..... $1.99. That puts her 91 cents over. Ouch.

Nadine Ilba has one and only one shot with a home sauna.

Benjamin Lacretia Nadine Robert
$5100 $5101 $4500 $5000
$3700 $3701 $2500 $3500

After one overbid... we get a price of $4150. And the winner... Lacretia. She tries for a Chevrolet Suburban in Squeeze Play...

4 7 3 0 9 5

She removes the 0.... and the price... $47,395! That's a win! She also wins at the Wheel.


Top winner: Lacretia with her car. Runner-Up: Robert with his Golden Road take. Remember: the magic number for $1 million is $500.

First Showcase shows us how to be more Earth friendly with a greenhouse with garden equipment, a Segway personal transporter, and a Saturn Vue Green Line & Ford Escape hybrids. Lacretia... passes to Robert, who bids $66,550.

Lacretis gets to live out life in Hollywood... first up, a trip to New York City. Because nothing says Hollywood like New York. Next, she gets a PC/TV/DVD, an outdoor movie theater package, and a Cadillac SLR convertible. Lacretia bids $64,000.

Starting with ... Lacretia. Actual price... $88,439, a difference of $24,439. Robert's Showcase... $60,619. He's over. Lacretia wins the game with $139,984!

One more crack at it next week. Join us then, won't you?

Record tonight: 2-4
Record this week: 9-14-1
Record this season: 422-469-16
Total today: $184,895
Total this week: $340,773
Total this season: $14,091,648
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 3/5
DSWs/DOBs: 8/10
$1,000,000 Winners: 3