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February 22

Tonight, one person in one night could win a million dollars if they know when... the Price is Right!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Drew Carey
Models: Lanisha Cole, Tamiko Nash, Rachel Reynolds, Brandi Sherwood, Gabrielle Tuite
Announcer: Rich Fields
Creator: Bob Stewart (based upon "The Price Is Right")
EP: Syd Vinnedge
Packagers: Price Is Right Productions for FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Fridays at 8p ET on CBS
Origin: Bob Barker Studio, CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA

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Episode 2-2
February 2

Last week, the unthinkable happened. Adam Rose thought he was just going to another game show until the teacher ended up winning both Showcases and over $1 million in cash, making his name legendary in the halls of Bob Barker Studio. The question now... Who's next?

Gina Rhee, Timothy MacPherson, Unyaa Bishop, and Wendy (no relation) Goodson get the call down as we get to start it up with a motorcycle.

Wendy Unyaa Timothy Gina
$2100 $3199 $2500 $1

Actual price... $3949. Unyaa's ready to play! The Upland, CA resident will try for $25,000 in 1/2 Off. First pair: $40 for a CD/DVD repair kit and $20 for an I Love Lucy doll. She goes with the doll... $40! That's $500 easy. Next, $199 for headphones, and $40 mixer. Going with the mixer... $80! Another $500. Finally, $40 for a GPS and $25 for a disco alarm clock.  Going to the GPS... PERFECT! She's won $1500... We want to add $25,000 more. We're left with boxes 3 and 8. She goes with 3 for her daughter...

Open the box...

Nothing. It was in box #8.

Next up, Amanda Kirtlan runs down and bids on a laptop. Unfortunately, it has an HD-DVD-RW drive (this show was taped before the collapse of the media).

Wendy Amanda Timothy Gina
$1702 $1250 $1700 $1701

Actual price: $3200. Gina and Timothy are humbled as Wendy tries for a Lincoln MKZ in Lucky Seven. First number: 3. First guess: 5. It is...2. Three dollars. Next, a 5... Right on the money! Next is a 7... 9. Two dollars. She's got two left. Final guess is a dollar... Right on! Subtract a dollar for the car... and she wins the car... AND a dollar!

Back into the audience we go with David Hulme, and back on stage we go with a bar.

David Amanda Timothy Gina
$4500 $3500 $3900 $4501

Actual price... $5770. The dollar trick finally works for Gina, as she gets to play the Range Game for a fairly-loaded Dodge Charger.... and a MILLION DOLLARS! This is tonight's Million Dollar Game. In order to get the seven figures, she must predict the EXACT price within range. She stops the Rangefinder at $22,438. Her guess for the car is $22,530.

The actual price... $22,605. No car... No money.

Wendy gets the win at the Showdown wheel, and we go right into round 4 with Clarise Herman going for an upright piano.

David Amanda Timothy Clarise
$4850 $1 $2 $4000

What did we learn, Amanda? Yeah, as I thought. Actual price: $3195. Timothy, an insurance salesman from Elmira, ON, plays for a barbecue island and a patio table in Cliffhangers. The first prize, a telephone... $22? Nope. $25. Hans Yodelman, wearing his celebratory lederhosen, goes up three. The sudoku game... $33? Nope, $30. Hans goes up three more. That leaves 19 for the blender. Is it $45? Nope, it's $49 for the win!

We've hit our stride again, and Kimberly Anderson hopes to keep it up with skis and snowboards... and parkas.

David Amanda Kimberly Clarise
$2550 $1 $2700 $3501

Actual price: $3652. David gets his shot on stage at a Saturn Sky. Can the Apache pilot negotiate the Grocery Game? The products in play...

- Spike Santa Fe salsa con queso
- Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold
- Aleve
- Quickie Soap & Scrub brush
- Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce.

He starts with three of the cold medicines. Each one is $3.95. Three are $11.85. Next, the salsa. He wants three. Each one is $2.99 for $8.97. Total... $20.82. Win!

Final round starts with Lawrence Jones from Cleveland and a fridge/freezer.

Lawrence Amanda Kimberly Clarise
$3222 $3500 $2700 $3501

Actual price... $3999! Clarise wins it and a shot at a pair of jet skis in Double Prices. They're either $20,990 or $18,796. She goes with $18,796... Another winner!

David spins out the win in the Showdown as we move to the Million Dollar Showcases. Top winner... David. Running is Wendy. Remember, the magic number is $1000.

First Showcase takes us to Cancun for six nights, Hong Kong for six nights, Rome for six nights, and anywhere in a GMC Yukon. Notice this is not an Around-the-World Showcase. David passes to Wendy, who bids $53,500.

Next up, we go clubbin' at Club Price Is Right with a CD jukebox, a pair of diamond bracelets, and a Winnebago motorhome! David bids $64,250.

Wendy's Showcase... $56,662, a difference of $3162. David's Showcase... $119,154, a difference of $54,904. Wendy's your big winner tonight with $92,454!

No millionaires, but we had a lot of fun. Come back everyday for more fun, but come back next week to see if we have fun... AND mun.

Record tonight: 4-2
Record this week: 19-17 (52.8%)
Record this season: 268-286-9 (47.6%)
Total today: $180,449
Total this week: $503,193
Total this season: $7,722,564
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 3/4
DSWs/DOBs: 7/6
$1,000,000 Winners: 1